Atlantic Notes: Irving, Dinwiddie, Fall, Simmons

Kyrie Irving‘s interest in playing in New York dates back to at least December, Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie said on a podcast with Shams Charania of The Athletic (hat tip to Darren Hartwell of NBC Sports Boston).

“You could just tell from the conversation that it was a little bit different,” the Nets’ Dinwiddie said. “… Actually, it definitely was December because he made a comment to me, he was like, ‘New York might be real fun next year,’ because I hadn’t signed yet. … That’s when I was first tipped off to the whole thing.” 

Dinwiddie signed an extension with the Nets on December 13 and started developing a strategy to get Irving and Kevin Durant to join him in Brooklyn. He spoke frequently to Irving about the organization, touting the style of play, the training staff and the family-oriented atmosphere that GM Sean Marks has installed.

“Of course I’m going to be like, ‘Bro, (the Nets are) perfect for you,'” Dinwiddie added. “‘And (head coach) Kenny (Atkinson) gonna let you rock.'”

There’s more tonight from the Atlantic Division:

  • Rookie center Tacko Fall will come into camp on an Exhibit 10 contract, but Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge tells NBC Sports Boston that he will be given a chance to earn a roster spot. “Tacko is fun to watch,” Ainge said. “… Guards get in a bind and they just throw the ball up in the air and then Tacko grabs it and tip-toe dunks it into the basket. It just looks like a senior in high school playing against fourth-graders sometimes.”
  • Sixers guard Ben Simmons confirmed on Twitter that he won’t be playing in the FIBA World Cup. He plans to host camps in Australia and train with the national team, but he won’t take part in any games. Simmons expressed an intention to participate in the Olympics next summer.
  • The Raptors have a $2.95MM trade exception that will expire tomorrow, tweets Blake Murphy of The Athletic. It’s left over from the deal that brought Kawhi Leonard from the Spurs last summer.
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17 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Irving, Dinwiddie, Fall, Simmons

  1. Sooooo are we supposed to assume Irving mentally checked out on the Celtics by Christmas? Legit asking if that’s the implication there.

      • ThePriceWasRight

        Agree, anyone who believed he had his heart in Boston at any point has to give their head a shake.

    • If Dinwiddle hadn’t signed his extension until Dec. 13th and his convo with Irving was before that then my guess is that Irving checked out only a couple of weeks after he filmed a commercial with his Dad in November talking about having his number retired by the Celtics…unbelievable and what a con man!

  2. phenomenalajs

    Is there enough value in that trade exception for Toronto to use it tomorrow and how would the Raps go about using it? Say they wanted to bring Vince Carter back and pay slightly more than the minimum at $2.95M, could it execute a sign and trade with Atlanta for either a highly protected 2nd rounder (#55 or later) or the minimum cash exchange of $110K?

    • Connorsoxfan

      They absolutely could do that. Atlanta might ask for a true second rounder because I think it would give them a hard cap, which shouldn’t be a big deal given their current state but it’s still worth more than a nothing asset or some cash. Maybe the full allotment of cash would be enough.

  3. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    First of all Simmons Sucks
    Second, He plans to host camps in Australia
    What does he plan to do? Show the Young Jedis in training how to shoot? Then he can tell them, even if you are not that good, you can still make the NBA and get paid bigly!

    • Most likely charge rich white kids $500 to do some drills for a day with random coaches. He’ll come in at the end and dunk a couple times. The kids will get a t-shirt.

      • x%sure

        lol But if he gives them some eye-to-eye it will be worth it. His income combined with the lack of an all-around game is inspirational!

  4. x%sure

    Not sure why Dinwiddie wants to push back Irving’s speculated leave-decision back to early December. It could have been a KI-KD-NYK plan, not involving the Nets. Dins is my guy, so I’ll have to sit through a podcast.

    Big picture, it’s a risk to acquire a player when you’re not on his shortlist.

  5. IslandFlava

    Big Ben is a class act and when all is said and done he will be a HoFamer, a legend in the league, book it, you heard it here first!

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