Kyrie Irving Open To Joining Lakers?

Is Kyrie Irving seriously considering the Lakers as a free agent destination this summer? Brian Windhorst of (video link) believes Irving has become “more open” to teaming up with LeBron James than he was earlier in the season. Irving has done research on the Lakers and a move to Los Angeles isn’t off the table.

Magic Johnson leaving the Lakers isn’t viewed as a positive by Irving. However, Windhorst adds that James is openly showing his support for the Lakers’ infrastructure, which could influence potential free agents. James was in attendance for Frank Vogel‘s introductory press conference. Stars such as LBJ don’t typically show up for these formalities.

Windhorst mentions the Nets, Knicks, and Celtics as teams that are higher on Irving’s list. There were previous rumblings that the point guard preferred Brooklyn when searching for a destination to team up with Kevin Durant. Durant reportedly favors the Knicks.

The Lakers are unlikely to be the team that lands both Durant and Irving, as they are expected to only have the ability to sign one max-level free agent.

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57 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving Open To Joining Lakers?

    • Senioreditor

      Because the Nets have a winning tradition….lol. Your comment is absurd. When they sign Russell to a max contract they’ll be screwed for years. The Nets, that’s a decade long laugh.

      • frankgrimes

        Nets have a good coach and have made smart moves lately.. no need to take a dump on them.

      • slapnuts

        Winning tradition is what helps a team win? How’s that working out for the Lakers? Talk about “absurd” comments…

      • greg1

        Look, I am a Knicks fan, but talking about the Nets winning tradition is silly.

        It was not too long ago that the Clips were the laughingstock of the league. Now, they’re one of the hottest free agent landing spots around.

        All a team like the Nets need to do is land a KD/Kyrie tandem and the rap all disappears. They’re a big enough market that FA’s will go there if everything looks good, which right now it does.

        • Jeg783

          Why are the Clippers now viewed as a great landing spot. I hope Kyrie and KD do go to the Knicks. Grass isn’t always greener.

    • Freddie Morales

      Nets are a star away from legit contenders. KD loves LeVert too

      • Senioreditor

        Every team is roughly a star away from contenders. If you’ve watched Golden State you’d know that the Nets are at least 2 stars away from contending, since they have zero right now.

      • Jeg783

        Why are the Clippers now viewed as a great landing spot. I hope Kyrie and KD do go to the Knicks. Grass isn’t always greener.

      • Jeg783

        What happened to Boston when Kyri and the dude formerly of the Jazz came back. No one talks chemistry. Everybody wants to be Golden State but no one wants to do it organically by drafting good players and keeping them. Who remembers the 76ers with Doctor J and all that talent. How many Chips they win. Throwing players together is Dools Gold.

    • MZ311

      As a Knicks fan I totally agree. Obviously want him in orange and blue for selfish reasons.

  1. stretch123

    He’s going to end up with Durant and Anthony Davis with the Knicks.

    Ntilikina, Knox, Hezonja, Thomas, 2019 1st round pick and two additional firsts for Davis.

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      New Orleans would hang up. AD AND Durant together make those future #1s worthless. Knox is a decent prospect. Everybody else you named is trash.

      Robinson, Smith and this year’s #3 starts the conversation. And it may take Knox, too.

      • bklynny67

        Nope. Because the 3 firsts in the proposal would be our #3 this year (RJ Barrett), and Dallas’ two future firsts. That is a really good package that I doubt anyone else could beat.

    • whoneedsfacts

      I don’t think that gets it done. With those stars the other two picks will suck, and everything else is just young guys that aren’t all that good. The only good is this year’s pick.

      • frankgrimes

        Maybe this years pick, those offers don’t come close to what Boston or LA could package.

  2. Thronson5

    I can see this happening. Then I can see them trading the number 4 pick, Ball and maybe someone or another pick for Beal. Not sure what it would take to get Beal so I’m sure someone will say that’s too much or not enough lol but include those things in a package. Maybe get lucky and get Lopez or Cousins to take small deal to join the team. Lopez loves the Lakers and loves LA so I could see him coming back.

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      Washington trading for Ball means giving up on John Wall. I’m not sure they’re ready to pull the plug yet.

  3. highplainsdriftr

    What a sad sack millennial loser of an athlete. Crawling back to the warm embrace of Papa LeBron to take the spotlight and the pressure off him.

  4. hoosierhysteria

    Just get kyrie out of Boston. He is a ball hog and just showed the world that he has no shot. He is not coach able and his mood swings were well known. Huge disappointment. Not worth the money that he will get. He might go to la because his options are far fewer than a year ago. Good riddance.

    • Curtisrowe

      he “showed the world he has no shot” Did you just start watching basketball 3 weeks ago? Ball hog? Maybe. Mood swings? Totally. Has no shot? Derp.

      • Gary

        Kyrie Irving can close out of ball game. Probably one of the best closers in the league.

        You need a bucket in the last minute, you get the ball to him and he’ll get it done most of the time. That’s a rare find.

        • FromTheCheapSeats

          Fake news. Kyrie the Closer is a talking head-created myth.

          • kenleyfornia2

            Or maybe they just were outmatched vs a better Buks team. Putting all the blame on Kyrie for the Celtics playoff L s dumb. Blame Ainge for being cheap in his attempts to trade for PG13 a couple years back then pivoting to Hayward

            • CF78

              Yeah, because we all know that PG13 and another well known pg have made it so deep into the playoffs every year…

          • Curtisrowe

            He won an NBA championship by closing out a game. Where do you people come from?

      • hoosierhysteria

        You are what your numbers say you are. 6-22 is awful. He can close by getting to hoop for layup or foul. That is different than being a shooter which was my statement. Look at all his playoff games this year…. not the past. Brick….

  5. david722

    Lakers will be lucky to add one quality free agent. Will have to over pay to attract someone to their mess. How about Butler?

  6. Trip

    What do the numbers look like if they were to trade for Davis and sign Kyrie? Possible?

  7. brownsfan66

    why don’t people get it kyrie is staying in Boston. when did he ever say Lakers are a destination to him and if he goes to the Knicks he will be even more frustrated than he is know. Lol y’all need to stop with this kyrie nonsense

    • Gary

      Kyrie is done in Boston. That’s as sure a thing as the sun coming up tomorrow morning.

      • FromTheCheapSeats

        Why are we so certain Kyrie is done in Boston? The guy that caused all the rotation problems was Gordon Hayward. If Kyrie goes, you still have a team with two too many small forwards.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Why would he ever come out and say his preferred destination? Its nonsense to thing he is a lock to stay in Boston with all their internal turmoil.

  8. 2Times

    Over the last few years Lakers and Knicks have both been horribly ran dumpster fires from ownership down, yet people seem to prefer the Knicks to get all the stars in free agency. Bulls are poorly managed also and would like a say in getting some stars.

    • x%sure

      Ha! The KI-KD-AD plan promises to be disruptive, especially based in NY.

  9. joeyrocafella

    “Irving did research on the Lakers”?? What? How much research does he need? LeBron plays there, and a bunch of young guys… What else do you need to know?

  10. Steve

    K.I. Will not be returning to Bos! I think everyone saw that the way he exited. K.I. To LA makes a lot of sense if they get AD or Beal……. However if LA is able to pull off an AD trade without Ball, I’d assume they wanted to see if Ball could develop under Jason Kidd.

    The number 4 pick gives the Lakers a lot of options. Landing AD in a trade without Ball, also gives them the option of going with a lesser free agent and becoming a contender.

    By the way I’m a Hawks fan! But I think LA with Kuz and the number 4 pick can put together a better package than NY for AD. I think NY should draft R.J. and build around him and Smith! I know NY wants to win now and they do have a legitimate shot at KD. However KD is notoriously horrible with the media and who has the most aggressive honest media in the USA? NY! I think it’s a bad off the court fit. If NY is able to land AD ( NO could just refuse to deal him to LA) and KI without KD, I think that would be a better move.

  11. Guest617

    OMG next level golden drama – if they don’t the lakers got rondo and ball, or maybe kyrie just decides to walk off the flat earth

  12. Lenny Bruce

    I don’t care where he goes, just so long as he is out of Boston.

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