Anthony Davis Unlikely To Back Off Trade Request

While new Pelicans head of basketball operations David Griffin has talked about wanting to try to convince Anthony Davis to remain in New Orleans, that looks unlikely to happen.

An NBA source tells Fletcher Mackel of WDSU in New Orleans that the arrival of Griffin hasn’t impacted Davis’ stance — he still wants to be traded (Twitter link). Asked by Mackel if things could change in the coming weeks, the source advised not to expect to a change of heart from AD, despite the fact that Griffin and agent Rich Paul have a strong relationship.

After taking over the Pelicans’ front office, Griffin said he wanted to meet with Davis, and an April report suggested that would probably happen this month. However, assuming that meeting does take place, Davis seems likely to simply reiterate his trade request to Griffin.

Griffin also said at his introductory presser that he’d like to know definitively whether Davis is all-in or out on the Pelicans. So if the All-Star big man is still expressing a desire to be moved this summer, the team will likely try to accommodate that request. Still, it’s fascinating how much the landscape has changed over these last few months, beyond Griffin replacing Dell Demps in New Orleans’ front office.

The Lakers and Celtics were widely viewed as the frontrunners for Davis, but Brandon Ingram‘s health issues and Magic Johnson‘s resignation could complicate the Lakers’ pitch. Boston, meanwhile, may not be as inclined to go all-out for Davis if Kyrie Irving is leaning toward leaving in free agency after a disappointing second-round exit. The Knicks are still a potential wild card in the AD sweepstakes, but their ability to put together a strong package may hinge on where their first-round pick lands in the lottery.

With those big-market suitors for Davis in various states of flux, it could open the door for a surprise team to make a run at the 26-year-old, like when the Thunder acquired Paul George in 2017 or the Raptors landed Kawhi Leonard in 2018.

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44 thoughts on “Anthony Davis Unlikely To Back Off Trade Request

    • Jason Lancaster

      Those are pretty dark predictions, at least as far as AD is concerned.

      If NY gets a top 3 pick, I think Davis goes to NY. If not, it will be one of the teams in LA.

      • Even with the number 1 or 3 pick, Ny doesnt even come close to what LA and Boston was offering…. and with kyrie most likly leaving, i doubt the celtics will trade tatum now. Best offer is Lakers.

        • L Lawliet

          I disagree. I would much rather have Zion, or Morant than anyone on the lakers other than Lebron.

          • I disagree with you. AD wont sign an extension with knicks if they cant acquire another top tier free agent. Any maybe the Knicks do get the number 1 pick… But as pelicans franchise do you trade AD and some awful contracts for Zion? Or do you go after a handful of young players like ingram lonzo kuzma and other drsft picks? All those players also have chemistry with julius randal. Just saying…

          • Also if your the Knicks and you get zion, and land someone like KD and idk lets say kemba, do you then risk trading a potential superstar in zion for a possible one year rental of AD? Or do you just keep the core of kemba, kd and zion together? There is no way the knicks would trade zion for AD before free agency starts because they Knicks might not miss out on all the big free agents and then AD def gone

  1. bowserhound

    I can’t wait for the Pelicans being forced to take a much less offer than the Lakers offered.

    • SuperSinker

      I can’t wait to see the Lakers and Celtics fake contention the next half decade

    • uncle1sock

      Less than what!? Ball has no value; Ingram has DVT that could cause more blood clots; Kuzma and draft picks aren’t getting AD. LeBron has a better chance of being traded to NO than AD has of going to LA!

  2. Dionis

    If I’m Anthony Davis and the Pelicans manage to draft RJ Barrett he would be out of his rabbit mind to leave New Orleans. All they need is a star ain’t and RJ Barrett will be just that. Is it really that bad in New Orleans? With a healthy Elfryd Payton and Julius Randle they were winning.

  3. johnstodder

    The asymmetry of Davis’ talent and the one year remaining on his contract is going to make trading him very difficult. The Clippers, to pick an example, will in all likelihood refuse to part ways with their best young assets and draft picks just for a one-year rental. Griffin has to find a team as desperate to change its narrative as Toronto was. That team would probably be the Lakers, except between the unknowns around Ingram’s health and the residual bad feelings between the franchises, that’s not going to happen. So the only way Davis gets moved is at a discount — hardly an auspicious beginning for Griffin.

  4. Thronson5

    I think with the Lakers having a decent pick their odds of getting AD increased. I know Griffin loves Ingram, even with the healthy issues going on I believe he would love to get Ingram. Trade Ball, Ingram, Tao first round picks and I think it’ll happen. How much is AD making? Would the Lakers need to sign a PG like Kemba it Kyrie before making that trade? Just asking because I don’t know if they could afford a too free agent after making that trade so if they need to then go get Kemba or Kyrie first and then trade first.


    That’s a solid team and could compete in the West no matter what all the naysayers have to say

    • hiflew

      The naysayers were correct last off season when they argued against people just giving the Lakers the #2 seed in the West after they signed LeBron.

      • Thronson5

        Well I was one of the realistic fans saying that was going to happen. You look around the West and there are better teams even with LeBron but I will say without injuries the Lakers would’ve been a playoff team for sure. Maybe 6th or 7th seed.

    • Yeah….. you dont have the capspace for all that. And you be giving up kuzma and heart for AD trade

  5. hiflew

    How about Houston as a dark horse pick? Chris Paul is not getting any younger. Harden is in his prime. Capela is good, but he is not someone you are going to build your next contending team around and Davis is obviously an improvement over him.

    Pelicans get
    Clint Capela
    Eric Gordon
    Isaiah Hartenstein
    2 1st round picks

    Rockets get
    Anthony Davis

    For NO, Capela could be a piece to build their team with, Gordon could be a trade piece, Hartenstein would be a lotto ticket prospect. The firsts would probably be in the mid 20s, so that’s why I added two. For Houston, it would give them a real chance to dethrone GS before their window closes.

    • Wont happen…. why bulid around a center who cant even space the floor. You need floor spacers in todays NBA. A lot of yalls “trade proposals” on here are stupid. The most realistic option is Lakers or celtics…. and if kyrie leaves, i dr oubt the celtics will then trade tatum for davis. As tatum has superstar potential on him.

      • L Lawliet

        Most realistic option is to Ny for a top 3 pick and future first rounder. New O can trade him into NYs capspace

  6. seamaholic

    Nuggets. Millsap is perfect money match. Porter Jr and one of the good young kids like Beasley. They tried at the deadline.

    • L Lawliet

      Damn let me hit that blunt bro. An aging tail end of career milsap, a injured player no one is sure can be a nba player and a couple late round picks for a top 5 player? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • seamaholic

        Top 5 player with one year on his contract who just quit on his team and is doubtful to extend anywhere but L.A. Pels aren’t getting a haul for that (except from the Lakers, if they had a haul to offer). Millsap is an expiring contract, Porter is a lottery ticket, but a heckuva ticket, and Beasley is a very good young player. That’s about what you get.

        • L Lawliet

          Dude porter has not played ONE minute of nba basketball and has been getting over injury for the past 2 years. Beasley is an ok player maybe 4-5 starter on a decent team career at BEST. You wanna talk about expiring contract worth? Ok detroit has 30 million in expiring contracts and a better drafy pick to offer. Why not them? Your proposal would not get an blink in the front office. Lol

  7. jedwards816

    Denver is my favorite dark horse team.
    Denver: Anthony Davis
    E’Twaun Moore
    New Orleans: Gary Harris
    Mason Plumlee
    Michael Porter Jr.
    One of Monte Morris/Malik Beasley
    and picks.

    • Jason Lancaster

      If Denver can somehow do that deal without Harris, it’s a no brainer. But I don’t know what’s in it for New Orleans. Denver’s future picks aren’t going to be good, and none of those guys are a future all-star.

      Also, I think the Nuggets have a lot of reasons to wait until the trade deadline to make a move. AD is probably traded in July.

      It’s going to be NY or one of the LA teams. Clippers will probably part with Shai to get AD, and if they work it right they can get 2 max players before they actually complete the trade.

        • Jason Lancaster

          Clips could build a 3 headed monster by maxing 2 free agents and trading for AD. They have the cap space and the assets.

          Doc has also pulled this trick once before…

    • seamaholic

      Gotta include Millsap or it doesn’t work money-wise, but yeah, that’s about right.

      • hiflew

        It still could work if Millsap’s option is not picked up for next season. Davis’s money would fit under the cap then.

    • All you denver fans are stupid. If you want to acquire AD, you have to get up Jamal murray. To acquire a top 5 player, you are going to have to give up one of your top players…. smh this is why none of yall are GMs.

  8. No way will AD stay in NOLA. As I said before AD always has done good for the Pels, & did what all of us knew he was gonna do, ask for a trade. Also gave them max value with 2 playoffs left in his contract. So … how did the Pels treat him back like a pariah, they did disrespect them, make him look bad. Really is no way AD should ever forgive what the Pels have done to him, so if he ever plays again for the Pels I will stop liking him. Also after February his value has been halved as is only a 1 year rental, Pels squandered half his value. Now as I always said they will trade him for cents on the buck come summer…SMH!!!

  9. Spike4christ

    Atlanta does have some assets. Bazemore has a big contract too. The could have two top 5 picks in this draft. Collins and Prince too.

    • SMH…… Atlanta cant have two top 5 picks. They can POTENTIALLY have 1 top 5 pick and the other pick be 6 7 or 8. You ppl need to do your homework. Dallas keeps the picks if it lands in top 5. If Atlanta wants a TOP 5 PLAYER they are giving up trae young… but its a moot point because AD isnt going to sign an extension with Atlanta.

      • hiflew

        You just don’t to understand that NBA teams do not really trade for just players anymore. This is not a video game. Anthony Davis on a one year deal is NOT a top 5 asset. You are not trading your best assets to get Davis on a one year deal. Trae Young is FAR more valuable than Anthony Davis right now when you factor in contracts.

  10. Z-A

    AD to LA probably depends on what teams will give up for Ball and Ingram in terms of picks and players. Kuzma is the only gem of a trade from LAL.

    Boston has to give up Tatum/Brown + picks + find a 3rd team to take Horford or Hayward.

    Wonder if Pels do the Cavs thing, use their expiring contracts to take back a junk player on a 2 yr deal and picks.

  11. kaptain k

    The Suns are a true dark horse!! Send current pick, Bucks pick, Tyler and Josh Jackson for Davis!!

    But Davis gets shipped somewhere else, I’ll settle for Holiday without the Suns pick

  12. You all have to remember that Davis is a top 5 player. If you want him on your team, you have to pretty much give up your best players to acquire a talant like that. Once you then give up everything, whats the chances of AD actually staying with no other decent players around him……….

  13. x%sure

    AD to Knicks for r1 + Dennis Smith, Trier, Knox, center Mitchell, and Thomas (to match & waive).

    Dotson Ellenson Ntilikina left on Knicks.
    Presumably Irving or Walker to follow. Durant too if one must dream. Mudiay Vonleh Kornet Allen Hicks to re-sign.

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