More On Anthony Davis-To-Lakers Trade Agreement

Just days after the NBA Finals and less than a week before the annual draft, the Pelicans and Lakers shook up the basketball world with one of the biggest blockbusters in league history. New Orleans agreed to trade disgruntled superstar Anthony Davis to the Lakers for guards Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart, forward Brandon Ingram and three first-round picks, including the No. 4 overall pick in this year’s draft.

We have more details and developments regarding the trade, which can’t be made official until next month.

  • The other two first-rounders the Pelicans will receive are a 9-30 protected pick in 2021 – which subsequently becomes unprotected in 2022 – and an unprotected pick in 2024. New Orleans will also have the right to swap unprotected first-rounders in 2o23 and will have the option to defer the 2024 pick until 2025, according to reports from Tim Bontemps of ESPN and Tania Ganguli of The Los Angeles Times (Twitter links).
  • The Pelicans are already receiving significant interest in the fourth overall pick, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweets.
  • Ingram is expected to get back on the court next month and be ready for training camp, according to Wojnarowski. He did not play after March 2 due to a blood clot in his right shoulder.
  • ESPN Jonathan Givony updated his mock draft in the aftermath of the deal, with Texas Tech shooting guard  Jarrett Culver going to New Orleans at No. 4, Vanderbilt guard Darius Garland heading to the Cavaliers at No. 5, North Carolina shooting guard  Coby White ticketed to the Suns at No. 6 and Virginia power forward  De’Andre Hunter winding up with the Bulls at No. 7 (Twitter link).
  • Former Lakers president Magic Johnson, who called GM Rob Pelinka a backstabber in a recent TV interview, praised his former front office partner after the deal. Johnson tweeted, “Great trade Rob Pelinka! Job well done.”
  • The Celtics’ chances of re-signing free-agent-to-be Kyrie Irving took a major hit with Davis heading to L.A. instead of Boston, Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated tweets.
  • New Orleans will have $18.8MM in cap space after the trade is finalized, Bobby Marks of ESPN tweets.
  • LaVar Ball, Lonzo’s outspoken father, called the trade “the worst move the Lakers ever did in their life” and guarantees they won’t win another championship, Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN tweets.
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87 thoughts on “More On Anthony Davis-To-Lakers Trade Agreement

      • JonnyLucas

        Lonzo can’t hit a free throw. That tells me all I need to know from a point guard. 50%… 50. 5-0. A guy like that can’t be counted on, especially since he can’t shoot a three either.

        • washington_bonercats

          Lonzo is no where near the teams best option for scoring. He doesn’t draw that many fouls so his free throw % is kind of irrelevant. Not saying thats an unimportant skill just doesn’t fit the bill for his play style. He’s most valuable in transition down court very quickly and effectively. Pels got a great team player if Lavar stays out of it…

    • goldenmisfit

      As a Lakers fan I agree 100% it was not his kid but him that was driving me nuts. What the Lakers have just done is acquired a superstar they can build around for the next six years and they got rid of all the locker room cancers in one fell swoop.

  1. Rocket32

    LaVar must be fuming right now. Knows he won’t get as much attention anymore now that him and Lonzo are stuck with the Pelicans and out of the LA spotlight. No matter how ridiculous and absurd the things he says get, who’s really still gonna care in NO.

  2. kenleyfornia2

    Windhorst said this was “Nets Celtics level” of picks traded away. While that may be true AD in his prime is far better than over the hill Pierce and KG. They can build around AD for the next 6+ years.

  3. Guest617

    lakers were forced to make this move as top free agents publicly admitted they couldn’t deal with lebron’s maniacal narcissism, lack of draft picks/swaps will haunt the lakers

    • kenleyfornia2

      And were on to the next BS narrative. Whats next when the Lakers land a big free agent?

        • x%sure

          That’s only part of it if true. Other players have to be lame enough to not be able to handle it. Who wants such players anyway. Leave them with their high PPGs and low W-L%s.

            • x%sure

              Warriors & Rockets don’t have a prospect to join James in their recent history. Thunder doesn’t get far.

        • whoneedsfacts

          Actually LeBron gets a lot of love from other players. With KD and Klay out for the next year this FA class got super weak (just Lenord now if he even leaves the Rap’s), Lakers got the best guy out there period. KG had an empty tank and Pierce was just a role player when the Nets made that trade, Lakers just got a top five player.

    • dimitrios in la

      Never heard a single quote refer to LBJ’s “maniacal narcissism.” You have a source on that?

      • CursedRangers

        Just google it, you’ll find tons of articles and comments referring to LeBron narcissism. They come from all sorts of sources and go back years.

  4. Z-A

    If the GSW max KD and Klay… I think the West is LBJs for at lease a season, which may entice Kyrie or Kemba or Jimmy to head to LAL. Still don’t see Kawhi going there. They could swing Russell if the Nets renounce him. They need 2 guards and a bunch of role players. If they don’t get deals they want.. Wilson Chandler, Curry, Hood, McGee, Morris, Rivers, Rondo, Beverley, Matthews, Lance, KCP. All guys that I can see rounding out the bench.

    • imindless

      Might wanna check social media kahwi sister has been a lot of lakers stuff and liking photos of kawhi in laker uni. Kawhi cousin his personal chef even had choice words regarding “gotta stay lean for next season” with lebron emoji. Most pundits and arm chair gm never thought lakers would get lebron let alone anthony davis i wont be surprised with what happens next.

      • wakejeff

        Why would Kawhi want to go to the Lakers? He just proved he can win a title while being the top player on the team. Playing with LeBron and AD would be the equivalent of taking a demotion at your job. He’s not going to go back to being one of many stars on his team (like in San Antonio). He’s above that now, and it could be that his family members are just big Laker fans.

        • rbell1951

          You are so wrong wakejeff I want to see your comment when he becomes a laker!!!!

        • imindless

          Um no one is beat the 3 top players at there respective positions. Next 4 years are dubs if they all stay healthy.

          • wakejeff

            IMindless, that’s a good point, if the Dubs were healthy next year. But I still don’t think he’ll be in purple and gold because next year, the Dubs will not be themselves. Why shouldn’t he challenge himself next year instead of waiting until the year after.

        • JonnyLucas

          I’m not at all sure Kawhi anywhere is a demotion. LBJ would have to accept demotion to get Kawhi on board. It would be Leonard and Davis’ team. LBJ would be the facilitator.

          • x%sure

            Yes, and a PF chasing rebounds. As long as he doesn’t get the top opposing player assignment, he would probably be fine with taking the third-most shots.

      • Z-A

        Most people on here knew LBJ was going to LAL. And the package last year LAL didnt include all of those picks and #4 wasn’t known. Their package was better than Tatum + 3 2019 picks even without Kuzma. One of those LAL picks will be Post LBJ. And swaps are too.

        Social Media from family members honestly isnt worth much. Is his Uncle posting that, you know the only person he apparently listens to?

  5. aberdeen101

    As a Suns fan, I will vomit if they take Coby White. Same with Cam Reddish. I take Hunter over White.

    • I’m just hoping Garland drops down to 6 now. He’d be a great piece to grow with their young core

      • imindless

        Young core?! They are one of the worst teams in the league year after year i hope garland can go to a half decent team capable of turning him into a great player. Suns waste premium talent.

  6. jeff51488

    Remember when Lavar said he didnt want Lonzo going to NO because of the cold? lmao

  7. x%sure

    I predicted Culver would rise in the draft and play PG. Givony is coming around to my view! (The Pels are loaded now at 2G; Holiday would be the nominal PG but would be happy to ease Culver into it.)

    Garland to CLE?– after picking Sexton?– okay but I’ll believe it when I see it. That sets up Sexton to be bench points. Most likely the Cavs will trade down or take Coby White.

    • Z-A

      Ball is going to be the PG if he stays and isnt traded.

      ET Moore if he stays also plays point. So you have 3 ball handlers in Ball, Jrue, and Moore already on the roster as currently constructed. They need a Stretch-4/5. Zion is the only player they draft that walks into a starting role. Hart backs up Jrue/Moore at SG.

      White, Culver, Hunter all bench roles. Depth is good but still.

      • x%sure

        I would be surprised if Ball remains… Griffin isn’t really committed to anyone except Jrue, based on his statements so far.

  8. RootedInOakland

    If I were Griffin I’d do whatever I could to trade back with Atlanta for 8 and 10 and try to get Sekou and Jaxson, now that’d be strength in numbers for the next few years

  9. jump shot

    Regardless of all this, if Klay and KD come back in March 100% healthy (and obviously rested), Golden State is in the WCF regardless of playoff seed.
    Mark it.

    • JonnyLucas

      KD won’t be back… I would not be surprised to see Klay by February. Dude is tough as nails. Nobody will let KD play next year.

      • whoneedsfacts

        KD suffered the WORST SPORTS INJURY, if he comes back to GS there is no guarantee he will even he the KD your used to. That injiry has destroyed countless careers. GS isn’t strong enough without KD to win it all in the new NBA.

        • jump shot

          Interesting. I just watched GS come a jumpshot away from a Game 7 playing the whole Finals series with makeshift line-ups… never knowing who was even gonna be available quarter to quarter – let alone game to game.
          Next year, a healthy Klay and a healthy Durant (at 85% of his former self keeps him among the league’s elite) give the Warriors as much of a chance as anyone to win it all.

          • whoneedsfacts

            KD isn’t a lock to resign, but if he does it will be for the full 5 year max ouch. KD turns 31 when the season starts and will miss a minimum of a full year so he will be paid crazy money until he is 36 while coming off an injury known to ruin careers. You will be lucky if he is 85% and misses only one year, and at that point he will be 32 years old, y’all had so many roses for so long you lost your sense of reality.

            • jump shot

              Man…. just couldn’t finish a great comment without any disrespect – typical of this sight.
              But, I have to ask, who is “y’all”? Anyone who thinks positively of a player or team is automatically a fan of them and they’re team (only)? Why would I, personally, be lucky if he’s 85% and only misses 1 year? Are you that invested in a particular team that makes you respond to comments like that? Lol!

  10. Bryzzo2016

    So wait, now this “mock draft” has Cleveland taking a PG (already have a young PG) and the Bulls taking a forward?!? Nope and nope.

  11. Yep it is

    Why would anyone with any sense want to play for coach BRON BRON. I think most stars have proven that.

    • goldenmisfit

      Really? That’s why many agents said their top clients did not see the Lakers as a top choice unless they acquired Anthony Davis. That just proves LeBron had nothing to do with it they just did not see the Lakers as a whole a championship caliber team until now. Now with this blockbuster many top free agents have already arranged meetings with the Lakers. But if you want to keep hating on the Lakers because it gets you off by all means continue.

  12. we_got_game

    Like how everyone just acts like the Lakers just traded for a garbage player lol.. Sign kemba walker now add a few veteran pieces boom top 4 in westbyear 1.

    • hiflew

      But Kemba has stated he wants to stay in Charlotte. And he has about 80 million reasons to do so. Maybe even 80 million and one, he might want to be the man, not LeBron’s puppet.

  13. x%sure

    link to
    Woj said elite FAs would not consider the Lakers until they got AD.
    I bet this is what spurred the Lakers to overpay for AD and quickly, instead of trying to negotiate Griffin down.
    I say overpay because AD would have signed there next year anyway unless the Knicks really get real popular soon, and it looks like Brooklyn stole their thunder so no. It would be the Lakers, but with only two years of the James window left and a lot of ground to cover.

    GSW injuries also opened the 2020 door during the window.

    • trout27

      They had to match AD’s salary so they had to give up what they did. Los Angeles needs star power and the fact that AD would only sign long term with the Lakers made this move a no-brainer. The Lakers have enough cap space to sign at least 3 quality free Agents, but not enough for another max contract. The West will be wide open next season so I consider this trade a win-win for both teams.

    • Guest617

      lakers had to overspend as top free agents (pg13, durant, thomas, etc) publicly said they had zero interest playing with lebron

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