Clippers Emerging Threat To Sign Kevin Durant

The Clippers have emerged as an “equally dangerous” threat to the Knicks in luring Durant away from the Warriors, Marc Stein of the New York Times writes in his latest newsletter.

New York has always been a constant in the rumors regarding Durant’s next employer. Stein previously heard from a trusted source that Durant was making plans to join the Knicks. There were also rumblings about him considering the Nets. The Clippers being a real contender is the latest leak in what appears to be an ever-developing story.

Perhaps no one outside of Durant knows where he’s going to sign this offseason. It’s possible that even he doesn’t know yet, as his manager recently indicated.

Los Angeles has an attractive situation centered around cap space and a bevy of assets. Landry Shamet, who was acquired in the Tobias Harris deal, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander both made the All-Rookie Second Team, which was announced earlier today.

The Clippers also have the draft capital to make nearly any deal they please. They own all of their future first-rounders outside of this year’s selection (No. 20 overall, moved to Boston) and they have an additional first in each of the following two drafts, with their most valuable selection being Miami’s unprotected 2021 pick (via the Harris trade).

Durant still hasn’t been cleared to return to live action. He missed the entire Western Conference Finals and Stein writes that the Warriors’ initial optimism has “cooled” in regard to the expectation that Durant would make a speedy recovery.

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37 thoughts on “Clippers Emerging Threat To Sign Kevin Durant

  1. jorge78

    The Warriors were excellent before KD got there, they will be excellent after he leaves. He literally doesn’t matter!

    • kenleyfornia2

      Without KD they lost a finals and took 6 to beat a Kyrie/Love less Cavs. With him they dont take more than 5 games to win a finals. But sure keep telling yourself they will be just fine without KD

      • hiflew

        The trophy is exactly the same whether they win it in 4 or in 7. There is literally no difference.

        • kenleyfornia2

          That doesn’t at all have to do with the team being better with KD. They would be on 5 straight finals without him

          • jump shot

            Could use KD, but they dont NEED him. Nobody’s gonna beat them 4 times whether they have him or not.

      • TJECK109

        Anyone on that team could win the mvp. If not for the likes of Curry and Thompson the road for Durant would be difficult. It’s pick your poison for opposing teams on who to defend and how to defend. He deserved the mvp but all I’m saying is that there is a lot that goes into it.

  2. antsmith7

    The Clippers are perfect for KD if he wants his own team. The role players would compliment him perfectly and allow him to be the clear number one guy but still have a great team.

  3. stretch123

    I would love to see him on the Knicks or the Nets. I think that makes more sense for him because it would lead to years of great matchups against Giannis.

  4. Dave4585

    Lol this article states Alexander and Shamet as reasons to join the Clippers. Mitchell Robinson is better than both them combined with the probable chance of Knicks drafting R.J. Barrett and still having DSJ and Knox along with another Mac slot and the fact that it’s NYC the biggest market. Get the f*** out of here with the Clippers overtaking the Knicks in signing Durant lol.

    • Dark14ry

      Dave, put down the New York dope! The Clippers are in such a better position than the funky Knicks.
      The Knicks are garbage. Why would anyone want to sign with them? Their owner is a joke.

      I am not saying KD is going to the Clippers, but they are in a much better position than the Knicks.

      NYK literally have NOTHING. Say what you want about Shai and Landry, they helped the Clippers make the playoffs. What did Mitchell Robinson help the Knicks do? Lose less and almost not finish with the worst record?

    • Michael Chaney

      First of all, take a chill pill. Second of all, SGA is much better than Mitchell Robinson, and Shamet may or may not be better, but either way it’s close.

      DSJ really isn’t anything special, and if he was then the Knicks wouldn’t continue being connected to point guards. Knox isn’t even one of the ten best rookies in the league (not just based on All-NBA recognition but also the eye test), and other than that I don’t see one advantage that the Knicks have over the Clippers. Barrett could be a good player, but even if they do pick him, he’ll be traded in a package for a star if KD even signs there anyway. Knox and/or Robinson might be too. All in all, this is just a pretty bad comment.

    • whoneedsfacts

      The Knicks have a bunch of mediocre young guys. Lots of recent top picks that aren’t working out. A terrible culture the most embarrassing owner in the league. Clippers have a great coach and culture, an owner that will spend whatever, and great complimentary pieces. & I don’t even care about the Clippers.

    • kenleyfornia2

      All 30 teams in the NBA take Shai over Robinson even the Knicks. Put down the blunt

    • mriescher

      I’m a Knick fan and I truly hope that no major stars sign here. As they are declining the offers state that as long as Dolan is there they won’t come. Our only hope in turning the Knicks around is new ownership.

    • Jeg783

      Really he is already on a great team. I hope he leaves GSW and goes to New York. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

  5. FromTheCheapSeats

    Whether or not the Clippers are a better destination than New York depends entirely on your confidence level in the Knicks not finding a way to screw it up.

    They rank right alongside the Jets as the worst mega-market team in American sports.

    If I were in KD’s ear, I’d be pushing him toward Brooklyn. They’ve finally outlived the Pierce/Garnett trade and are in an awesome position talent and cap-wise.

    The next couple moves the Nets make could very well propel them into the upper echelon of NBA teams.

  6. jmac2121

    Remember when KD before the Warriors, was in Toronto hanging with Drake? KD, Leonard and Lowry! Likely won’t happen, just saying. The North, is taking the East!

  7. TheTruth12

    Nets: win now mode. Clippers: win now mode. Knicks: Knicks mode. I genuinely hope he doesn’t go to the Knicks because I’m almost positive we won’t see him in the playoffs for the duration of the contract.

    • x%sure

      lol at the modes

      If Irving isn’t waiting for him then the Knicks have no advantage. He may be but now I’m wondering if the odds changed.

      Is Durant considering LAC because he can’t get anyone to follow him to NY? Why else consider bailing on the plan?

      • mgrap84

        Yea that’s definitely possible. I mean more then likely they draft Barrett or flip it in a package for AD. I think they should make a big push for Kemba Walker too. Maybe just get AD and Kemba. Dont sit around and wait for KD just to end up getting burned

  8. imindless

    So then no kawhi? Lmao i hope kd and kawhi move or stay in the east to make the east stronger for better competition. Lets make the west a little easier

  9. mgrap84

    I still think he ends up with the Knicks with RJ Barrett and possibly Kemba Walker

  10. Spike4christ

    I don’t think he has made a decision yet. I think if he leaves he will go east so he can beat the Warriors and show he is the best. Butler is the one who goes to Clippers, IMO.

  11. greg1

    Look, it’s ridiculous to say that Robinson is average or garbage, he is a quality prospect, as are Shai and Landry.

    Yes, Knox did not have a good rookie season, but it sounds like the Pels we’re doing some homework on him, which means they’re at least somewhat interested in him.

    Knicks and Clips could both be desirable, but keep in mind the Clips need to make a move(s) to open up second max slot money, whereas the Knicks have a clear path to two max guys. KD does not need to see what moves need to make to sign him and someone else like he would with the Clips.

    Personally I don’t trade the farm for AD. There has to be another quality player they can land through a trade that won’t cost them their whole stockpile of young players and picks. Maybe a Justise Winslow or Josh Richardson who costs you a Dallas first, a young player and Thomas’ expiring deal. Add someone like that to fill in some depth and the ability to add Barrett and two max’s, the Knicks don’t look too bad at all.

    • Michael Chaney

      Trading a lot less for Winslow/Richardson and trading the farm for AD is the difference between being a good team and being a great team. If you can get a superstar, you might as well sell the farm.

  12. Dionis89

    He has a good relationship with Levert so I could see him go to Brooklyn. But to go from Golden State to Brooklyn it’s sort of weird, no one knows what he will do.

  13. Reflect

    I’ve been saying all year that there is zero chance Durant signs with the Knicks. It’s just not going to happen. He’s too smart to sign with such a messy team.

  14. 4thinfsgt

    Why don’t we wait for free agency after the playoffs instead of putting theories out in the open. Most sports writers, couch cough, Chris Broussard, come up with stuff that don’t make sense.

  15. TJECK109

    How sad would it be for the Knicks if they first lose out on Zion but then also Durant?

    They claim they won’t be irrational if they lose out on top FAs but I have a feeling they are already panicking.

  16. totoiv

    I think Durant stays one more year with the Warriors. When KD signed last year there were several articles written where it was said he meet repeatedly with Warriors owners who asked him to make a 2 year commitment. Yes, technically he can opt out and leave. The Warriors owners are opening a $2.6 billion dollar arena, hotel, restaurants- entertainment complex they financed 100% themselves. They have 3000 more season tickets and 30 more boxes they have to sale and the Warriors ownership said it’s imperative they put a team on the floor in season 1 that the fans feel can win a champion. Yes, the Warriors can win without KD but they are better with KD. Plus, in a one year deal the Warriors can pay KD more than any other team. So, I think he has already verbally, behind the scenes, he committed to Warriors ownership to stay. But, we will see.

  17. So, Durant will meet with the Stooges, on the one hand, and a group includes Jerry West and Doc Rivers, on the other-? Well, maybe they’ll like Kwahi better.

    • x%sure

      His leg still isn’t better, after all that time off. I would take Durant.

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