Draft Notes: Porter Jr., Little, Pelicans, Barrett

Kevin Porter Jr. could go higher in Thursday’s draft than most observers expect, as Shams Charania of The Athletic passes along. Several executives on teams picking near the top of the draft told Charania that Porter Jr. is high on their board. “He has the gifts to be a top-five pick — easily,” one executive said.

Porter Jr. was expected to work out for the Wizards on Monday, though he pulled out of the appearance over the weekend. Washington owns the No. 9 overall pick. Porter Jr. previously worked out for the Hawks, owners of the No. 8 and No. 10 overall picks.

The USC prospect only played in 21 games while in college, as he dealt with quad and ankle injuries in addition to a suspension. Jonathan Givony has Porter Jr. going to the Nets at No. 27 in his latest mock draft for ESPN.

Here’s more on the upcoming draft:

  • The range for Nassir Little (UNC) likely begins with the Hawks at No. 8, though the Bulls are trying to get him into the building for a last-minute workout this week, sources tell Charania (same piece). During a media session in Washington, Little told Hoops Rumors that the Wizards would be his last workout.
  • The Pelicans have explored moving from No. 4 to No. 2 in order to select R.J. Barrett, sources tell Marc Berman of the New York Post. Barrett and Zion Williamson are best friends and former teammates at Duke. Berman notes that the Pelicans have also explored moving down from No. 4.
  • The Knicks have Ja Morant higher on their board than Barrett, Berman hears (same piece). New York had initial interest in moving back following the draft lottery but the organization is now content standing pat. “The Knicks have a good problem to have — pick three in a three-man draft,” an NBA executive tells Berman. “They just have to wait and see.”
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24 thoughts on “Draft Notes: Porter Jr., Little, Pelicans, Barrett

      • hiflew

        And Morant might be better than Garland. And Coby White might be better than both. And someone like Jaylen Hands could end up having a better career than all three of them.

        It’s mostly about opportunity and luck anyway. Not even Zion is guaranteed.

  1. Spike4christ

    It would be cool If the Peilcans Could get get Barrett. They Should Give up Holliday to do it not. Make Zion happy is a a good idea.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      We live in a wacky world when a current all-star with 3 years left is valued less than a 1st round pick that’s not a LBJ once in a lifetime guy.

  2. Wonder if the Knicks would trade back a spot should Memphis take Morant.

    Maybe #3 and Frank for #4, Kenrich and the 2024 Lakers 1st.

  3. hoosierhysteria

    What do the 8 raptors which played the most playoff minutes have in common? None were lottery picks. People stressing over these kids….80% will be bench players. VanFleet wasn’t drafted. Last guy to make the roster…..
    These workouts can’t measure: heart, guts, attitude, drive, persistence, teamwork, and coach ability.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      valid point but history has shown there’s usually more star talent in the first 10 then then bottom 50. if you have a chance at top talent you try anf maximize it.

      That said i think this draft will prove to be a lot deeper than the top 3 usually mentioned.

      • formerlyz

        Its b/c people dont consider rotation players to matter…even though they absolutely do. So they say it’s a 3 player draft, but they say that relatively often. There are rotation players available both in and out of the draft. Fit and player development are much more important than anything nowadays with these young players. Talent level isnt far off from each other in certain areas anymore, for the most part

  4. victorg

    I suppose they could wait and see if NY actually takes RJ … and then if they do the pels could offer something for RJ IMO I would take culver at 4 or maybe even see if I could trade back but staying in top 8 and or just straight up trade the #4 for a player like Capela.

  5. Does anyone know if draft picks can sign rookie contracts immediately when they’re drafted on June 20? Or do they have to wait until July 1 or some other date.

  6. formerlyz

    I could see certain teams in the top 7 being interested in Porter jr, but I would still say the most realistic earliest option is Charlotte at 12, and I think Orlando makes sense at 16

    I feel like Reddish, Little, Porter jr, and Rui Hachimura are really tough to place for different factors. I feel like those guys still have mystery behind them, and they all have really high upsides.

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