Pelicans Notes: Griffin, Draft Picks, Markkanen, C. White

Pelicans executive David Griffin put his stamp on the franchise with Saturday’s Anthony Davis trade and now needs to prove he can build a winner without the star big man, writes Scott Kushner of The Advocate. The franchise is making a transition from the Davis era to the Zion Williamson era, and its success will depend on the package of assets that New Orleans received from the Lakers.

Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart provide a nice collection of young talent, but Griffin didn’t land the proven All-Star he set out to get when he set the parameters for potential offers. Griffin opted for quantity rather than quality, choosing to gamble on three players with high upsides, along with three picks, including the No. 4 selection in this week’s draft.

Griffin likely has a lot of deals left to make. Each of the new assets has trade value that might enable him to increase his return for Davis, but whatever Griffin does, yesterday’s deal will be the pivotal step in defining his tenure in New Orleans.

There’s more on the Pelicans:

  • By accepting two picks so far in the future, the Pelicans are gambling that the Lakers won’t be among the league’s best teams once LeBron James retires, Kushner tweets. New Orleans will receive L.A.’s pick in 2021, which will become unprotected in 2022 if it doesn’t convey. The Pelicans also get an unprotected selection in 2024 and the right to exchange picks in 2023 and 2025 with no protection in either year. Those future choices could fall in the late 20s if the Lakers remain an elite team or they could provide a draft haul similar to what the Celtics got from the Nets a few years ago.
  • The Bulls might be the best option if the Pelicans decide to deal this year’s pick, suggests Sam Vecenie of The Athletic. Chicago is in the market for a point guard, and Vanderbilt’s Darius Garland should be on the board at No. 4. Vecenie speculates Lauri Markkanen might be available because of his defensive liabilities and the Bulls’ commitment to Wendell Carter as their long-term center. He adds that the Pelicans will probably spend the next few days bringing in as many top prospects as possible before making a decision.
  • If the Pelicans keep the fourth pick, they are likely to take North Carolina’s Coby White ahead of Garland, tweets John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7.
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30 thoughts on “Pelicans Notes: Griffin, Draft Picks, Markkanen, C. White

  1. SilvioDante

    The Bulls are NOT trading Lauri Markkanen for the 4th pick. That’s a ridiculous idea. This simply proves Sam Vecenie knows nothing about the organization.

    • CubsHope5

      Totally agreed. The other day the report was everyone on bulls roster EXCEPT Lauri & Wendell could be available. This is a trash report for clicks

      • Bryzzo2016

        Yeah, it would be comical if it weren’t so damn ridiculous. They’re not gonna move a proven young stud in the hopes of drafting another POTENTIAL young stud. Makes no damn sense. Besides, after trading Portis, who would play the 4? They’d then have to fill that spot w/ the 7th pick. Irresponsible reporting, thirsty click bait.

  2. goldenmisfit

    This could end up being the swindle of the decade. The Lakers gave up pics that right now no one cares about, a good bench player and from what everyone out here says to head cases. If the Lakers parlay this into a championship I would think the city of New Orleans would call for Griffin’s head.

    • Bryzzo2016

      Griffin had no choice. He tried to convince AD to stay with no luck. AD doubled down by basically giving Griffin TWO teams he would MAYBE sign an extension with. Griffin got the best package he could, actually did quite well given the circumstances. The future right to swap picks could end up being huge(LeBron can’t play forever) Even the 4th pick this year could net a future All Star. This is also assuming that Ball and Ingram don’t reach their full potential away from LeBron’s shadow and the scrutiny of playing in L.A.

  3. snotrocket

    Pump the brakes on the “Lakers remaining elite”. They haven’t won anything yet.

    • kenleyfornia2

      They haven’t had 2 superstars in years. This is the NBA not other sports. Stars win. If you want to pretend they will still suck thats on you. Get ready to be shocked.

        • kenleyfornia2

          Getting excited about a potential injury? Congrats on a new level of Laker derangement syndrome

          • kenleyfornia2

            You seriously think a over the hill Kobe/Nash and a somewhat prime Howard compares to AD. LOL its like you trolls dont even try

            • Chucktoad1

              James is on the backside of his career just like Kobe was. Davis hasnt made it out the 2nd round. Unlike Howard who lead his team one trip to the N.B.A. finals.

          • hiflew

            As did Kobe/Shaq/Payton/Malone. I think they got swept by the Billups-led Pistons that year.

  4. rxbrgr

    HR needs to provide an update on the terms of the traded picks. They’re a bit different in a positive sense for NO.

  5. Ironmonger835

    Who the hell is this Sam Vecenie matarrat? No way Bulls would trade Markkanen for the 4th pick. Is he on meth? What is he basing this on? People pay this Matarrat money to spew this diahrea?

  6. Guest617

    pretty neat how the league rigged the draft and pillaged a team’s assets.. similar to wall street pump/dump pennystock. bankers bank

  7. If they’re looking to dump guys who lack defensive ability then they should be looking to move Lavine not Markkanen

  8. Pels may have this on table for the #4:

    -Bulls: Dunn+#7
    -Suns: melton or Josh jackson+#6
    -atlanta: #10+#17

    • Jason Lancaster

      Can’t see any way they do any of those deals.

      Chicago is the closest realistic offer, but Dunn makes it worse. The guy isn’t an NBA player.

    • hiflew

      I think it would take 8 and 10 for Atlanta. The Pels won’t want Dunn, unless they are flipping Lonzo somewhere. Jackson is intriguing, but he hasn’t even shown he can make it in the NBA yet.

  9. ChiSoxCity

    Bulls fans should realize by now what’s happening. The league has done a masterful job of keeping superstar players away from the Bulls. You need atleast TWO to win anything in this league. As long as the team is owned and operated by J.R. and hus cronies, there is no hope for this franchise. Markkanen is NOT a superstar, but he is there best player. Best believe they would swap him for the first pick if they could. Won’t happen though.

    • x%sure

      Why not, if the Bulls want to. Pels would accept, they need another 5. Who is saying no if not the Bulls?

      You say the league is keeping the Bulls down then you say it’s J.R. Those aren’t Adam Silver’s initials, nor one of your usual boogeymen.

      You should realize by now what’s happening to you.

  10. afsooner02

    I could see the thunder attaching #21 and a contract like Roberson for like hart or a second rounder. Pels can absorb some money and the thunder are going to shed as much payroll as they can.

  11. Spike4christ

    Griffin Will won The Pelicans a Title. AD is brittle too. Lakers may just get 1 title if that.

  12. Voice of Reason

    Anyone who thinks the Bulls should trade Lauri for the #4 pick should not be an NBA writer. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

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