Warriors May Offer Durant ‘Delayed Sign-And-Trade’

The Warriors are considering a “delayed sign-and-trade” arrangement with Kevin Durant that would let him maximize his earnings and allow him to be traded once his ruptured Achilles is fully healed, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said this morning on “Get Up!” (video link)

Durant can lock in a five-year, $220MM contract by re-signing with Golden State, about $57MM more that he would earn in a four-year deal with anyone else.

“Let him rehab and then work with him to be traded,” Windhorst explained. “Potentially to New York, potentially to somewhere else. Be their way to sort of take care of him monetarily after what he just went through and also protect the franchise to get some assets. If that happens, the Knicks would be in tremendous position to get back into it because they’re going to have these young assets plus cap space.”

Windhorst called it “a last-ditch” effort on the Warriors’ part to avoid losing Durant in free agency with no return. He admits it would take a strong level of trust on Durant’s part to agree to such a deal, but adds that the Warriors have promised to help facilitate a trade to wherever he wants to go.

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55 thoughts on “Warriors May Offer Durant ‘Delayed Sign-And-Trade’

  1. chorn47

    i don’t see why he wouldn’t just sign outright with whoever he wants. doing it their way unnecessarily weakens the team he goes to

          • Raps902420

            Multiple reasons. The main one being they already have a player signed to one. Another is that a team can’t sign a player to one unless they drafted the player or traded for them while still on a rookie contract.the warriors can offer him a 5 year max tho, as opposed to the 4 years any other team can offer.

            • Luckylefty2

              Did you read the article ? “Durant can lock in a five-year, $220MM contract by re-signing with Golden State, about $57MM ”. Lol

              • Raps902420

                Do you know what a super max is? Or did you just hear someone say it one-day and assumed you knew what it was?

                • Luckylefty2

                  Don’t get mad at me couch GM. Get mad at the guy who made the article.

                  • Raps902420

                    The guy who wrote the article didn’t say a word about KD signing a super max with golden State.you did.a 5 year contract is not a supermax.

                    • Luckylefty2

                      “Durant can lock in a five-year, $220MM contract by re-signing with Golden State, about $57MM more that he would earn in a four-year deal with anyone else.”

                    • Raps902420

                      Don’t waste your time trying to explain it. He thinks by repeating the “5 years 57 million” proves his point.

                • imindless

                  Raps the article just referenced it i think ill side with hoopsrumors instead of a random poster.

                  • Raps902420

                    It doesn’t say 1 word about him being able to sign a super max. Just the normal 5 year max.they are 2 completely different contracts. KD will never be able to sign a super max with anybody under the current CBA.

                    • Luke Adams

                      The “super-max” generally refers to players with 7-9 years of experience (who are typically eligible for a max of up to 30% of the cap) being able to sign for a max up to 35% of the cap.

                      Since Durant has 10+ years of experience, he’s already eligible for that higher 35% max.

                      Whether you want to call it a “super-max” or not is just semantics. It would be Durant’s “normal” max but it’d be equivalent to, say, Kemba Walker’s “super-max.”

                      • Raps902420

                        The “super max” is just a nickname for the designated veteran extension.KD can’t sign a designated veteran extension because he signed with the warriors as a free agent. The designated veteran extension,or “super max” can only be offered to a player drafted by that team or who was acquired in a trade while still on their rookie contract.

                        • Dude, this back and forth got me dying. You explained what the supermax is like 5 times. Durant cannot sign a supermax simply because Warriors didnt draft him or have him under contract during his rookie scaled contract. Tears, literally!!! Im dying.

      • chorn47

        why not just opt in this year and sign a 4 year deal. next year? money will be fairly close. if you want to win then it makes no sense to weaken the team you are going to

        • Strike Four

          That’s probably what will happen, and that saves the Warriors money because they will only owe him $9M or whatever it is on the injury max.

    • shawn hemp

      It gives the team he gets traded to an extra year of control as well. With the redshirt year you get him for 3 years but with trade it would be 4. Plus u don’t have to pay him the first year. I don’t think golden state would expect an AD return on him but def some players.

    • belkiolle

      Or he could just take his player option, rehab on the Warriors dime, and walk away for a 4 year deal next year.

      • dugdog83

        Why in the world aren’t more people talking about this move? This is what KD should do anyways.

      • If his rehab doesn’t go well, then he could potential risk missing a lot of money. Security by signing a 5 year deal now at “super max” money

  2. Strike Four

    This is without a shadow of a doubt, the most ludicrous, stupidest take I’ve ever heard. Why you posted this is beyond me, Windhorst = Windbag.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      What don’t you understand? If KD walks the GSW will still be over the cap and unable to bring in an outside star to replace him. The only way they can bring in a star is via a trade. Now a third team probably needs to be involved because the Knicks don’t have a ton to offer in terms of major talent and I doubt they would include the #3.

      But if KD wanted to go elsewhere, a sign and trade allows them to get something back in return. one example would be a sign and trade involving DRussel and the Nets. Maybe the nets sign Kyrie and wait a year for KD. They send Russell to the GSW in return (via pre-agreed upon sign and yesr).

    • It makes no sense because if they don’t sign Durant they will have the money to sign Draymond Green. Durant sign and trade would mean to much money tied up for years. Let Durant walk if he wants to. The gamble on him as a sign and trade is to big of a gamble because if he hurts himself again the other team will back out of the deal.

      • Strike Four

        I refuse to let an idiot tell me about what he thinks will happen, when it is plain as day that it will never happen.

  3. I literally made this suggestion a week ago on an earlier thread (and to see if it was possible). Glad to see the Front Office at least exploring this avenue.

    • Strike Four

      Literally no front office is doing that, but a total time-wasting talking head is.

  4. Reflect

    Wouldn’t the other team have to also agree to a trade return ahead of time too? Cause otherwise the Warriors have no leverage.

    Eg: if he agrees to a “delayed” sign and trade to the Nets, why would the Nets agree to give up anything if they know Warriors already made the promise?

    This would be fascinating if it actually works, but there are a lot of ways it can go wrong.

  5. JonnyLucas

    Of course the warriors would do this if he’s going to leave anyway. Duh. Getting something in return is better than nothing. I don’t get it.

  6. Guest617

    durant will be 32 y/o when healthy – it wouldn’t be surprising he has a change of heart to stay long-term. risking a new start somewhere else might not be a wise business decision.. idk

  7. bigjonliljon

    I’m confused. Good thing I’m no NBA GM. He’s out for next season. He’s a free agent if he doesn’t pop his player option. Why would any team sign any player to a long term big money contract knowing they will be paying him big money to not play for a year?

    • Strike Four

      I honestly cannot wait for Lacob to pull some mega left field move off that stuns everyone, while I laugh at all these utterly ridiculous proposals into the dirt where they belong.

  8. InvalidUserID

    So Warriors pay for one full season of his salary hoping that the return they’ll get justifies it. I don’t see how the Warriors would have any leverage since it would be known that KD wouldn’t stay.

  9. bowserhound

    There has to be an angle here as the cap space GSW would generate by letting him walk now would outweigh the assets they received from anyone a year from now. They need to resign Klay and Draymond, they need money to spend.

    • They generate zero cap space by letting him walk, unless they renounce KT, and even then, not that much. But there is for sure an angle.

  10. GS, not Durant, is the party that benefits from a trade (S&T or opt-in and trade, immediate or delayed). Even if no players or other assets are sent back. The salary rules don’t assume benevolence, but if that’s what GS is trying to inject, there are several things they can do to help the player without helping themselves or hurting the new team.

  11. petefrompp

    I don’t think the trade route only benefits the GSW. Prior to injury yes – right now it offers a little something for every party.

    GSW- receive some return for KD versus nada

    KD- 5 year contract locks in max value w/ no downside risk if there is any recovery setback KD reeves more dollars and more security

    Trading partner team – if they really want KD- it allows them to secure KD for 4 years after the recovery year – more stability and allows more strategic planning. Allows them to acquire and exceed cap – I think

    Who knows GSW may only get an expiring contract and some did level talent in return I dont think the ask will be that high – matching salaries/cap space will be the hard part.

    It kinda makes sense – everyone gets a little something and realistically KD receives the most benefit

    • You’d be wrong. Since he’s relying on a wink and a nod in any case, KD can just as easily rely on a more reliable wink and nod from his new team and get the same money (more probably, as the cap will increase) with 1/1, and then a new 4 yr deal next year, and the opportunity to leave after a year with the team. He gets to rehab and be around his new team, not under contract with a team that isn’t his. He also gets to play with a better team since he won’t have helped deplete them to help the Warriors. In short, if this type of thing helped everyone, it would be done all the time. It isn’t.

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