Lakers Notes: Davis, Vogel, Kidd, Front Office

The Lakers are in position to dictate the terms of an Anthony Davis trade and should make an offer with a firm deadline, writes Bobby Marks of ESPN. L.A. made a strong push for Davis before the February deadline, reportedly offering several packages of young players and draft picks for the Pelicans star, who can opt out of his contract and become a free agent next summer.

Marks believes getting past the constraints of the regular season could work in the Lakers’ favor as they no longer have to take on an unwanted contract such as Solomon Hill‘s to complete a deal. He suggests offering Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, this year’s lottery pick plus an unprotected first-rounder in 2021 and giving New Orleans a June 30 deadline to complete the deal so it will be resolved before free agency.

Under that proposal, L.A. would use some of its cap space to absorb Davis’ salary, eliminating the opportunity to offer a max deal on the free agent market, but the Lakers would get their second star and still have enough left over to chase second-tier free agents.

There’s more this morning from Los Angeles:

  • If the Lakers can’t land Davis or sign an elite free agent, Marks recommends following the Pacers’ approach and improving the roster through two-year contracts. He identifies T.J. McConnell, Danny Green, Bojan Bogdanovic and Dewayne Dedmon as players who might be willing to take a portion of the available $35.6MM on short-term deals.
  • Because he had to take on Jason Kidd as an assistant, new Lakers head coach Frank Vogel is walking into a situation similar to what LeBron James‘ former coach, David Blatt, faced in Cleveland, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN. Blatt wasn’t able to earn respect from James, who bonded with former player Tyronn Lue, his top assistant, setting the stage for a coaching change a year later. James and Kidd already have a strong relationship, Windhorst notes, that began when they won Olympic gold medals together in 2008.
  • The Lakers’ awkward coaching search exposes the danger of having too many people trying to run the organization, writes Bill Plaschke of The Los Angeles Times. Kurt Rambis is expanding his power as an adviser, and his wife Linda has become a “shadow owner” because of her friendship with Jeanie Buss. Ex-coach Phil Jackson is also contributing ideas, while former team president Magic Johnson has reconciled with Buss and is offering advice as well.
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19 thoughts on “Lakers Notes: Davis, Vogel, Kidd, Front Office

  1. Stoop Down Low

    Good move by Jason, coming off a couple of losing stints as head coach. But he’ll have to show he can play a supporting role. The idea that he’ll fix Lonzo is doubtful in that Kidd has never fixed anyone’s shot, including his own for most of his career. Passing and ball handling, Kidd’s strengths, are already Lonzo’s strengths. Frank Vogel has been around the block a few times himself, and with more success than Kidd. Lakers were lucky he took the gig.

  2. bowserhound

    Bobby Marks trade is horrible. Why trade Lonzo after you specifically hired Kidd to mentor him? Offer Ingram/Kuzma, Hart and picks. Don’t offer them nearly as much as you already did and failed.

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      Given what Boston and New York can offer New Orleans, that deal you put together has NO chance.

      Besides, Brandon Ingram’s blood clot issue probably makes him untradeable. And how much value can there possibly be for future picks from a team that features Lebron James?

      The chances of the Lakers missing the playoffs in any of the next three years are remote Anything outside the lottery is a throwaway pick.

      • imindless

        Lmao averaged over 23 ppg before he was injuried and this surgery has a 100 percent recovery rate. However tatums regression have negated his value significantly. The only team with better ammo is new york and that would have to include this years lottery pick.

      • bowserhound

        Currently NY has nothing but a lottery pick. Boston may not even try if Kyrie leaves.
        The Lakers chances of making the playoffs for the next three years extremely depends on obtaining AD, KD, or someone spectacular.
        If NO trades AD to anyone they are immediately in full rebuild mode, which means they really want picks. Lakers have a lottery pick this year, and extra 1st in a year or two (or 3) also helps.

      • kenleyfornia2

        Tatum is the most overrated young asset in the game. Guy is not even better than Ingram

        • royhobbs

          Tatum on an awful team like the lakers, he puts up at least the same numbers as Ingram. IMO.

          • imindless

            Awful team? Lakers still almost made playoffs without there whole roster keep in mind it was in thr west. Ingram is the same age and better in all areas offensively but 3 point shooting.

  3. stretch123

    Ingram, Lonzo, Kuz and 1st Round 2019 pick for AD. Sign Danny Green and Marcus Morris. Re-sign Mcgee and Rondo and bring in TJ McConnell as the backup PG.

    • imindless

      Lakers arent trading lonzo or ingram for a 1 year max player. There better of offering kuzma, hart this years lottery pick and wagner or a future 1st. We can have ad for free next summer makes no sense to trade everything for 1 year.

  4. imindless

    Everyone knows celtics are screwed horford with opt in for 30 million a year and are on the hook for hayward for the next 3/4 years at 30 million plus. They are done bucks and raptors and sixers are all profoundly better. Sorry celtics fans better luck im the future!

  5. staycalm

    Not able to get over Lonzo’s bad shooting form. He is not a leader. I do not see value in the skills he brings to the table. Lakers need to move him out. Add AD and KI and we have a kicking team! Go LeBron! Also get Loce for the 3 point threat.

  6. reneaguerra

    Bill Plaschke has no clue, had he been graded on accuracy of his shoot from the hip comments the last 20 years he’d get a D with no argument from LA times readers.

  7. Eric Lord

    Sorry Bobby Marks, the Lakers don’t dictate anything when it comes to an Anthony Davis trade. The Pelicans control everything. If the Lakers set a hard deadline, then the Pelicans move on to other options. The Pelicans have made it pretty clear that they aren’t big fans of the Lakers young players. The Lakers aren’t getting a trade done with those guys. They would need to get a third team involved to allow the Pelicans to get assets they desire. The Celtics & potentially the Knicks if they get the #1 pick all have more to offer.

    • x%sure

      Ithink the old regime disliked the Lakers more than the Laker players. But the ownership has not changed, so that could still be in effect with the same result, unless Griffin talks some different sense to her. AD’s value will always be greater in so-called ‘prestige’ locales.

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