Atlantic Notes: Harris, Brogdon, Horford, Handy

The Sixers don’t know if free agent Tobias Harris will be on their roster next season, but two of his younger brothers might be, writes Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Tyler Harris, 24, was part of the organization’s free agent workouts on Friday and Saturday and Terry Harris, 22, has a pre-draft session set for tomorrow.

The 24-year-old Tyler is a 6’10” forward who might be in the running for a two-way contract with the Sixers next season, according to Pompey. Terry, 22, is a 6’6″ forward who just completed his senior season at North Carolina A&T. He is projected as a possible late second-round selection and could be on the board when Philadelphia selects at No. 54. Terry had recent workouts with the Suns and Clippers and has sessions upcoming with the Kings, Nets and Mavericks.

Rashad Vaughn, Jamel Artis and Jamil Wilson were other players of interest at the Sixers’ free-agent workouts, Pompey adds.

  • Bucks guard Malcolm Brogdon could be an attractive alternative if the Sixers can’t re-sign Harris or Jimmy Butler, Pompey suggests in a separate story. Brogdon will be a restricted free agent, but he could become expendable with Milwaukee facing a free agent crunch of its own. He was a steady contributor this year, posting a 15.6/4.5/3.2 line before his season was cut short by a plantar fascia tear in his right foot. Pompey states that Brogdon could work as a complement to Ben Simmons in the backcourt or he could become the primary ballhandler if the Sixers decide to make Simmons a forward.
  • The Rockets’ willingness to reshape their roster could provide an opportunity for the Celtics, states Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston. The best chance for a deal, according to Forsberg, is if Kyrie Irving leaves Boston and the Celtics decide to commit to a youth movement. If Al Horford decides to opt into a $30.1MM salary, the organization may look to send him elsewhere, or there’s a chance both sides work out a sign-and-trade deal. In either scenario, Houston is an intriguing location because Horford met with the Rockets when he was a free agent in 2016. “It was a privilege,” Horford said at the time. “(Hakeem Olajuwon) and Clyde (Drexler) were there, and my dad went to high school here in Houston, and he was pushing Houston hard. Hakeem, to him, was a big deal.”
  • Sam Amick of The Athletic talks to Raptors assistant coach Phil Handy, who is facing the Warriors in the NBA Finals for the fifth straight year.
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14 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Harris, Brogdon, Horford, Handy

  1. Codeeg

    If Harris is getting his brothers into the system you’d think he’s thinking about resigning.

    • Actually it’s just the opposite. The Sixers are bringing his brothers in so Tobias will choose the Sixers.

  2. knickscavsfan

    Somehow I feel like they would be lowering the value of moving Simmons off the ball. I mean, he could still be a point forward and have a poor man’s LBJ/Irving dynamic but I don’t think that’s maximizing Simmons or Brogdon’s value.

    I think Boston fans would go ballistic if Ainge were to “commit to a youth movement”. For some, it would smell like a rebuild. Considering all the coveting of assets Ainge did it would be somewhat of a failure to retool and put the future over what’s is absolutely a “win now” team post LBJ departure. Besides, what assets could the Rockets possibly have to offer Boston, in terms of youth assets, and who would the Rockets send to Boston to match the salary of Horford if they did a sign and trade?

    • Boston2AZ

      If they went with their young players, there would be less anger from Boston fans than you think. In fact, I think that you’d see far more anger if they decide to commit that much money to Kyrie, turning it into a “3 stars and 12 guys named Joe team”. Kyrie burned a LOT of bridges this season and a sizable amount of Cs fans would like to see him sign elsewhere.

      • knickscavsfan

        When I hear “commit to youth” I hear no Kyrie, no Horford and if possible, no Hayward. That would also mean no AD and perhaps other veteran FA. So if you think Boston fans, who “trusted the process”, end up having a team centered around young players like Brown, Tatum and Rozier and whoever they draft then I think you’re mistaken. Clearly, a “commit to youth” means putting that agenda ahead of seeking out top NBA stars via trades or FA. I’m not sure how one can see it any other way. Ainge’s “process” would’ve have topped out at 1 ECF after years and years of rebuilding and collecting draft picks. Remember, they assembled this group of kids and THEN went out and got Hayward and Irving with hopes of them guiding these kids to a NBA title. One great run in the playoffs aside, I don’t see Brown and Tatum as guys ready to headline a EC title contender with what’s happened in Philly, Milwaukee and Toronto. And who knows what the other EC teams will do this summer to bring them closer to being contenders. I can’t see Ainge ready to reboot or retool. Or at least not in the conventional sense. Can’t see him standing pat and not bringing in one or two superstar vets, which is the opposite of “committing to youth”.

    • I don’t think Ainge cares what the Celtics’ fans think, at least very much. Nor should he. He’s lasted in the job as long as he has because he realizes his only job is about long lead decisions. If he makes the wrong ones, and the team stalls, then he’s gone. The right ones, he stays. So, if doesn’t see the then current group as championship contenders without a retooling, he’ll at least retool it.

      Unlike the Celtic fans, Ainge wants KI back, even to the point of exploring other moves (like AD) to make it happen. That tells you that, if KI leaves, the possibility of a rebuild is there. Seriously, if KI leaves, then what remains of a retooling/rebuilding with youth? Really just re-signing Rozier (if he can) and moving Horford (1 year left, he’s not going to fetch much). Hayward isn’t worth trying to move. Personally, I don’t think Rockets aren’t taking Horford with Harden and CP3 on the roster. But if they did, Capella and Gordon, I imagine, would move (to Boston or elsewhere).

      • A sign and trade with Hordford is an interesting move, so I wonder if the option is possible with Irving to Brooklyn as well?

        • knickscavsfan

          And what’s the incentive for Horford to agree to a sign and trade? His 1 year option is for $30 mil and I doubt he would come close to getting that in 1 year at age 33? He would be pressed to get $18 per for his next deal and that same money would likely be avail next year too if he stays healthy. And in a sign-and-trade, the Celtics would likely have to take money back and any trade partner would likely be a contender unwilling to give up a player that they value and would like to keep and add to play with Horford. In a sign and trade they would probably want a player better than or as good as Horford. My guess is, Horford opts in and cashes that $30 mil chip and settles for market value next year as a FA. If he chooses to walk then Ainge would likely let him go and re-purpose his $30 mil hold with a FA rather than take back salary in a trade.

  3. Reflect

    The whole Harris family gonna be balling in the court together. I wonder what the record is for most siblings on the floor at once.

    • Itrainsontuesday

      I’d rather see 3 Harris Brothers in Philly over Three Balls in LA

    • Could be Rick Barry’s kids? Not sure if they were all on the court at the same time. Probably not but John and Brent and Drew all played in the NBA.

  4. hoosierhysteria

    6ers need butler as 1st priority. If Simmons can’t improve his shot, he must go or be benched. Big men that can’t shoot free throws sit in the 4th quarter..why not sit Simmons? They need JJ too. Elton Brand…no vacation for you!

  5. It’s very rare for a FA of this caliber in his prime to move teams. Of course, it happens (but only an average of 1-2 a year). In those cases, there are usually reasons and warning signs. I don’t see either here. The opposite. Sixers just traded for him (and at a price few would consider a rental price), his projected market value now is the same as it figured to be at the time of the trade, and he seems like a good fit with the team.

  6. Guest617

    horford could opt-out entirely. wash his hands and move on, no hard feelings. he’s been awesome in green i hope he stays

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