Rockets To Pursue Sign-And-Trade For Jimmy Butler

The Rockets‘ top priority this offseason will be to recruit Jimmy Butler via sign-and-trade to Houston, sources tell Adrian Wojnarowski of

The Rockets are unlikely to carve out enough cap room to sign Butler outright, so a sign-and-trade is the most feasible option to bring the four-time All-Star to Texas, as Wojnarowski details. In that scenario, Philadelphia would receive players back as opposed to losing Butler for nothing had he signed with a team with cap room.

Clint Capela and Eric Gordon would likely leave Houston in a potential sign-and-trade with a third team possibly getting involved due to Base Year Compensation rules, Woj writes. Of the two, Gordon would be the better fit for Philadelphia, particularly if the team believes J.J. Redick may depart in free agency.

We recently detailed some of the roadblocks standing in the way of a potential Butler acquisition by the Rockets after The Houston Chronicle first reported that the team would pursue the standout swingman.

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Butler could receive a four-year, max deal from Houston worth roughly $141MM. The Sixers plan to be aggressive in their attempts to retain Butler and the franchise could offer him the full five-year, $190M max deal at the start of free agency to trump any rival offer.

Houston previously pursued Butler when he was in Minnesota. The franchise reportedly offered four first-round picks in exchange for the wing.

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36 thoughts on “Rockets To Pursue Sign-And-Trade For Jimmy Butler

  1. goldenmisfit

    Just when you think the Houston Rockets can’t be any more ignorant you find out they always find a way to surprise you. James Harden is a shooting guard Jimmy Butler is a shooting guard. Anyone else see the problem here? Harden is not going to play small forward and neither is butler I’m guessing Houston did not think this through.

    • ldfanatic

      Butler is more than capable of playing the three in a small lineup l, with pj Tucker at 4 and C at 5.

      • Natergater77

        Though I think there is capability to put Harden and Butler both on floor, they won’t have Capela or Tucker one maybe both in sign and trade.

        That said it’s not positions I’d worry about but possessions. This is 3 ball dominate guys. Not saying they won’t put egos aside but that is the biggest concern.

        • madjob33

          They already haven’t put egos aside..have you been paying attention ??

          • Natergater77

            I have , just wasn’t going to be the one who said they can’t or won’t

    • brian_james

      Butler is 6-7/230. I think he’s big enough to play a position that was mostly filled by a 6-4 Eric Gordon…

    • slund24

      Harden plays PG for Houston and Jimmy B is SG\SF. I see no problem with them in the same lineup.

      • andremets

        I think a dude named Chris Paul plays of for Houston. Harden was the point 3 years ago for one year.

    • goldenmisfit

      Don’t think he would go to Houston honestly I think Durrant will go to either Nick’s, Nats or clippers.

  2. kingcong95

    Don’t forget the base year compensation rule. Butler counts as 20.445 of outgoing salary (his salary last year) for PHI and 32.7 of incoming salary for HOU so it has to be a 3-team trade.

    • jkoms57

      Has to be 3-team no matter what.. what would Phi do with Capella?

      Very confusing, however will be more clear when it’s fake news like it was last yr before Jimmy was dealt to Philly.

  3. Jason kapono

    Either get a draft pick back, or let him go for nothing. The rockets have a roadmap to being really bad in the near future. Need a pick from them in any deal. The players coming back aren’t that valuable, Capella is going to be a salary dump if the rockets can’t make a deal that includes him.

    • With all the picks they are owned and Horford opting out Boston could be a logical landing place for capela

      • Jason kapono

        Not disagreeing that they could use him, but how do they make it happen? Do they just absorb him into their cap space and if so they’d probably be giving back an end of the bench player or protected 2nd round pick at most.

  4. imindless

    Rockets are gonna be really bad lmao. You want to add a 3rd ball dominant guard to a crowded front court lmao. Sixers should take this trade quick and resign harris. Get a future first and gordon and tucker for jimmy. Rockets will be bad in a year and be saddled with 3 albatross contracts.

    • Jason kapono

      See, I think this is the way to go. Butler is the only closer on Phi – and I think much better than he gets credit for, but you’ve got to think you’re a season away from a rebuild anyway if you don’t win next year so get a pick from HOU and some role players that, as a whole, can maybe help you win more playoff games.

  5. Stat

    Think seems like an overreaction move. Butler isn’t worth the holes in your roster that happen if you trade for him. Golden State isn’t as loaded this year, why not run it back and try and find a solid depth guy with the MLE

  6. hiflew

    Capela would be a good pick up for a rebuilding team that isn’t quite there, but is close. My first thought would be Atlanta. Phoenix, Washington, and maybe Brooklyn could potentially be good fits as well. Any of those teams could give up a protected first rounder that would go to Philly in a three team deal with Eric Gordon going to Philly and Butler going to Houston.

    • Natergater77

      Dallas. They take Capela, send Jalyn Brunson and Courtney Lee to the Sixers. Sixers then waive stretch Lee for cap space.

      Dallas gets a big to go with Luca and KP

      • hiflew

        Dallas is another very good thought. I knew I was leaving someone out, but I couldn’t place them.

  7. Local team, but, based on his childhood, JB isn’t likely to be nostalgic about it. I’m trying to think of a good reason why he wouldn’t just take Philly’s max on day one. Can’t.

  8. bowserhound

    I sure hope this happens, only because I hate the Rockets. Have fun with those 3 on your roster Pringles Man.

  9. Z-A

    Lol… uh hard to see why the Sixers would even do this. They would not want to take back any of the Houston players. 3 team deal and the 3rd team takes on the salaries? Capela isnt a fit in Philly but is an asset to another center needy team.

    The only way you do this is if you 100% believe you’re getting Kawhi or 100% sure Jimmy is gone or he asks to go there.

    But if they were getting Kawhi, Jimmy would stay. Why would he leave with that lineup.

    • Jason kapono

      Agree with most of what you said especially Philly not needing either player.

      I just don’t see ANY team in the NBA helping the rockets improve by only receiving a marginal value player like Capela or Gordon. Capela, regardless of how much potential people keep saying he has, is overpaid for his position and his skill set. He didn’t get a team to extend an offer as an RFA last year and that’s because it’s easy to find cheaper guys to fill his role.

      The better value almost always outweighs the better player when talk about role players essentially the 5th or 6th best guy on the team.

      • hiflew

        Capela is not overpaid, at least not in relative NBA salary terms. There might not be a lot of surplus value there, but there are a lot worse deals than his.

  10. Z-A

    Whatever Philly does, “we” need to end up with a closer. Someone to take a shot in the last 2 minutes. JJ will, Embiid will. But they need another guy that can create his shot off the dribble. JJ and JoJo are way too turnover prone off the dribble.

  11. specialfriedrice

    This stuff is either just made up or Houston has clearly lost the plot…

  12. jfive

    Only way Buckets and Harden can work together is if NBA start calling 5 second violation again

  13. x%sure

    No chance. Butler worked for the hometeam max. Houston so thirsty it’s sad

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