Knicks Notes: Stars, Harris, Randle

The Knicks are heading into the offseason the ability to carve out cap space for two max contracts. Kevin Durant has long been rumored as a target, though he isn’t the only star they will shoot for.

The team is hopeful about getting a meeting with Kawhi Leonard, sources tell Marc Spears of The Undefeated. New York also has interest in Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving.

Whispers that the Knicks wouldn’t look to the next level of stars should they strike out on the top of the market began to surface recently. However, Spears hears that the front office is interested in Tobias Harris and Nikola Vucevic, both player that GM Scott Perry knows from his time in the Magic organization.

While Harris and Vucevic are considered a tier below the Durant-Leonard-level stars, both players are expected to garner max contracts on the open market. Here’s more from Spears on the Knicks:

  • New York and Julius Randle have a mutual interest, sources tell Spears. Randle has previously been linked to the franchise.
  • DeMarcus Cousins, DeAndre Jordan, Markieff Morris, and Marcus Morris are among the players on the Knicks’ radar, Spears writes. Jordan is reportedly a target of the crosstown Nets.
  • The Knicks‘ reputation has come a long way in just two years. No. 3 overall pick R.J. Barrett openly declared that he wanted to be in New York leading up to the draft. Team president Steve Mills said that in 2017, several Kentucky prospects didn’t want to meet with the team during the pre-draft process. “It was frustrating for me because I had never been in a situation where, especially rookies, there was a narrative amongst the young guys that they didn’t want to come play for the Knicks,” Mills said. “They didn’t want to meet with us in Chicago. I said, ‘We’ve got to change that and start with the young guys.’ ”
  • Mills added that the front office has the green light to take a patient approach this offseason should the team miss out on stars. “If the right guys are there for us, great, because we still have all the young pieces and draft picks to move forward,” Mills tells Spears.“And if they’re not, we’re going to keep building our plan, drafting our guys, playing well and potentially being trade partners. We feel really good about where we are going.”
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23 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Stars, Harris, Randle

  1. bowserhound

    Lakers & Knicks used to be powerhouses, now they are set to battle over free agents. We shall see who the king of the dumpster is on Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

    • Michael Saunders

      I’m a Knicks fan, but an exaggeration to characterize them as a powerhouse, unless you’re old enough (like me) to revel in the late 60’s early 70’s Knicks!

    • marshmallowman


    • kenleyfornia2

      The Lakers already have Lebron and AD 2 players the Knicks were desperate for. Lakers already won that battle

          • Dodgethis

            Uh last years roster and players suddenly no longer wanting to play in LA are the evidence.

            • kenleyfornia2

              Oh no they didn’t sign CP3 to a max deal, what a huge miss. Paul George was the only realistic option but 1 guy spurning them doesn’t prove a thing. AD really wanted to be a Laker but people love to pretend that didn’t happen.

        • cleve1969

          LeBron’s buddies are Dewayne Wade (who retired), Carmelo Anthony (who’s getting old) and Chris Paul (who is very expensive for his senior citizen skills)

    • Perksy

      Knicks haven’t been a powerhouse or even good in 20 years. At least the Lakers have had a lot of success in the 2000’s. I’m a disappointed Knick fan. It’s sad how they had everything set up this year, and will most likely end up with nothing in free agency. They have no luck at all.

      • andremets

        Pretty sure the Knicks won their division about 6 years ago with Melo, winning 50 games and getting to second round.

  2. KnicksFanCavsFan

    Julius Randle makes sense for the Knicks. He’s still very young, shouldn’t cost an arm & leg and might be on the cusp of being an all-star. Nothing to be ashamed of if they can sign him. He’s not a max guy though.

    • specialfriedrice

      He will cost you a 4/100 minimum…and he has earnt every penny of that…None of the other FA will be in NY…if they low ball Randle…I wouldn’t be surprised if they do…then that would just be yet another brilliant NY move.

  3. Randle for 1 year, so as to insure another lottery selection is OK. But I’d rather give the minutes to a guy who has the chance to be a good 2 way player.

    • Norm Chouinard

      Why would Randle want to sign for one year as an UFA? Only so many chances to cash in.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      Why just 1 year for Randale? He and Robinson can compliment each other. Mitchell can absolutely cover for him on defense while Randale will still give you some boards on the week side and can shoot away from the basket. If he can be had for 4/$60 I Would be happy.

      • Theone23

        Not a chance you get Julius for $15 per. $20 million per season would be the starting point, I presume

    • Ironmonger835

      Typical delusional Knicks fan. “WE DONT WANT A GOOD PLAYER BECAUSE WE GONNA GET ALL DA STARS!;”. You never sign the top guys so shut up and quit dissing Randle. You all already messed up getting rid of Porzingis.

    • Randle is only a good player in NBA 2k. In the actual NBA, his ceiling on a contender is a bench scorer, paired with perimeter shooting big. He can’t defend (any position). He can’t shoot from distance. He can only be effective offensively occupying the middle of the floor and the ball.

      You build a foundation with complete 2 way players. Not guys who have to be covered for, and limit who else can be on the floor with them.

  4. formerlyz

    Marcus Morris makes sense as a target, as I said the other day…

    The Knicks should try to keep Noah Vonleh and sign Marcus Morris/Jamychal Green/Wilson Chandler, Danny Green/Jeremy Lamb/Demarre Carroll/Garret Temple at 1-2 year deals and keep their cap space for a better opportunity

    Pretty much the idea would be to develop the young core guys and give them a chance to evolve. You also want young guys building good habits, and having 1-2 veterans that fit and know how to play can be important in development, as is learning how to win. I would assume they would still likely be in pretty nice draft position to add to that, and then it makes sense to add to that in FA or through trade. The Knicks always try to skip steps. Using their cap space before they should, and on the wrong guys, seems like such a Knicks move. Figure out what you have first

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