Achilles Injury Not Expected To Deter Durant’s Suitors

Kevin Durant‘s Achilles injury won’t change the offseason plans for several NBA franchises. The Warriors, Knicks, Nets, Lakers, and Clippers are all expected to pursue Durant, with his injury unlikely to cool their enthusiasm, sources tell David Aldridge of The Athletic.

There’s optimism around the league that Durant will come back from the ailment and remain among the NBA’s elite, making him worthy of a maximum-salary investment this summer.

“It’s not like he’s gonna fall from the top player in the league to number 50, even with the Achilles,” a league executive told Aldridge. “Maybe he falls into the top 10. I still think KD is a guy that’s going to score 20, 25 a game.”

Aldridge suggests that that the price for Anthony Davis has gone up as a result of the Durant injury. Durant could miss all of next season and with one fewer star available to suit up, the scarcity of those elite players in both the free agency and trade market may give added leverage to the Pelicans.

The Achilles injury won’t stop Durant from seeking a new deal. He’s long been expected to turn down his $31.5MM player option for next season, though with the injury, the decision is no longer a slam dunk. Durant officially has until June 29 to make a contractual move.

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17 thoughts on “Achilles Injury Not Expected To Deter Durant’s Suitors

  1. bobg529

    Now that he’s damaged goods, the stupid Knicks are sure to sign the guy so he can sit court side with his crutches.

    • It’s actually not a bad move for the Knicks. They sign him, are terrible again next year. Then the following year, he’s back and playing with two lottery picks (whoever they take this month and their lottery pick for next year). KD, two high-end lottery picks, and another max FA and they’d be in good shape for 2020-21.

      It’s a little bit of a stretch, but David Robinson being out for a season is how the Spurs got Duncan and really jump-started their run.

  2. mriescher

    Signing him would be smart they would have an excuse for tanking another year and possibly getting another top 3 pick

  3. It might not be the worst decision for a team like the Knicks to sign him for their full max of 4 years. But if they do, they have to forget about AD. Just add Barrett to the group and stay young and cheap another year. Rent out the remaining cap space for a year (for another pick), while KD gets familiar with the team. 2020 could see another lottery pick, along with the return of KD, plus a max slot. I’d prefer this to signing 2nd tier vets to multi-year contracts trying to win 35-40 games.

    • Why on earth would KD sign on for a tank year with the Knicks? Then another year to get familiar with another unknown draft pick?

      Typical poorly thought out fan view.

        • You’re literally advocating for KD signing on with a rebuilding team. Again, why would he?

          • My post was evaluating a Knicks-KD signing from the Knicks’ perspective. Not KD’s. So, yeah, your response indicated comprehension problem. You also made some silly statement about KD needing an entire year to get familiar with a draft pick.

            Although it had nothing to do with my post, I’ll respond to your question. I have no idea what ultimately motivates KD, but nor do you. The facts are these: First, KD was at least considering joining the Knicks this summer with the current group with 1 other max FA (many reports, and Vegas odds, said it was close to a done deal). Second, KD is unlikely to play next year, probably at all, so his focus might be the team he’d be playing with in 2020. At that point, the Knicks figure to be stronger than the team he was considering joining this summer. Not complicated.

  4. hiflew

    Good news for John Wall. He will soon not be alone in being the worst max deal in the league. An Achilles injury is not a guaranteed return and to risk that much money on anyone that has not even started rehabbing the injury is just foolhardy at best and reckless at worst.

  5. rycm131

    Still a tough blow 1 day later. First Big Puppy gets shot now Durant’s leg. Tough few days

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