An Irving-Russell Backcourt For Brooklyn?

There’s mutual interest between Kyrie Irving and the Nets but that doesn’t mean Brooklyn won’t re-sign restricted free agent D’Angelo Russell, according to Anthony Puccio of SNY.TV. Irving and his camp will strongly consider Brooklyn if he doesn’t re-sign with the Celtics, Puccio hears.

Irving’s people have kept close tabs on the Nets organization, noting its improvement on and off the court. While signing a free agent of Irving’s stature would seemingly lead to Russell’s exit, the Nets are open to pairing Irving and Russell in the backcourt.

The Nets don’t want to lose Russell, 23, after he emerged this season as a candidate for the Most Improved Player award.

While having two point guards in the backcourt could make it difficult for Irving and Russell to co-exist, GM Sean Marks isn’t averse to accumulating the best possible talent and letting head coach Kenny Atkinson figure out how to make it work, Puccio notes.

It’s also worth pointing out that the two guards are on good terms and shared the same high school coach, Kevin Boyle.

The Nets are positioned to bring in at least one top-level free agent. They could have up to $50.5MM in cap space but Russell’s $21MM cap hold significantly impacts that figure.

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19 thoughts on “An Irving-Russell Backcourt For Brooklyn?

  1. hoosierhysteria

    This would resemble Twolves taking two PG in same draft and 3 in a row. Save the money…KI not worth it. Spend money on need…not availability. Irving just proved he is not a leader of men.

  2. stretch123

    Dumb idea. Sell Durant on Brooklyn and bring in Kyrie. Maybe use Russell as a sign and trade candidate to bring in some pieces to compliment those two.

  3. x%sure

    Nets need a physical 4 not another fancy 1.

    Russell’s playoff #s: 11.6PER, minus5.1BPM, minus28net, minus43on/off, 36%FG! Terrible. Irving got criticized for his playoffs, but it wasn’t anything like that. Russell’s fine RS occurred in a contract year. Sign Russell short-term if anything to keep him motivated.

    Sign Irving, let Russell go and let Dinwiddie work out the sync. Sign a tough PF and retain the FAs.

    • What is it about Dinwiddie, that you love so much? Hardly an average player… do I feel a bromance going on? HaHaHa

        • What sort of drugs are you on dude? They don’t do you any good, but it’s your life…

      • x%sure

        Not so much a bromance but, vanity… I seem to feel the need to chide.

        If there’s such a thing as team skills, they are underrated and hard to quantify… Reporting it takes creativity and the use of wtf words like “sync” and “kingmaker”.

    • formerlyz

      I agree they need another more physical option at the 4, but they also need help defensively on the wing, and at the guard spot

      • x%sure

        They like to switch.
        I would have no argument with taking Thybulle at #17 but that would be all the more reason to not overload at the 1 with like $70mil/yr in salary.

  4. stevep-4

    Trade the whole team for LeBron, bring in Kyrie, and sign Melo, sell tickets to tourists. Bring in the Harlem Globetrotters to scrimmage.

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