NBA Fines, Suspends Sean Marks

Nets general manager Sean Marks has been fined $25K and suspended for a game after going into the referees’ locker room following Saturday’s loss to the Sixers, the league announced.

Marks will serve his suspension Tuesday during Game 5 of the playoff series in Philadelphia.

Yesterday’s game was marred by a third quarter fracas that saw the Nets’ Jared Dudley and the Sixers’ Jimmy Butler both suspended.

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15 thoughts on “NBA Fines, Suspends Sean Marks

        • x%sure

          It was staged, assaultive and without warning on a defender, not reactive on a layup as normal, and he laughed about it in a presser.

          • x%sure

            I refer to what started the classless talk in gm2. This after Embiid was alresdy getting the benefit of touch fouls. But he was not satisfied with that.

      • LASTSON86

        Correct. Embiid is as classless as they come. An injury prone bully

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      Lol. Yeah you don’t f with Prohkorov. I remember Paul Pierce said on The Jump he was really intimanated by him when he went into his office 1st time as a Net.

      Really shocked Marks did this because he’s a really laid back and nonconfrontational person. Since the start of the series the Refs have been doing an injustice to BKN by not calling the flagrant 1 on Mike Scott in game 1 and not calling the flagrant 2 on Embiid in game 2. The refs had potentially allowed Nets players to get seriously injured. Glad Marks is stepping up for his players as I’ve never recalled a GM going into the Refs locker room and now being fined and suspended. I didn’t think it was possible but now I have even more respect for the man.

  1. OCTraveler

    One man’s “classless act” is another’s appreciating an owner for having the backs of his players. I’m sure Mark Cuban would have done the same thing.

  2. julyn82001

    Oh those refs would’ve listened it from Mark Cuban for sure… If pushing a player from behind is right then those refs shouldn’t be there in the first place. Who has the authority for Pete’s sakes?

  3. cesc

    At the end of the day it wasn’t even a foul, clean block from Embiid! Why do the Nets make such a fuss?

  4. coldbeer

    Why does Jared Dudley think he’s scary? The man is old. He thinks hes the head bouncer at the bar but really he’s the senior citizen yelling at kids to stay off his lawn. Give it up Grandpa.

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