Nuggets Considered Anthony Davis Deal

The Nuggets weren’t one of Anthony Davis‘ preferred destinations but that didn’t stop Denver from conducting their due diligence on a potential trade, sources tell Mike Singer of the Denver Post.

The franchise came to the conclusion that Davis wouldn’t seriously consider staying in Denver long-term. Had the Nuggets had more confidence in their ability to retain Davis past the 2019/20 season, they would have been more aggressive in pursuing a trade.

The Pelicans needed Jamal Murray to be in any Davis-to-Denver deal, which was something the Nuggets were not willing to accommodate. Including Michael Porter Jr. in the deal may have also been required. Singer writes that no team could value last year’s No. 14 overall pick as much as the Nuggets since they are the only franchise that has seen him play as a professional. The league is expected to get a full look at Porter in summer league this offseason.

The Lakers could top any offer from the Nuggets or most teams because they knew Davis would want to stay with the franchise long-term. Denver couldn’t risk giving up core players for Davis regardless of how high the ceiling on a Nikola Jokic-Davis one-year run would be.

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14 thoughts on “Nuggets Considered Anthony Davis Deal

  1. imindless

    Davis is a better version of jokic, dont see how they would coexist. Cousins-davis didnt work well.

    • acarneglia

      Davis is nowhere near the passer that Jokic is. Jokic is nowhere near the scorer or defender Davis is

    • drevni.bradonja

      Jokić is basically a point guard/playmaker who relies a lot on his basketball intelligence. Davis is a scorer and a rim protector who relies a lot on his athleticism. They have very little in common.

      • Z-A

        13 other teams did too. Best prospect in that draft tho. Hes like Simmons but he can flat out shoot. Zhaire was a project. I get they picked up the unprotected pick and it became Tobias but still would have rather had MPJ on my bench for the year rehabbing. Was pounding the table for 2 years to take that kid. And my 2nd choice was Bridges… which lasted 15 minutes.

        • Luckylefty2

          Hold your horses. It’s not common for a 19 year old to have the same back surgery that has affected 40/50 year olds(Steve Kerr, tiger woods)

    • hiflew

      Wouldn’t it be nice to see him in any uniform? Other than a hospital gown.

  2. I would have given Murray but not MPJ for AD, I mean yes you might be giving the farm for 1 year of AD, but what a year it could be… maybe their first ever trip to the Finals, possibly the championship… Even if after you left with only Jokic & MPJ & not much more, it was worthy, Jokic would still be young enough to start all over again.
    BTW I think AD/DMC did work very well indeed… AD/Jokic would have been absolutely magical to watch!

    • hiflew

      So you’d give up the player that has proven himself in the NBA to keep the overhyped guy that hasn’t really done anything outside of high school? Seems like a strange thing to do, but whatever.

      • Jokic is a superstar
        MPJ may or may not be a star/superstar
        AD is a superstar
        Murray is a good/very good player… but he will not be a star, or just a fringe one
        So yes I prefer the ceiling of MPJ, nothing strange about it dude!

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