Tyronn Lue Won’t Be Lakers’ Next Coach

6:19pm: The Lakers will start fresh in their coaching search, with former NBA coaches Lionel Hollins, Frank Vogel and Mike Woodson to be considered, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic.

5:50pm: After a report of an impasse in contract negotiations between Tyronn Lue and the Lakers, both sides have decided to move on.

A team source tells Tania Ganguli of The Los Angeles Times that the organization has determined Lue isn’t the “right long-term fit” (Twitter link). Meanwhile, Brad Turner of The Los Angeles Times tweets that Lue and his representatives informed the Lakers that he has withdrawn his name from consideration, offering thanks to the team for including him in the interview process.

Lue turned down the Lakers’ offer of $18MM over three years, Turner adds (Twitter link). A source says Lue was asking for a five-year contract. Lue is still owed $10MM by the Cavaliers, points out ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, and could lose money by agreeing to a deal that’s below his market value.

Lue was the top choice of Lakers star LeBron James, Wojnarowski adds, but Lakers brass was also sold on Lue for his experience in coaching in three NBA Finals, along with his title history as a player in L.A.

Sources tell Woj that GM Rob Pelinka and front office advisor Kurt Rambis were very impressed with Kidd when they interviewed him and were insisting that he become part of Lue’s staff. They view Kidd as a valuable mentor for Lonzo Ball and liked the way he developed young talent in Milwaukee. Sources don’t believe Lue was opposed to Kidd joining the staff, but the two men hadn’t discussed the possibility.

It’s not clear now if Kidd becomes the favorite to take the head coaching job or if the Lakers will start the interview process again. Along with Lue and Kidd, they talked to Sixers assistant Monty Williams, who will be the next head coach in Phoenix, and Heat assistant Juwan Howard.

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55 thoughts on “Tyronn Lue Won’t Be Lakers’ Next Coach

  1. Thronson5

    And the sh** show continues. This is embarrassing. Been a fan for 30 years and I’ve never been more embarrassed. Never been embarrassed over this team until recently period. What a joke they’ve become.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Nothing will be lower than the 2 Byron Scott years. Nothing. At least now if the Lakers can just hope if Kyrie really made up with Bron they can be relevant

      • Thronson5

        I don’t know, Magic stepping down without telling anyone including his boss is pretty bad lol. And the leaks of the whole team being on the trade table then the team basically quitting and sucking the rest of the season was pretty bad too. It’s not just about this, what’s going on now, it’s what’s been going on for the last 6 years.

        • TheTruth12

          The worst part is it’s not gonna end anytime soon, I don’t see the Lakers being serious contenders for the remainder of Lebrons deal even with another star Golden st, Houston, Denver, Portland, OKC are better. None of the coaches rumored make you go yeah this guy is gonna help them take the next step.

        • southbeachbully

          I think the Lakers have too many people involved in the process. While Lue probably wasn’t too paranoid I would be leary of them wanting Kidd as a coach. You know any ex-coach has aspirations of being the new coach and I could see them dumping Lue as soon as it was convenient to replace him with Kidd.

          Too many factions. Too many ppl to appease. Sad to say for Lebron, there was more continuity with the Cavs than what the Lakers are showing thus far.

          The Lakers have become the Clippers and vice versa.

    • david722

      And Jeannie Buss considers Lakers franchise she controls a public trust. Could not tell by the way it has been run. It is a freakin’ embarrassment. Dr, Jerry would be more than ashamed.

  2. TJECK109

    He’s still getting 10mil from the Cavs and still turned down a 6mil a year job? Guess he figured he’d be lucky to last 3 so let’s ask for 5.

    • bowserhound

      Exactly. You are already getting 10mil for absolutely nothing, and you wanted 50mil on top of that. Peace out. You don’t have a long enough track record to be expecting that kind of dough.
      Offer Pop $20m/year.

      • Pop isn’t tinseltown. He’s blue collar America. Plus HE runs the whole show, not just part of it. No chance.

      • jeremy

        Who know how much longer pop will coach and he will never leave the Spurs he has it too good there

      • deano

        You don’t get both amounts. If you sign a new contract the old one is void. That was an issue in the negotiations. Why would Lue take less than what he’s getting to do nothing? And let’s be honest. Almost all head coaching jobs are 5 years to give the guy a change to build something. A 3 year deal is almost unheard of.

        • theeterps

          Do we know that exactly though? Depends on offset language in his contract with he Cavaliers.

    • Luke Adams

      As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, Lue likely wouldn’t get $18MM from the Lakers on TOP of the $10MM he had left from Cleveland if he were hired by the Lakers.

      Offset language in his contract would mean that during the overlap years on the two contracts, the Cavs would simply owe him less money (hard to say how much less without knowing the exact terms of the two deals).

  3. Hannibal8us

    Thank goodness, Lue saved the Lakers from making the horrible decision of hiring him.

    • southbeachbully

      You say horrible but among the names mentioned, who can say they have a relationship with the star player and is as battled tested as Lue? I mean, if chips matter, he’s the only coach they’re talking to that has won one in the last 15 years.

      I wonder if there’s any way possible they could lure Pat Riley back? That would be a boss move. Highly unlikely I guess.

      • bowserhound

        LeBron won that ring, it had next to nothing to do with Tyronn Lue. Sure he made some good matchups for one series. …and now he thinks that parlays into being a top-3 paid coach? Get out of here!

        • southbeachbully

          I’m not discussing his salary. You and I aren’t smart enough to know the going rate. But ummm…so what he won it with LBJ. Isn’t that who he would be coaching in LA? Strange answer dude.

  4. Yep it is

    Lakers will NEVER be relevant with the current ownership. That ship has sailed. The only reason anyone still will discuss them is because they are LA. The winning and great ownership is over. You are the Marlins of basketball.

  5. diller1340

    Yea let’s just get a superstar in lebron and not hire the coach he wants……… such a joke

  6. bledrules

    No one wants to coach the biggest diva in the NBA
    Real stunner (or not)

    • southbeachbully

      I tell you the hate ppl have for LBJ is puzzling. Of course Lue WANTED to coach the Lakers. Why else would he go thru the process? But who else have they offered the job to that said “no”? No one. So you’re making things up.

  7. Thronson5

    Why aren’t they interested in Mark Jackson? Guys love to play for him! I know GS owner and management didn’t see eye to eye with him and he was hard to work with but that doesn’t mean it would be the same for the Lakers. But then again these guys seem to not all be on the same page in the front office either so go figure then wouldn’t want to hire someone the players would love to play for.

    • spazz

      Exactly the front office didn’t see eye to eye with him. Front offices talk amongst eachother. Plus Marc is VERY religious. He mandated the warriors attend church every Sunday before or after a game. He is a preacher with his wife. I know for a fact, his religious reputation is going to rub with the young guys the wrong way. And Lebron wont listen to a religious coach. He’s respected by his peers but behind closed doors hes not going to coach again sadly.

      • southbeachbully

        Why wouldn’t young players, or LBJ, have a problem with a religious coach? He’s not mandating other parts of their lives? He’s not controlling what they do away from the court. If anything, LBJ would likely be the last one to have an issue since he’s a settled and happily married man. He’s never been a wild guy away from the court. I don’t get your take on that.

  8. jeremy

    You could tell Lakers only wanted lue till LeBron gone with that offer so Lakers are better off starting over and plus one of those 3 new guys could be 2x better than lue. I always think Knicks did woodson wrong and didn’t give him a fair shot. Dude only gave them one of their best seasons

  9. Skip, Tampa

    The ownership will be fine.But LaLa Land needs to wake up the the modern NBA.
    Teams are built top down. Go get Troy Weaver for President
    Langdon for GM and work the coach out later.
    If Pelinka must stay make him the Asst GM. Maybe he can learn for real executives.
    Only way out of this Mushroom Farm at this point.

    • southbeachbully

      That’s it? Just go out and get guys under contract with competitive teams? Be realistic.

  10. stretch123

    Lakers are screwed at this point. They can’t afford to hire a coach that’ll clash with LBJ, which all but eliminates Thibs, Vogel and Kidd. I would try to hire Juwan Howard at this point, or maybe Lionel Hollins.

    • southbeachbully

      Why do you assume they would clash. I can’t speak on Thibs and Vogel but I know LBJ is very fond of Kidd and has a great relationship with him. I even thought he wanted him as a coach with the Cavs once.

  11. bush5104

    Don’t fool yourselves: David Griffin in New Orleans virtually assures LAL of getting The Brow. Then, you just hope for either Kylie, Kawhi, or Butler, and you have yourself a contending team.

    • southbeachbully

      Why? You think his connection with LBJ will benefit the Lakers? Really? You think Griffin doesn’t want to put together the best team possible and try and keep Davis?

  12. padam

    They can’t even sign a crappy coach. As a Knicks fan, this makes me feel great.

    • southbeachbully

      The crappy coach with the ring? And before you say “Lebron won it”. Tell me one coach who’s won without at least 2 HOF on their team?

        • southbeachbully


          Dirk and Kid and several semi-stars in Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Caron Butler and Tyson Chandler.


          Correct. However, the point the guy was making was that in the instance of Lue, he only won because of LBJ. My comment was that MOST NBA champs had more than 1 HOF. In the case of that Detroit team, no HOF, however…

          Ben Wallace- 4 x All-star, 5 all-nba, and numerous defensive awards.

          Richard Hamilton- 3 x All-Star

          Chauncey Billups- 5x All-star and 3 x all-nba

          Tayshuan Prince- 4 x all-defensive

          Rasheed Wallace-4x All-star

          So no sure fire HOF but 5 really good decorated players all in their prime.

          I just don’t see the need to delegitimize Lue because he had LBJ on his team. Phil had 3 of the greatest players ever but could do nothing with the Knicks when he still had Melo and KP.

          But still, you had to reach back to 2011 and 2004 to find examples and even in those two cases they still had a collection of HOF and All-star players.

    • You know all about crappy coaches… I mean you have the biggest one of them all in Fitz!

  13. suburbanwarren

    LeBron James will not win a championship in LA because of the front office. Kobe Bryant and his crew need to get out of the way! LeBron James will surpass Kobe Bryant 2019-20 NBA points #3 upcoming season! You can not win an NBA championship without a first class front office when LA Lakers did not interview David Griffin and other top management leaders in the NBA! LeBron need to finish his career in Cleveland! LeBron created this mess for himself without having a super star joining him in LA for 2018-19 season and trusting Magic!

  14. Spike4christ

    Even though I can’t stand the Lakers. They are the laughingstock of the league at moment.

    • omahaomaha

      You forgot to add bulls to longtime laughingstock , as Barkley would say , terrrrribbblle

  15. OCTraveler

    How do they expect to convince any free agents to join this dysfunctional circus? They need to think outside the box in the search and do something unexpected. Are you listening Rick Pitino? I

  16. Meadowlark

    What a miserable mess the Lickers are now. Any stand up comics volunteering to coach this side show?

  17. abcrazy4dodgers

    Stand by for Kurt Rambis gig #2…Once they “go through the process”.

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