Clippers Unlikely To Include Gilgeous-Alexander In Davis Offer

The Clippers are among the teams reportedly interested in Anthony Davis. However, rookie guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is unlikely to be part of any offer, ESPN’s Bobby Marks said yesterday on The Sedano Show (hat tip to Larry Brown Sports). Marks believes Gilgeous-Alexander would be off limits if discussions take place between the two teams.

The 11th pick in last year’s draft, Gilgeous-Alexander quickly became a starter in Los Angeles, averaging 10.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 3.3 assists while playing all 82 games. He also proved to be a capable play-maker and an aggressive defender.

Still only 19 and with a $3.95MM salary for next season, SGA would be an attractive asset to offer the Pelicans, but the Clippers seem determined to hold onto him. That makes it more likely that young, affordable players such as Montrezl Harrell ($6MM in 2019/20), Jerome Robinson ($3.57MM) and Landry Shamet ($1.995MM) will be part of the Clippers’ offer. Danilo Gallinari ($22.6MM) may have to be included for salary-matching purposes unless L.A. uses cap room to absorb Davis’ salary.

The Clippers were on the list of four preferred destinations that Davis gave the Pelicans when he submitted his trade request.

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31 thoughts on “Clippers Unlikely To Include Gilgeous-Alexander In Davis Offer

  1. kenly0

    Even with him included. They still don’t have a better offer than other teams.

    • Dark14ry

      Really? Because I havent heard anything the Celtics have offered. Lakers, well we saw they were willing to trade 11 player for him.

      Realistically, AD will be traded to the team where NOP gets the pieces they are wanting. It could be Trez, Gallo, Shamet and next years 1st rounder……. but then it may be the Celtics picks……. nobody knows what they are looking for

    • kingcong95

      The article doesn’t mention the 2021 Miami pick, which could be top 10 because of the bad contracts still on the books.

    • david

      You have to sacrifice everything to get a superstar. I would trade SG-A in a heartbeat if that helps me get AD

      • Jason Lancaster

        But SG-A is potentially an all-star. And Davis is no guarantee to re-sign next summer.

        Trading picks and young rotation players is risky. Davis isn’t a sure thing. Clippers might be better off letting some other team trade for Davis, and then try to sign him next summer.

        • cesc

          Tell that to Toronto, they traded an established all-star for Kawhi, which by the way Kawhi isn’t anywhere near or ever will be anywhere near the player AD is…
          But it proves that for a superstar, even if it is for 1 year you give the farm & anything else you can, SGA has potential but common he will never be an AD type of dominant player.

          • Jason Lancaster

            Except Toronto had no chance in hell of signing Kwahi as a free agent. It was literally trade for him or never ever get him.

            Clippers are in a great market with a solid group of players. They can attract free agents much more easily than the Raptors.

            Now, if we’re talking about a young player in a small market, or team with no cap space next summer? Different deal.

          • thebighurt619

            Bad example.

            Raptor traded derozan and a failed prospect in poetl. They kept the better prospect in siakam and didnt give up much roster depth to get Leonard.

            They also got Danny green back to help with outside shooting.

            Look at what happened to the Knicks aftet they traded for Anthony and all those assets. You just don’t give up young talent and picks.

            • x%sure

              Poeltl a fail, says captain oblivious. Higher PER, BPM, net than Siakam. Can’t cover like Siakam but more blocks. Not as valuable as Siakam but hardly a fail.

    • specialfriedrice

      They got a better hall of players and picks than the Lakers and Knicks have left

      • Uncle Sugar

        What young Talent do the Clippers have better than the Lakers or Celtics?……
        Get back!

  2. imindless

    Lmao clippers offer is weak at best and this further constitutes that they have no real shot at ad. Ad merely mentioned them to not sound like he just wants to go to lakers. Clippers will be players in fa idk why they blow up there entire team for one guy.

  3. Guest617

    lol @ clippers “here’s our pile of trash for your future HOF”

    • I give no fox

      Lol @ lakers “here’s our pile of trash for your future HOF”

  4. stretch123

    AD to the Clippers,
    Galinari and Frank Jackson to the Heat,
    Harrell, Robinson, Shamet, Exum, Crowder and 2 future firsts from the clippers
    Dragic and a 2nd round pick from the Heat to the Jazz

  5. tatumszn2018

    Pelicans either going to rob Knicks or Lakers or get criticized for taking a less than stellar package from another team. I feel this will be a poo platter trade for Davis.

  6. Not really meaningful. Clips aren’t in a position to make an AD deal until they know what’s happening with the elite FAs in any case. If KL wants to come there, but is hesitating due to the lack of another star, then we’ll see if SGA is really untouchable in an AD deal. Until then, though, he should be.

  7. FromTheCheapSeats

    If Kyrie is leaving Boston, the Celtics are out. Danny Ainge had a good run, but his glory days of winning every transaction are over. They’d have gut that team to make a serious offer. Tatum and Brown were FAR more attractive trade chips last year. At this point, rather than being a “center piece” of a trade package, either of them is merely a decent starting point.

    The Knicks have more assets than people realize. Yeah, that’s a bad team, but Dennis Smith Jr, Kevin Knox, and Mitchell Robinson all have a lot of value. Along with the third pick in a “three player draft,” they’ve got the capital to get a deal for AD done.

    The Lakers? Meh. If I were in Pelinka’s shoes, I’d be trying to send Lonzo Ball to Phoenix for the sixth pick, and building a trade package around that and the 4th pick. Whispers are that David Griffin covets Brandon Ingram. If it’s true, Ingram and two top 6 #1’s would be a great starting point.

    Without including SGA, there’s no way for the Clippers to come close to what LA and NY can put together.

    • alonsoball

      Good points. Lonzo to PHX for the #6 pick makes a lot of sense for everybody. He’s a perfect fit alongside Booker, fits their timeline and will help selling tickets. Pelicans would love to have #4 and #6, that beats all the Celtics picks (minus the MEM ‘20/21), so it’s just a matter of pairing Ingram with either one of Kuzma or Hart (maybe both) with whatever player you got from PHX to match Lonzo’s salary. Unless Boston offers Tatum & Brown (they won’t & they shouldn’t), that is the best offer for NOLA.

      • cesc

        Lonzo is way too good for just the #6, specially in a weak draft, common stop the Zo hate!

        • alonsoball

          To get AD the Lakers are going to have to deal Lonzo. Doesn’t matter how much they value him, if NOLA tells you they rather have the #6 pick than Lonzo Ball, you do that. And I like Lonzo, he has a lot of potential, but he has disappointed these 2 seasons, probably just needs a new place to grow. Since LeBron came to town, the Lakers are looking to win now, no patience whatsoever.

      • Uncle Sugar

        Lakers not Giving up Ingram…Kuz and Hart…..
        That deal is off the table….
        AD only have a year left on his contract….

  8. Nebraska Tim

    Clippers have lots of future draft capital, but I just don’t see them outbidding the Knicks or the Lakers.

    I think one of those two teams finds a way to overpay for AD, and the Pelicans will surprisingly come out on top.

    • Uncle Sugar

      Nobody’s over Paying for AD with a Year left on his contract…….with 4 teams he’ll consider resigning with…

  9. x%sure

    Presumably the Clippers made a pre-draft promise to SGA a year ago because he turned down all workout requests for anyone else. Then the Clips made a draft day trade to move up because Charlotte took him first. Now this. They know what they have, known since the beginning, while so many draft experts could only more or less say, Well some oddballs think highly of him and won’t budge. (who me)

    Have to agree though that if KD or KL says you have to get another major for me to sign up, and only AD is left, and Griffin says it will take SGA to get AD, it’s time for the business side to emerge because that’s two majors vs SGA.

    But… another possibilty is if the Clips strike out on all major FAs and an AD trade requiring SGA (and presumably Gallinari for matching) is the only way to rescue the summer for Ballmer. Then what. It sounds like a no to Giffin, because sfter all AD will be FA next year and there’s another chance.

    • Uncle Sugar

      Problem…next year he can go where he wanted to go…. LAKERS…..if he’s traded somewhere he don’t want to play…..

      • x%sure

        Yes it’s probably safe to say SGA will not be moving, given that risk.

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