Nets Expected To Be In Mix For Jimmy Butler

There’s a feeling around the NBA that the Nets will have a real shot to land Jimmy Butler in free agency, according to Brian Lewis of The New York Post, who reports that Brooklyn is expected to be in the hunt for the veteran swingman this offseason. As Lewis notes, Kevin Durant figures to be the Nets’ top free agent target, but the team is eyeing other players, and Butler will be near the top of that list.

“We’re going to have options,” head coach Kenny Atkinson told ESPN on Thursday, per Lewis. “A, I think we all know what A is. There’s some great players out there. But we also feel comfortable with B, C and D that if it doesn’t go our way in free agency.”

In addition to Durant, the Nets will likely explore the possibility of signing Kyrie Irving, who is expected to give the team consideration. But with Spencer Dinwiddie set to begin a multiyear extension and D’Angelo Russell a good candidate to return on a new deal, a two-way wing like Butler may be the better fit.

As Lewis points out, Butler reportedly had the Nets among the teams on his wish list – along with the Clippers, Knicks, and Heat – before he was traded from Minnesota to Philadelphia last fall. The 29-year-old had a productive season with the Sixers, coming within one game of the Eastern Finals, but he’s believed to still look favorably on Brooklyn, Lewis writes.

With Butler set to turn 30 before the 2019/20 season begins, the battle for his services could come down to which teams are willing to offer him the max, and for how long. After the Sixers were eliminated on Sunday, Butler said, “Technically I think, knock on wood, I will get a max contract anywhere I choose to go.” But there’s no guarantee that teams will be willing to go up to four (or more) years on a player who would be earning $40MM+ in his age-33 season.

Based on current cap projections, the 76ers could offer Butler up to about $189.7MM over five years, while a rival team could put a four-year, $140.6MM offer on the table. The Nets won’t quite have enough cap room for a max free agent unless they renounce Russell, but could make other moves to create that space.

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21 thoughts on “Nets Expected To Be In Mix For Jimmy Butler

    • I give no fox

      I think he put that narrative to bed during his time in Philly. Sounds like you might be a salty Bulls fan, so continue to hate away. But he was nothing but positive in Philly. He came in and did his job. Never really complained about being 2nd, 3rd, and sometimes 4th option.

      • fieldsj2

        Sorry 3/4 of a season in Philly in which they lost one more game then last year does nothing to change that narrative. He forced his way out of Minnesota by acting like a child. No salty fan here, I just know a cancer when I see one.

        • I give no fox

          Fields, I don’t follow your logic. Wins/losses do not define a player as a cancer. He didn’t get that monicker because the team he plays for records. He got it for being “selfish” and calling out his teammates for being lazy and being a distraction. He was none of those things in Philly even though he could have been based on his role change. I would also argue that the sixers one loss dip had more to do with Embiid missing practically the entire season after the all star break. But hey, facts…who wants to use those to inform decisions

          • whoneedsfacts

            Your definitely all kinds of salty. Jimmy wasn’t a cancer he was salty, that Wolves team was a train wreck. Jimmy played his role in Philadelphia. He is a great 2nd or 3rd option and his play is the opposite of selfish. Stops make people think with their heart, but that’s sort of useless.

        • YOGA

          He forced his way out of Minnesota bcoz he had a lazy soft ass teammates like wiggin and kat. its not cancer or selfish if u force ur teammates to trainand play harder.

    • fieldsj2

      Imagine if they signed Butler and Kyrie. Two of the most selfish players in the NBA.

      • goinggoinggone

        ??? jimmy butler isn’t selfish, like, at all. you should watch him actually play more…

      • x%sure

        Irving, okay, bad boy. But Butler was acquired by a team who then spent their money on Wiggins, meaning Butler would have to move on this year anyway to get paid the most. Given owner Taylor’s budget, MIN Nno longer has enough money to pay who they traded for.

        So Butler forced his way out, to a team that could afford a max contract. Then they got Harris and now it’s uncertain again. Long story short. I would do the same (which proves nothing I suppose).

  1. x%sure

    Renounce Russell if Butler wants in. Dinwiddie can handle him and Levert doesn’t care has his own stuff going.

    Renouncing Russell probably will have little impact but Butler probably won’t leave… Unless the Philly owner pulls a Fertita.

      • x%sure

        Not in the playoffs. Anyway Russell can be re-signed with bird rights later, regardless.

    • jonnyzuck

      They can trade a pick away to clear Crabbe and have enough for Butler and Dlo

  2. JonnyLucas

    Jimmy Butler is confounding. He plays really hard when he’s engaged… he’s ultra competitive, which is so important. But… I don’t know. There’s something odd about the guy. I would never build a team around him. Brooklyn has a good thing going. They should pass on him.

    • John Casper

      The Sixers are where he should be. They aren’t building around Butler-he’s a piece with them.

  3. cesc

    Butler is a winner! As simple as that… so he hasn’t got any business signing for the Nets, right?

    • x%sure

      Haha. Actually, mentioning the neighboring playoff-rival Nets could be viewed as a negotiating ploy. Like, pay me or try to get around me.

  4. Phillies2017

    As a Sixers fan I would give my right index finger to re-sign him.

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