Stein’s Latest: Durant, Irving, Leonard, Conley

Kevin Durant has long been rumored to end up on the Knicks this summer. Even some within the Warriors’ organization believed that KD would head to the Big Apple, though Marc Stein of the New York Times hears that Golden State’s brass is now cautiously optimistic about convincing Durant to stay.

Durant’s rehab with the Warriors would come with more stability from a logistical standpoint. He would venture on his comeback journey with a staff he’s familiar with rather than entering a new environment in New York or Brooklyn.

The Knicks still desire to sign both Durant and Kyrie Irving, and they have the cap space to pursue both. Stein passes along more on the upcoming offseason in his latest piece:

  • The Nets believe that Irving is leaning toward signing with them. Stein hears that Spencer Dinwiddie has been heavily involved in the recruiting of Kyrie.
  • Most within the league believe the Clippers remain the favorites to sign Kawhi Leonard, Stein writes. The Raptors are not out of the running, as the team up north has a chance to convince Leonard to sign a short-term deal, presumably a two-year contract with a player option on the second year.
  • Many rival teams expect the Grizzlies to trade Mike Conley soon, with the Jazz being the frontrunner. One scenario Stein hears is Utah sending a package headlined by the No. 23 overall pick and a future pick to Memphis in exchange for the point guard.
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13 thoughts on “Stein’s Latest: Durant, Irving, Leonard, Conley

  1. x%sure

    Windhorst’s stats on Irving:
    he Celtics were 12-3 when Irving didn’t play [this past year. Over two years,] they were 26-11 when he didn’t play, a .704 win percentage, and 78-49 with him, a .614 percentage.
    The Celts had a higher net rating with Irving than without, 5.9pts-2.7pts.

    The young Celts do better without him, but they may not be good team players. Dinwiddie is handling it now. If Irving stays and Russell stays, Russell may not appreciate Dinwiddie’s recruitment efforts!

    • Guest617

      kyrie’s a shoot first pg requiring high volume shots to get his numbers. he doesn’t “create” for teammates c’s never got into a rhythm. rozier’s gonna be fun to watch

  2. x%sure

    I think the Utah assets in a Conley trade would be headed by Derrick Favors more than a #23 pick. If Royce Oneal is included, the #23 slides down another notch. But given Conley’s impact, the #23 would stay ahead of the 2020 first, assuming Utah can land a true FA forward.

    • specialfriedrice

      I just don’t get trading for Conley…these forums are full of people that say $37 mil for CP3 is too much…but $34 mil for Conley is okay???

      I know which player I would have on my team.

      • jump shot

        Conley will give you as much – or more – as CP3. A little younger, too.

        • acarneglia

          If you need a PG like Utah and can make it work cap wise, you’ll make this move

      • x%sure

        It’s only two years for Conley, probably finishing up his prime. Paul’s income just keeps going up after that! He’s in his second year of declining numbers, albeit from a higher level and possibly due to stepping aside for Harden.

        • I meant with specialfriedrice. For sure CP3 is way better than Conley, I take him too. Memphis would have to add assets for me to take Conley on.

      • LordBanana

        Just being overpriced doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be an upgrade for a team. It’s not like Utah can sign a max free agent, it might be Conley or nothing

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Actually a better deal would be a trade for Dragic.
    Dragic for Favors, #23
    Heat turn down option and Favors resigns with Jazz on lesser deal.
    Continue to ride Exum as a backup PG, pending health.
    Heat get #23 and cap space.
    Win / Win for both teams.

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