Contract Details: Knicks, Cook, T. Young, Mann

Details on the free agent contracts signed by the Knicks are starting to trickle in, with Bobby Marks of ESPN and Jeff Siegel of Early Bird Rights (Twitter links) providing specifics on Julius Randle‘s three-year deal.

While it was initially reported as being worth $63MM, Randle’s three-year pact with the Knicks has a base value of just $18MM in its first year, per Marks. Those cap hits increase to $18.9MM in year two and $19.8MM in year three, according to Siegel, who notes that the third year is partially guaranteed for just $4MM. The agreement has about $2MM in annual unlikely bonuses which could increase the total value into the $63MM range.

Here are details on a couple more Knicks contracts, as well as some other deals from around the NBA:

  • Taj Gibson and Elfrid Payton don’t technically have second-year team options on their respective contracts with the Knicks, but their second-year salaries are only guaranteed for $1MM apiece, according to Siegel (Twitter links).
  • The second season of the Lakers‘ two-year, $6MM deal with Quinn Cook is only partially guaranteed for $1MM, according to Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders (Twitter link). It would become fully guaranteed if Cook stays on the roster through June 29, 2020.
  • Thaddeus Young‘s three-year contract with the Bulls will have a total value between $40.6MM and 43.6MM, depending on whether he earns his incentives, tweets Pincus. The third year on Young’s deal is partially guaranteed for $6MM.
  • The Clippers used their cap room to sign second-rounder Terance Mann to a four-year, $6.2MM contract before they went over the cap to acquire Paul George, tweets Bobby Marks. A minimum-salary deal for Mann would be worth about $6.13MM over four years, so it sounds like he may get slightly more than the minimum in his rookie season.
    • Update: The first two years of Mann’s deal are guaranteed, and he’ll make $1MM in year one, tweets Siegel.
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9 thoughts on “Contract Details: Knicks, Cook, T. Young, Mann

  1. david722

    It’s so great to see the Clips become legit contenders while screwing the Lakers in the process. Couldn’t happen to a more dysfunctional organization. Great Job Clips!

  2. Randle’s 3rd year salary is guaranteed for 4 mm-? Mills needs to go back to marketing, or least needs to hire a cap / contract guy. Before the Bullock situation, they figured to have at least 3-4 mm in unused cap space this year (which won’t roll over even much into the season). Why not give that to him instead and avoid a 4 mm dead money hit in 2022-? Noah’s 6.4 mm will still be there in 2022 thanks to their ineptitude. Total of 10.4 mm (or 7.8 mm, if stretched) is a lot of dead money. Needless.

    • emac22


      You think 1.4 mil in 2022 is worth that post?

      Not to mention the investment math related to 4 mil today or 1.4 per year starting in 3 years.

      • Absolutely. If you understood anything about the subject matter, you’d think so too. Was your feeble effort to scold me worth yours? Let me educate you (write this down): Dead money is the enemy of cap space. Well run teams don’t lightly (let alone needlessly) put dead money on their books in a future year, particularly a year (2022) in which they already (needlessly) put 6.4 mm on it. Dead money isn’t like an extra contract (it can’t be removed and you don’t net out a roster hold for it). It’s like debt at a high interest rate. Just avoid it, unless it’s unavoidable.

        You don’t like details-? OK, bigger picture, a move like this another canary in the coal mine. How many have to die before you accept the reality that the guy on top isn’t up to the job-?

    • Dude, they’ll have somewhere between $40-57 million in cap space next offseason and potentially $90 million the year after. But still, people are going to complain because it’s the Knicks.

      • This affects 2022. So, I’m not sure what 2020 and 2021 have to do with it. Anyway, the current FO thinks like you do, so you should be happy with them.

  3. reneaguerra

    Believe me The Lakers & Their fans don’t feel “ Screwed” that is one really good team.

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