Pistons To Consider Derrick Rose In Free Agency?

Point guard will be an area of focus for the Pistons in free agency this summer, as backups Ish Smith and Jose Calderon are set to hit the open market. And a source with first-hand knowledge of the team’s thinking tells Vince Ellis of The Detroit Free Press that Derrick Rose is one potential target who will be “a subject of debate” within the front office.

Rose is unlikely to have to settle for the minimum salary again after enjoying an impressive bounce-back season in Minnesota, averaging 18.0 PPG and 4.3 APG on .482/.370/.856 shooting. However, he was limited to just 51 games due to more injuries, an ongoing issue which will likely keep his price tag in check. That means he could be an option for a team like the Pistons, who won’t have any cap room available this offseason.

Seth Curry is another free-agent-to-be who figures to be of interest to Detroit, according to Ellis, though he notes that there’s a belief head coach Dwane Casey will push for a true point guard. In that case, players like Ricky Rubio and Patrick Beverley may be on the club’s radar. The likes of T.J. McConnell or Isaiah Thomas could also be targets if the club pursues a lower-cost option, Ellis adds.

Of course, re-signing Smith will also be a scenario the Pistons could consider, but there was an “air of finality” to his end-of-season media session, according to Ellis, who writes that the team will explore upgrades at the position.

The 2019/20 mid-level exception is projected to be worth approximately $9.2MM, based on a $109MM cap, while the bi-annual exception would be worth about $3.6MM. Unless the Pistons shed significant salary, those will be the only two exceptions – besides the minimum – available to the team in free agency. Both exceptions can be used on a single player or split up among multiple free agents.

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17 thoughts on “Pistons To Consider Derrick Rose In Free Agency?

        • L Lawliet

          Nice comeback. But you have to admit less that 3 mill for 51 games like he had this season and a healthy playoff run is a win!!

          • dugdog83

            Rose was one of my favorite players for awhile, he was awesome. Then the injuries came, which happens, but his poor attitude and unwillingness to play was what turned him for me. Showed no class and just wanted to run out his contracts.

            In fairness, you are right, he had a really good year at a bargain price. I didn’t see that coming. Pistons need way more than him to get it going. I would like to see Rose play on a contender and put up another year like he just had.

  1. Z-A

    I would rather pursue Darren Collison. Better defender. Better shooter.

    Detroit, you generally think good defensive team you could maybe hide Rose’s defensive weaknesses there.

    We are talking a 6th man role here too. Rose could probably get a starting gig somewhere. Collison too, in Indy.

  2. Dionis

    Wouldn’t be a bad pickup, they sorely needed shot creators. Casey needs to give Kennard a full time starting role at 2 and move Reggie to the bench. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to give Rose a 2 year 30 million dollar deal. Not sure if that puts them over the cap but Rose is exactly what they need.

    I’d say find a way to get Gallinari and sign Rose.

    Rose-Kennard-Gallinari-Blake-Drummond is a balanced out starting 5.

    • fishy 9 dogs

      2 years 30 mil..? No way dude. I would think 2 years 12 mil would be the highest anyone would possibly even consider.

      • L Lawliet

        He is another oft injured guy. I would rather try to pry tj warren or tim hard jr away via trade.com

    • I’d agree, but the dollars for Rose is perhaps a bit steep. They’ll need to sign him at a lower figure if they’re to acquire Galanari, which is plausible if the Clippers believe they can land two max FAs. Clippers may be willing to take Jackson back in a deal if they lose Beverly.

      • Z-A

        If the Clippers free themselves of Gallinari’s 21M it would be to build that super team with Kawhi and KD.

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