Warriors Notes: Green, Kobe, Cousins, Myers

A preseason encounter with Kobe Bryant helped Draymond Green prepare for the end of the Warriors‘ dynasty whenever it occurs, writes Nick Friedell of ESPN. Green had expected Bryant to be missing the game when they talked, but the former Lakers star was at peace with retirement and has moved on to the next chapter of his life.

“[Kobe is] not sitting in retirement like, ‘Man, I wish I can go be out there.’ No, he’s on to the next thing because [he] gave that one thing everything [he] had,” Green recounted. “And I think it will be very similar with this team. Whenever that point comes, we’re going to know that we gave it everything we got and you move on. But you feel good about moving on. You’re not sick about moving on.”

Golden State has faced more challenges than usual on its way to the top seed in the West. An early-season altercation between Green and Kevin Durant led to speculation that the Warriors would splinter apart, and the upcoming free agency for Durant, Klay Thompson and others threatens to break up a successful core.

“Whether it ends while we’re all together, whether it ends when everyone separates, it’s going to end at some point,” Green said. “That’s the nature of the game we play. The fact of the matter is whenever it ends, I think we maximized. Like, we’re going to have a feeling of we maximized what we could do.”

There’s more Warriors news to pass along:

  • Golden State’s five-year run of success can be traced back to a playoff loss to the Clippers in 2014, notes Mark Medina of The San Jose Mercury News. After that series, the Warriors decided to fire Mark Jackson and replace him with Steve Kerr. Their young stars learned what it takes to succeed in the postseason, and former All-Star Andre Iguodala agreed to accept a role off the bench.
  • While his two former teams are making significant changes, DeMarcus Cousins is enjoying the first playoff series, Medina observes in a separate story. After 7 1/2 years of dysfunction in Sacramento and a poorly timed injury in New Orleans, Cousins is savoring the postseason experience, even though he hasn’t fully recovered from last year’s Achilles injury. “I’m not in tip-top shape where I’ve been at in my career. But I’m definitely headed in the right direction,” Cousins said. “I’m confident in my body. I’m confident with my movements. Obviously it’s not as crisp as I would like it to be. But everything is on the right path.”
  • Warriors president and GM Bob Myers laughs off rumors that he might be headed to L.A. to take over the Lakers, relays Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area.
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9 thoughts on “Warriors Notes: Green, Kobe, Cousins, Myers

  1. Guest617

    durants gone after this year – green’s gone after next year – but does boogie stick around with a team friendly 1 year deal or go after max money in ny or somewhere else? my guess he re-signs a 1 year, then gets long-term deal

    • x%sure

      Teams have money this summer– Cousins should get himself some. He could hurt his ankle/achilles again.

    • arc89

      Its 50/50 that Durant will be gone. He loves playing with GSW. There is not enough reason for him to leave unless he wants to try to build his own championship team.

  2. x%sure

    Gd start to the playoffs! Clips should have gone at Draymond early to get him in foul trouble & on the bench. He was fired up & rampant & ready to foul if prodded. He proceeded to damage the Clips offensively, cancelling the damage Lou Williams did vs Cousins on the picknroll.
    Well it all fell apart eventually anyway, like it usually will vs GSW.

    I like Curry as MVP as much as Harden & Giannis.

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      Imagine Curry as a solo superstar. Playing 38-40 min/game for D’antoni. He’d average 40 easy and still have 5-7 assists.

  3. Strike Four

    “Whether it ends while we’re all together, whether it ends when everyone separates, it’s going to end at some point,” Green said.”

    Joe Lacob goes “oh really???”

    Light years ahead.

    • Guest617

      draymonds universally hated by opponents as much by his teammates/coaches. it’ll be interesting what his career avg’s 10/4 gets in free agency – he thinks max money is LOLFF

      • formerlyz

        Universally hated? That’s a strong assumption. Draymond Green is one of my all time favorite players

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