Al Horford Expected To Sign Elsewhere

In a major turn of events, Al Horford is expected to sign a four-year deal with a team outside of Boston, according to Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald. Bulpett reports that Horford’s representation has ceased discussions with the Celtics on a new contract.

The big man decided to turn down his $30.1M player option for next season and was expected to entertain a three-year deal with the Celtics. The franchise was looking to bring Horford back on a lower annual salary in 2019/20 than he was scheduled to make in order to gain more cap flexibility. Boston believed the three-year deal was a fair trade-off.

The organization apparently has concerns about giving the 33-year-old Horford a four-year deal, so he will hit the free agent market looking to find that type of contract. The Celtics had been expected to lose Kyrie Irving in free agency, and are now preparing for both players to leave this summer, Shams Charania of The Athletic tweets.

The Celtics will have roughly $70.2MM in guaranteed salaries on their books for the 2019/20 season with $32.7MM of that figure going to Gordon Hayward.

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72 thoughts on “Al Horford Expected To Sign Elsewhere

  1. Freddie Morales

    Lakers? Clippers? Rockets? Not the Knicks, that’s for sure

    • mcmillankmm

      Don’t think the Rockets have cap space to sign him and can’t see Lakers giving up all their remaining cap space for him.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          basketball’s becoming more position-less and both guys can co-exist because they both have inside/ outside games.

        • padam

          Porzingus isn’t a center. His defense is eh… and gets pushed around when in the paint.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Yeah like the Lakers will sign a guy that plays the same position as AD to a 4 year deal

      • Itrainsontuesday

        Horford and Davis both can play 4 or 5 and stretch the floor. The issue is having Davis, Horford, Kuzma, and James all playing the 3-4-5

      • lavey

        power forward and center are the same position now? man, I’m losing touch with reality!!

        • kenleyfornia2

          Doesn’t change anything from my point. He wont be getting a 4 year deal from the Lakers. If its another forward they are big game hunting.

          • hiflew

            It not only changes everything from your point since your point was that they play the same position, it completely and utterly negates your point entirely.

            You can come up with a different argument if you want, but man up and just admit you got the first point wrong.

    • Not the Knicks? This seems right up their alley. An aging veteran signing to an enormous contract when they don’t have anything else to build around him. It would be vintage Dolan.

    • royhobbs

      I may be wrong, but , I actually think given the circumstances, perfect. Now Ainge has a little room to try to get better in another direction. We will see how it works out.

      • Jeff Zanghi

        I agree… as good (and not great) as Horford is. I kind of viewed his $30M contract as an albatross given the rest of the roster – so while his veteran presence and skills will be missed. I don’t really see this as a huge loss for the C’s. Also I think that Daniel Theis and Robert Williams could both surprise a lot of people with increased playing time next season if Horford is in fact gone. Williams displayed insane Blocking skills in the limited time he spent with the C’s and also seemed more than adequate scoring around the rim. He could be an under the radar guy to really pick things up in year two in the NBA

        • There was anche old story that tell about a Fox and the grapes…

          Was horford that turn down the 30M, not the Cs… So the facts are: kyrie goes, horford goes, everybody goes… Maybe Boston isn’t this Paradise for NBA players

  2. ryan11012

    CP3 for Gordon Hayward let Kyrie walk and let the young cats blossom.

      • Dark14ry

        Nobody will touch the CP3 contract. 40+ million in 3 years from now! Please. Dude is a 20-25 mil player at best

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        @reflect Terrible trade idea. Did we not just go thru a situation where the younger players, specifically Rozier (see both ESPN interviews) and others (Tatum, Brown) had animosity towards Irving and Hayward because Ainge and Stevens wanted the offense to run around the two new vets? Unless you thin the heard and balance things out then Paul, along with the fact he’s known for being a barking kind of leader, would not be a fit. If im Paul, in the twilight of my career, would not want to spend this season “allowing the kids to blossom”.

      • cesc

        No way dude!!! Wiggs is way too good for the shadow of a player that Hayward has become…

    • slowcurve

      Man this makes me feel old. Turning 34 next week. Gonna play bridge with some pals from the American Legion Hall. Might take a nap and have some Werther’s Originals. Hell, might even drink a few egg creams if I’m feeling frisky. Alexa: where are my dentures????

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        well done. the sarcasm was received but not heavy handed. shows restraint. enough, but not too much. your experience shows.
        :) <—- old school emoji.

    • Jeff Zanghi

      Why would they want to give up both CP3 and Capela for Hayward who looked like a shell of himself last season? Personally I have faith that Hayward can rebound a bit and get back on track. But at this point I don’t see him having ANY trade value given his huge contract and the fact that he barely looked like a capable 6th man for most of last season…

  3. Jason Lancaster

    Nuggets? They’ve got about $18 million if they don’t pick up Milsap’s option, and he’d be exactly what they need.

    • Dicka24

      That would actually be a solid fit I think. They have a solid shot in the west now that GS won’t be whole next year.

    • hiflew

      Good thought. I think he would also be a great fit in Portland if they could unload Evan Turner.

  4. Casor_Greener

    Any KSU giving Horford more than $12m/yr is foolish. See C-Paul

  5. kenly0

    I’m ok with this. Really didn’t want the Celtics to pay him 20 mil+ for his 33-36 age seasons.

  6. Curtisrowe

    I like Horford a lot but this makes sense for both sides. Horford gets to hunt a championship and Boston doesn’t have to pay him big money down the road. Horford has 1-2 years left tops playing at this level. He already isn’t the player he was 2 years ago.

  7. Thec’s

    Wow! This is a gift! Kyrie has not worked out for us, thank god we do not have to pay him a max contract. Horford was awesome but he is getting older and he is not worth 20 million for 4 years! We now have 28 million maybe more to retool this team with younger players in which they can grow together! The Memphis pick looks better for us to hold onto now! We need an athletic big and a point guard. When these so called super teams get to old in the near future, the c’s will be ready to dominate!

    • Black Ace57

      The Sixers and Bucks are young, the Raptors could bring back Kawhi or rebuild around Siakam, and the Hawks are a young upcoming team. With the way the off-season has gone Celtics may have let the east pass them by.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      at this point, aren’t you Celtics fans tired of all this growing? you almost won the ECF two years ago and fast fwd into the post-LBJ in the EC era and you just watched the Toronto Raptors win their first title. how many more picks and young players you want before you start to become SERIOUS title contenders and not just a good team?

  8. JonnyLucas

    Wow. The wheels came off this thing really fast. Might be a tough year in Beantown.

  9. JonnyLucas

    To be fair, I would not give him 4 years. Those contracts come back to haunt these teams. CP3. Ugh.

  10. Jason kapono

    Smart move by the Celtics. I think Horford has been one of the most underrated players in basketball and yet he’s not worth the money he wants for this team. He makes good teams better, but doesn’t help you if you don’t have a real number 1 or – 1a and 1b.

    • That’s optimistic. He only had a year left, and was the best Giannis defender for BOS. Nah, this is another crappy piece of news for Boston unfortunately.

      • Jason kapono

        Guarding Giannis when? In the handful of regular season games? They weren’t a contender with him.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      what’s a “smart” move by Ainge? It was Horford’s decision to opt out and the post implies that Horford opted out with the intent to leave and sign elsewhere. maybe there’s more of an issue in that locker room? maybe the vet didn’t like the attitudes of the younger players with regards to Kyrie deciding to walk. I would say Horford might feel there’s better win now opportunities elsewhere?

      I could see Horford joining a good west coast team contender like Portland, OKC, LA teams or maybe in Brooklyn with Kyrie? he’s made enough money that maybe winning a title in the next year or two might be important enough to leave some money on the table with the team you might retire with.

      • Jason kapono

        Smart not to offer him the 4th year and at the rate he wanted to stay.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          my point is, Horford may not have wanted to start regardless of what Ainge did or did not want to offer. you’re assuming he was asking for a huge 4 year deal.

          • Jason kapono

            I think to stay with the Celtics it was reported he wanted that 4th year. He may take fewer, and if the market is smart no one should offer him a 4th unless it’s a team option, but his Celtics negotiations were reported as stalling on the 4th year more than the money.

    • hiflew

      Doubtful in the East. But I doubt they are a top 4 seed again. My guess is they are a 6 or 7 seed that gets bounced quickly.

      • Mishimacool

        Let’s see how the off season rolls before conjuring dire circumstances. Shooting blanks as of now.

  11. sdono25

    Like Al but at 33 going for more money never works.
    The feds can use the income tax

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      that would be an excellent idea. they need a big to replace Randle and he could be a nice mentor to Zion and play on team that might be decent next year. if he’s not going to hurt cap space then maybe offer him 3/$45 mil. i think his game will age well if he’s not expected to be a 80 game starter towards the end he should still be good for 12/8/3 and solid shooting mid to 3pt range.

  12. KnicksFanCavsFan

    Would a deal with the Cavs structured around Tristan Thompson (double double guy) and his 1/$17 and JR Smith’s 1/$16 mil but only guaranteed for $3.8 mil) for Hayward and 1 of the Celts top 20 2019 picks work? they should be able to save about $12 mil when they waive JR before deadline. Tristan gives you 10/10 pg so he gives you more interior rebounding than Horford and dirty work and is on an expiring contract. Cavs could use an experienced scorer on the wing to support Cedi Sexton with some leadership. Hayward can get a fresh start.

    • Z-A

      I think that JR contract finds its way to Miami or Charlotte before Boston.

  13. Dicka24

    As a Celtics fan I don’t blame Big Al for wanting to chase a ring. He won’t likely get one in Boston next year, and if it were about the money he’d opt in considering no one is going to give him $30m next year.

    This isn’t awful for the Celtics. They free up some coin should Horford leave, and can now focus on moving forward with their young core. They still have three 1sts this year, and the Memphis pick which is top 6 protected next year, but unprotected in 2021. The cubbard isn’t bare.

  14. x%sure

    Utah, after they trade Favors for Conley.
    Denver, after renouncing Milsap.
    Clippers, Kawhi or not.
    Kings, instead of WCS.
    Raptors, before a Kawhi signing.
    Sixers, if Harris leaves.
    Pels, Nets, lots of options, even at good money. The 4th year will separate the pretenders!

  15. L Lawliet

    Bucks garaunteed. Go back with coach bud and try to get them over the hump.

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