Anthony Davis Would Consider Re-Signing With Knicks

If the Knicks were to trade for Anthony Davis, the big man would consider re-signing with the franchise if he felt he could be successful in New York, sources Ian Begley of  Speculation about the Knicks landing three max-level players this offseason has surfaced and Begley explains how New York could put together an intriguing big three before opening night of the 2019/20 season.

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The team would need to sign two max free agents in early July, then strike a trade with another team – such as the Pelicans for Davis – later in the summer (assuming a rival team is enamored with the Knicks’ trade package).

New York would certainly need its first-round pick to be included for salary-matching purposes, as Davis is set to make slightly less than $27.1MM next season. Teams must wait 30 days once a first-rounder sign to include him in a trade, per the CBA.

Begley cautions that despite reports that the Knicks would deal their top selection for Davis, there remains no consensus in the organization. Previous reports have indicated that the team plans to pursue the big man if it can put together a package that New Orleans covets.

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24 thoughts on “Anthony Davis Would Consider Re-Signing With Knicks

  1. Reflect

    The Pelicans with AD and Griffin as GM are way more likely to win a championship than the Knicks lol

  2. Well the Knicks got 5th pick in draft so no Zion lol

    Theres yiur top 5 picks

    • bklynny67

      Nope. That was a trial run. They don’t do the real drawing until 7:50pm EST.

      So lol to you

      • They do it 4 hours in advance…. they have to rehearse it and get all the video stuff right (team graphics) to air it on tv correctly and on time when its “live”. They cant do the pings pong “live” you know how many combos there are? millions. It takes them 45 min to match on the combos up to the correct team and what not

  3. brewcrew86

    I hope the Bucks make a good offer for Davis. Him and Giannis would be unstoppable.

    • imindless

      For what lmao brogdon or middleton? Not good enough and doesnt for what pels want which is youth and picks. The way bucks are constructed there picks would be late 1st rounders so not valuable to a rebuilding franchise.

  4. knickscavsfan

    Only way I trade for Davis (assuming the Knicks get the #1 or #2) would be if there was a sign and trade. How bad would the Knicks look, or any team, if they traded away the #1 or #2 in this draft for just 1 year of Davis and he walks? Nope. Franchise suicide.

  5. Z-A

    If AD doesn’t want to reup with the Pelicans with Zion hes got something wrong with him. LBJ is old, Knicks are a longshot to land 3 superstars. 2 doesnt cut it.

    • bowserhound

      Why would he want to wait a few years for Zion to actually ‘get’ the NBA? There’s no way a rookie – I don’t care who you are – is going to turn a whole franchise around overnight.
      When the ship is sinking you get off the boat…

      • Z-A

        Let me introduce you to Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. LeBron James. Melo.

        Those guys didn’t have a Superstar teammate right off the bat either. Wade year 2 got Shaq won the finals 3rd year.

        • hiflew

          Joel Embiid took 4 years to get Philly to the playoffs. Ben Simmons was near the end of a rebuild, not the beginning. Plus he had Embiid before him. Even LeBron took three years to make the playoffs.

        • bowserhound

          Rookie Zion will be just as good as or maybe slightly better than Randle last year. Best case scenario. AD, Jrue and Randle didn’t make much noise.

          • Z-A

            They have 2 expiring contracts in Hill and Moore. They could swing a trade for K Love or Andew Wiggins, both available for different reasons, both have warts which is why they are available.

            Hard to make noise in the West anyway tho. GSW, Rockets, Portland, Nuggets, Thunder, Spurs all locks to make the playoffs at least the next 3 years even if KD left.

            AD on the Knicks doesn’t do much either if no one else goes.

            On the Celtic they go to round 2 toss up based on matchup. Embiid kills AD. Kawhi kills everyone. Freak is MVP.

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