Jazz Planning To Make A Run At Tobias Harris

Tony Jones of The Athletic is the latest reporter to hear that the Jazz plan to pursue Sixers forward Tobias Harris in free agency. In a column looking ahead to important offseason dates, Jones states that Harris will consider coming to Utah if Philadelphia doesn’t offer him a full maximum-salary contract over five years.

Harris would give the Jazz another perimeter scorer to team with Donovan Mitchell after averaging a career-best 20.0 PPG this season in 82 games with the Clippers and Sixers. As a 6’9″ combo forward, he would bring more flexibility to Utah’s frontcourt.

We’ve heard other reports that the Jazz plan to target Harris when July 1 arrives, with the Grizzlies, Mavericks and Nets also expected to get involved. It appears the Sixers are going to need to come up with a max offer to keep Harris in a summer where Jimmy Butler and J.J. Redick will also be unrestricted free agents.

There’s more on the Jazz, all courtesy of Jones:

  • Management will address the team’s point guard situation this summer, starting with a decision on whether to re-sign free agent Ricky Rubio. The Jazz could try again to acquire Mike Conley from the Grizzlies, but Jones notes that Utah won’t have the same matching contracts to offer that it had in February. Consideration will also be given to making Mitchell the point guard and possibly moving Royce O’Neale into the starting lineup.
  • The Jazz are willing to trade away their first-round pick if they get an offer they like. This year’s draft is considered top-heavy, and Utah may not be able to find an impact player at No. 23. If they keep the pick, Jones identifies Villanova’s Eric Paschall, Gonzaga’s Brandon Clarke, Belmont’s Dylan Windler and Louisville’s Jordan Nwora as potential picks.
  • Grayson Allen and Tony Bradley have the most at stake in summer league. Allen played sparingly as a rookie, but got more time late in the season. He has a chance for an increased role next year, depending on which free agents return. He has proven he can shoot, but significant questions remain about his defense. Jones believes Bradley may be fighting for a roster spot this summer. A first-round pick in 2017, Bradley has been stuck in the G League, playing just 12 NBA games in two years and only three this season. There’s a chance he’ll be the backup center next year, but he has a lot to prove against summer league competition.
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14 thoughts on “Jazz Planning To Make A Run At Tobias Harris

  1. x%sure

    Harris played a lot better against the BRK forwards than the TOR group.
    Just as good, get Redick, move Mitchell to PG.

  2. Is it just me, or seems that everyone this days wants a max contract?
    Klay is a star, but is the 3-4th guy in the team, shouldn’t get near a max.
    Tobias is very good, but not a star, never even been to the all-star or all-nba teams… so why on earth would he expect to be maxed? Again he is the 3-4th guy in the team.
    Who is advising these guys? They need a reality check, right?

    • SuperSinker

      When you negotiate for a salary, why would you not ask for as much money as possible? It’s not like he’s not going to get paid, agents just do their jobs and maximize earnings for their clients.

      • I do understand & agree with what you say. Is just the way comes across is that they will only stay in the teams they are only for the max. They can ask for it but it comes across as a ransom demand, pay me the max or I am out. Just don’t like it. The thing is that not all NBA good players deserve a max. If they get it, great for them but don’t make such demand to stay with the team that is paying you right now.

        • Dodgethis

          It’s a part of the socialist authoritarian leagues fabric to hyper control every aspect of the league. It’s absurd. It’s not just a salary cap. Essentially every player has a pre determined value according to the league, forcing players to do exactly what Tobias is doing. It’s litteraly his only option. Players screwed themselves by agreeing to the leagues rules.

          • theeterps

            I don’t know about that. The pre-determined value you mentioned is paying max players $40MM+ per year. I think that’s pretty favorable.

  3. Dionis

    None of these signings matter if Durant decides to stay in Golden State because no one will beat them over the next 2-3 seasons if he does maybe 4.

    The Jazz would be foolish to offer Harris a max, he does nothing above average.

    • Unless Golden State finds a bench over the summer I think this could be it even if KD stays.

  4. slapnuts

    Hopefully the Jazz lose out on him, therefore making them more apt to accept a trade that sends Gordon Hayward back to them

  5. formerlyz

    They need a 4, and could use half court scoring, so good fit if they can do it

  6. x%sure

    (Game on) I am seeing Embiid seeming to favor Butler over Harris as a target to pass to. Harris may be more available than what was let on. They cannot have 4 maxes and Simmons was Process before Embiid stole the tag for himself.

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