Kevin Durant Expected To Miss Entire Western Conference Finals

Kevin Durant is unlikely to play until the NBA Finals should the Warriors make it that far, a source tells Monte Poole of NBC Sports. Durant returning at any point during the postseason remains in question.

Durant won’t make the trip to Portland for Game 3 and 4. Instead, he will stay behind to work with the team’s medical staff. Golden State announced today that Durant has shown progress as he recovers from a strained calf, but he is not ready to participate in on-court activity.

The Warriors were hoping Durant would be able to return during the Western Conference Finals so that he could get re-acclimated with the team before a possible NBA Finals appearance.

DeMarcus Cousins has progressed to on-court activity, per the team. He’s not quite ready for live action, but his status appears more favorable than Durant’s at this time.

Both players are expected to be re-evaluated in a week, according to the Warriors.

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16 thoughts on “Kevin Durant Expected To Miss Entire Western Conference Finals

  1. Codeeg

    I really don’t think it matters. They’ll still win as long as curry stays healthy

      • bowserhound

        And his finger has been hurt for a few games with nothing bad to show for it. He’s that good with 4 working fingers on his shooting hand. Mamba mentality.

      • fieldsj2

        He’s had ankle issues his whole career. I think he’s more than proved that he can play through the problem…

  2. Vince

    If the Warriors continue their surge in the playoffs, they will redefine the off season. Khris Middleton looks like a great target for the Warriors.

    • qbert1996

      Not if they give Klay the super max and try to retain Durant as well.

        • cesc

          As we can see by the 2-0 they clearly don’t need KD or DMC to beat the Blazers but… I am afraid that KD might not be enough for the GSW to beat the Giannis juggernaut! I really think only the Bucks lack of experience can be the only think that beats them, otherwise Giannis is getting his first ring!

          • bowserhound

            Definitely need one of the two. Preferably KD to go up against the Bucks. Lopez is a legit #2 big.

            • arc89

              warriors might lack size against the Bucks. They do not have the size to stop the greek without Cousins being back. Curry is proving he is the best player in the NBA. Without Durant he shown why he was the MVP.

    • tharrie0820

      Just because they’ve won without him doesn’t mean they’re better without him

  3. petefrompp

    Warriors want and need Durant. Durant is the best player in the NBA and no team is better without him.

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