Celtics Notes: Irving, Rozier, Davis

The Celtics understood the chance they were taking with Kyrie Irving when they traded for him two years ago, writes Jeff Goodman of Stadium. Irving wanted to leave a successful situation in Cleveland because he was tired of playing a supporting role to LeBron James. Boston’s front office knew Irving had a reputation that might make him a tough fit, but was willing to accept the risk.

“Doesn’t want to listen to anybody,” a Cavaliers source told Goodman. “I’ve been around more selfish guys, but when you add up those three – moody, immature and tough to coach – he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.”

There’s speculation that Irving’s time in Boston might be done as he gets ready to opt out of a $21.3MM salary and test the free agent market. If he leaves, his final game in a Celtics uniform will be a 6 for 21 shooting performance in a 25-point loss in Milwaukee.

“Everyone respects his talent,” a Celtics player told Goodman earlier this season, “but he’s hard to play with. It’s all about him.”

There’s more today out of Boston:

  • A breakup would be best for both Irving and the Celtics, contends Ben Golliver of The Washington Post. Boston needed to add a star when president of basketball operations Danny Ainge pulled the trigger on the Cleveland deal, but it hasn’t worked out the way he hoped. Facing his first playoff test with the Celtics, Irving wilted badly, playing well in just one of the five games against the Bucks. On top of that, he teammates seemed to take on his personality, pointing fingers at each other throughout the season and not fighting back when things got tough in the playoffs.
  • Restricted free agent Terry Rozier didn’t hold back in addressing the issues that affected the team, relays Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports“I sacrificed the most out of anybody,” said Rozier, who was moved to a backup role after a stellar performance in last year’s playoffs. “I’m a top point guard in this league. I feel like it’s a fresh start, whether I’m here or whether I’m gone.” Rozier admitted that coach Brad Stevens was in a difficult position “dealing with all these guys with attitudes” and said he saw warning signs on the first day of training camp.
  • The Celtics’ offseason focus will turn not only to Irving, but also to Anthony Davis trade talks, writes Bobby Marks of ESPN. Boston was considered to be the favorite to land Davis once the trade deadline passed, but Marks notes that two important changes have occurred since then. David Griffin has taken over as head of basketball operations in New Orleans and will make an effort to get Davis to reconsider his trade demand, and Irving, who would be a selling point to get Davis to sign a long-term deal in Boston, may be on the way out.
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35 thoughts on “Celtics Notes: Irving, Rozier, Davis

  1. Codeeg

    Terry Rozier’s comments really are how this roster never fit. You have some young players outperform in the playoffs and now they all want to be starters.
    Rozier has to be kidding himself if he thinks he’s a top pg.

    • mcmillankmm

      He was in the playoffs last year, feel like the rest is still yet to be determined though.

    • dlevin11

      Totally agree. Scary Terry is not a top point guard in this league. Sometimes he will hit shots but other times he is a bricklayer.

  2. imindless

    Lakers getting flak about being poorly run celtics are just as bad. Cant manage the talent they have and kyrie was never a problem with cavs. Something doesnt add up….i think its equally funny that media keeps floating ad there when they do t have the best package out there by any means. I doubt ad goes there if he goes it will be a random team like how kawhi and pgs trade demands ended. Even adding add celtics are still the 3/4th best team in conference.

    • Jason Lancaster

      I agree that the media has perhaps too much love for Ainge and the Celtics seemingly great success in the draft. But there’s no equivalency between LA and Boston. LA has been on the losing end in a few recent trades, and they lack direction/leadership with no hope in sight.

      LA is bad. Boston, on the other hand, is not quite as amazing as some people say.

      • imindless

        Funny last time i check in the past 19 years lakers have 5 chips celtics have 1…or did you forget? Just making the playoffs in the east doesnt mean you are a quality team. This is the first time in close to a decade the east has had more than 1 quality teams i. The playoffs. Bucks and raptors are real contenders. All 8 teams in the west have a chance to win a chip, keep up or still confused?

    • whodatcoon

      I understand you sentiment in that Boston is sensationalized, though it’s really a different story than the Lakers dumpster fire. That said, if Ainge doesn’t figure things out soon, Boston needs to consider a change in management, they should already be considering a change in coaching as Brown needs to go. Boston has a lot of problems that Hayward contract is terrible, the young guys aren’t getting better and Tatum took a step backwards, Kyrie will leave and that’s probably a good thing but he is their best player. That’s just the start of the problems in Boston with AL getting older, a horrible team culture, and a track record of misguided asset management.

      • southbeachbully

        I think this points out the true responsibilities of a GM working closely with the head coach in crafting a winning team. Ainge did a great job of collecting assets but is that so hard when you’re rebuilding? What I mean is, he collected a bunch of draft assets, did a pretty good job of identifying the right players (Rozier, Tatum over Fultz, etc). His collection of assets allowed him to trade for Irving. They brought in Haywood and unfortunately the injury thru off any opportunity for him to learn the system. But what was thought process in how Stevens was going to use Irving and Haywood along with the drafted players? I think a GM has to acquire players in conjunction with the coaching strategy so that the coach, Stevens in this case, is not given players who’s salary and cache dictate how they are used as opposed to do they fit my system?

        As for Rozier, he’s a volume scorer. You are NOT a top PG in this current NBA system when you’re career shooting % is under 40%.

      • dlevin11

        Kyrie did not look like a great player in final four games against Bucks. Let him move on to Brooklyn and mess up that franchise with a max contract.

      • Jason Lancaster

        Most of the teams in the league would have given Hayward the same contract. Not sure how you can say it’s bad without the benefit of hindsight.

        The key difference between this season and last was balancing minutes was a lot harder this season. You can certainly put some blame on the coach for that, and on the GM too, but it’s one of the best problems an NBA team can have. I don’t think it calls for cleaning house.

        But they should have made a trade, dumping some of the excess talent they had for assets. Ainge took a risk; it backfired.

    • sportsfan101

      I think Imindless truly has lost his mind, half his sentences don’t even make sense punctuality let alone factually.

    • Curtisrowe

      How is a team that made it to the ECF last year and the second round this year “just as bad” as a team that can’t make the playoffs?

      • imindless

        Funny everyone seems to gloss over the difference in competition. Eastern conference isnt good lol west is way more difficult….lakers would be a playoff team if they played in the east…

    • Lenny Bruce

      Lakers are, after the Knicks, poorest run team in league. You are delusional

      • imindless

        5 chips in 19 years how many does your team have? Or did you become a bandwagon dubs fan?

    • slapnuts

      Kyrie was never a problem with the Cavs? Why isn’t he still with them then?

  3. rayzor

    Brad Stevens is the same coach whose team improved every year until now. He is a great coach who was dealt a bad hand this year. I hope Kyrie walks, and that they resign Rozier and Morris. Funny how they had great attitudes last year when they were a team. The difference? Not Brad Stevens or Rozier or Morris or Brown or Tatum. Kyrie pretending to be a leader, and being anything but. I’ll take Rozier’s hustle and defense any day.

    • whodatcoon

      The kids started thinking they were super stars and wanted to steal the show. The problem is Tatum, Brown, and Terry aren’t even stars at this point.

      • southbeachbully

        Agreed. Kyrie has earned the right to feel like he’s a top player. Not a leader, but clearly the team should’ve been built around him. It’s likely that Irving’s refusal to sign an extension may have made Ainge reluctant to trade some of the superfluous pieces.

        I think Stevens is showing that he’s a good Xs and Os coach but definitely needs to learn how to deal with veteran star players. He’s never had one to coach. Tatum, Brown and Rozier are newbies. They listen to whatever the coach says, which is not a bad thing but part of being a coach is dealing with egos and he failed.

    • southbeachbully

      Does Rozier REALLY have a good attitude when he has a problem deferring to a player who is MUCH better than him? Rozier should focus on increasing his shooting % above 40%.

      I bet you, had Irving signed an extension, Ainge would’ve packaged Rozier and traded him to acquire pieces that fit better.

  4. LordBanana

    They are the fourth best team in the East and performed as such. There is only so much discussion because so many sportswriters anointed them the eastern conference championship before the season began; assuming that literally every player on the team would improve.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Remember when Paul Pierce said the series was over? That was funny.

  5. erickohli

    By Kyrie. Never been a more dislikeable Celtic player since I’ve been a fan.

  6. Guest617

    every media outlet in boston has destroyed kyrie today – less than zero chance he returns

    • x%sure

      What’s black and white and re(a)d all over?– Boston newspaper articles about Irving with bloody claws out.

      And Irving was already mad at THEM, after the game BEFORE this last one!

  7. Spike4christ

    I am hopeful, They Let jaylen and Jason be the stars with Hayward. Keeps Morris. Being back IT for 6 man.

    • dlevin11

      I would like IT to return but at what price?
      Baynes and Theis must go along with Scary Terry, Kyrie, and Smart.

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