Southeast Notes: Beal, Dragic, Reddish

While Wizards owner Ted Leonsis is reluctant to trade Bradley Beal, doing so may represent the team’s quickest path to contention, David Aldridge of The Athletic writes.

Beal is an enormously valuable asset that could net a batch of valuable assets. The Wizards, then, could focus on John Wall‘s rehabilitation in hopes of surrounding him with a strong rotation once he’s healthy.

Aldridge clarifies that the Wizards shouldn’t trade Beal because of any shortcomings, in fact, the opposite. An abundance of teams are clearing space to sign max free agents this summer but there’s only so much top talent to go around.

Beal, as a result, could draw a significant return if the Wizards are willing to leverage the 25-year-old’s excellent 2018/19 campaign.

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15 thoughts on “Southeast Notes: Beal, Dragic, Reddish

  1. 2012orioles

    What can the wizards realistically get if they trade beal? I feel like basketball trades are so difficult to project in what you’ll actually get in return. And so much depends on how wall is. I like the idea of building a good squad in preparation for walls return, but almost feel like they could be better off with beal vs lonzo and a first round pick, or whatever they get. Maybe I’m way off. Idk

    • jeremy

      The thing is sooner or later they need to decide will this pair work or will they be better off trading one or both. Because look how they played before wall for hurt.

      • Two star guards don’t win championships. You’ll make the playoffs and win a round or two…. but really, you need to dump one and fill another position.

        Lillard and McCollum, Lowry and DeRozan. Trade your star guard for a star forward and you have a better shot.

    • formerlyz

      Rotation quality salary filler, maybe a young player, and 1 or 2 1st round picks, depending on what players went back

  2. jeremy

    Wanting a quicker path to a championship or not this pair might not get them there. Wiz might be better off getting the best they can and rebuilding. Beal there best value for a trade. No one going to willing want wall after coming off a big injury

    • x%sure

      “quickest path to contention” lol
      Their roster is depleted! Boss Ted needs someone to speak truth to power. Maybe thats why he hasn’t hired a GM– candidates keep hitting him with reality.

  3. jay1947

    I think Bradley is outstanding both on the court, in the locker room as a leader, and in the community. That being said, the wizards need to do a tare down and start all over. Considering how Wall’s contract is going to be an albatross, and how Wall doesn’t fit the current NBA style of play, Wizards need to write off Wall as a top point guard. As much as I admire Bradley, it’s time to trade him and get some young, affordable assets (including a new point guard) and start a new rebuild.

  4. Jason Lancaster

    The secret to winning big in the NBA is brutally simple: Find talented players who outperform their contract value. The more you find, the better your team.

    Toronto is paying Leonard the max, but he’s worth more. They’re paying Siakam and Van Fleet rookie scale, and they’re worth far, far more. As a result of these cheap players, Toronto can spend on guys who might be pricey relative to their value (Gasol, Lowry, Ibaka). They have a team that’s better than they can afford under the cap, and they win big.

    The same is true of just about every playoff team. Point to a good team, and I’ll point to good players who aren’t earning enough relative to their ability.

    So what Washington needs to do to get better is trade Beal for players who outperform their contract, and/or to unload players who underperform. If they can’t use Beal to unload Mahinmi or Howard, and then get a couple of young players back, that’s getting better.

    Rinse, wash, repeat.

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