Free Agent Rumors: Knicks, Pelicans, Looney, Satoransky, More

Following up on recent reports that have linked the team to Julius Randle and Bobby Portis, Ian Begley of confirms that the Knicks will have “strong interest” in those young bigs if they can’t land their top free agent targets. However, as we’ve heard repeatedly in recent days, New York prefers not to offer contracts longer than two years to its secondary targets, according to Begley, who acknowledges that either Randle or Portis could get a longer-term offer from another team.

Begley also confirms that the Knicks have weighed the idea of pursuing DeMarcus Cousins in free agency, as was previously reported. According to Begley though, some in the organization have indicated that going after a younger player like Randle or Portis is a higher priority than pursuing Cousins, who is entering his age-29 season.

  • The Pelicans are among the teams expected to show interest in free agent big man Kevon Looney, writes former Sporting News reporter Sean Deveney (Facebook link). As Deveney notes, New Orleans will have cap flexibility and could use another veteran big man in the frontcourt with Anthony Davis and potentially Julius Randle departing.
  • Tomas Satoransky, who will become a restricted free agent after receiving a qualifying offer from the Wizards, is expected to receive interest from the Mavericks, Pacers, Magic, and Celtics, writes Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington. According to Hughes, the Jazz also had Satoransky on their list of targets before swinging a deal for Mike Conley. I’d imagine the Celtics would be out of the running as well if they can land Kemba Walker.
  • Appearing on a recent ESPN podcast with Zach Lowe, Brian Windhorst said he got word a month ago that the Spurs were interested in free agent forward Bojan Bogdanovic. As Windhorst notes though, San Antonio doesn’t have the cap room to make a play for Bogdanovic and would need to make a cost-cutting move for it to be a realistic possibility.
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16 thoughts on “Free Agent Rumors: Knicks, Pelicans, Looney, Satoransky, More

  1. IntheBeginning

    The Knicks summer should be interesting. I’m not sure who they will land, but I think they will be better, maybe even a great deal better than last season.

    • Well they can’t be worst than last year! They were the very worst team in the league… so it can only get better, even if they do things wrong again it might very well improve… but their future is real bleak, Mudiay, Frank, DSJ, Knox, Dotson & Robinson are all very average to below average players, not much talent between all of them, only talent they have right now is RJ, should get rid of all the rest, simple as!

      • Decius

        Dump Knox after one season? Ever heard of development of a player? Things are not all gloom and doom for the Knicks. Even if they don’t land a top free agent, which they still could, they can still get solid rotation guys. And they dont have to throw max money at them.

      • I agree that Mudiay, DSJ, and Dotson are average at best and that Frank and Knox are awful. However, Robinson is above-average and has quite a bit of potential. 22 PER, .217 WS/48, 2.5 blocks and 6.4 rebounds per game at just 20 minutes a game as a rookie.

  2. shawn hemp

    Woj might be the biggest idiot on espn. Every time he brings up lakers need for a point guard he says Ricky Rubio. In what world is he a good fit next to lebron. Can’t shoot or score.

    • king beas

      Woj is still 100 times better than fat Windhorst. Dudes been covering Lebum since he was in hs and still doesn’t get it right

      • shawn hemp

        Windhorst garbage too. So is shelburne and friedell and Nichols. Espn needs to clean house and get Simmons back

        • Black Ace57

          Why? So Simmons can write 8 thousand word articles on how the NBA Finals are like the Fast and the Furious franchise? Simmons is a hack.

      • shawn hemp

        Seth curry. Brogdon. Beverly…. anyone but Rubio for lakers. I like Rubio too but not next to lebron. Celtics should get Rubio over kemba. Better fit

    • Why would he need to shoot or score when he would have LeBron and Davis, and possibly someone else? Rubio would be perfect for them considering he’s a pass first PG.

  3. Younger players are generally only available in FA because their original teams were OK losing them for nothing. It’s OK to shop in that aisle, but realize where you are.

  4. Spike4christ

    I think the Celtics should let smart run the show for a year see if can. His shot was coming around. He has the D. They are not going to win a Championship with Kemba. Get a Capela and grow with the Youth.

  5. Please not DMC, typical horrible Knicks move. Why bench Robinson for a year so that you can win 25 games with a moody Cousins.

    Like guys like Brogdon, Portis or Beverley for the Knicks if they strikeout with the top tier targets. I would even like to see a bit of a return to the ‘90’s Knicks by landing Butler, Beverley, and Thad Young. Tough defensive guys who can also shoot the three to play with Robinson and Barrett.

    • That lineup would get the Knicks one game on TNT. And that’s nothing reminecent of the 90’s Knicks.

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