Free Agent Rumors: Mavs, Morris, Knicks, Wizards, Wolves

The Mavericks have interest in free agent forward Marcus Morris, tweets Brad Townsend of The Dallas Morning News, confirming a report from Mike Fisher of (Twitter link). However, Dallas has “a few [players] ahead” of Morris on their wish list, according to Townsend.

Danny Green is one of those names believed to be ahead of Morris. The Mavericks have been linked to the veteran sharpshooter since the start of free agency, and a tweet from the account for Green’s podcast today listed the Mavs, Raptors, and Lakers as the teams still in play for the veteran shooting guard. The Mavs aren’t expecting an answer from Green until tomorrow at the earliest though, says Townsend.

Here’s more on the NBA’s remaining free agents:

  • The Knicks project to have one slot open on their 15-man roster for next season, and Lance Thomas is the favorite to fill it, a source tells Marc Berman of The New York Post (Twitter link). New York recently waived Thomas to avoid guaranteeing his 2019/20 salary, but could bring him back on a more modest deal.
  • The Wizards haven’t circled back to free agent forward Jabari Parker so far, according to Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington (Twitter link), who says that the market is “still developing” for the former No. 2 overall pick.
  • The Timberwolves have kicked the tires on free agent forward Jake Layman, tweets Darren Wolfson of SKOR North. Layman received a qualifying offer from the Trail Blazers, so he’s a restricted free agent.
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21 thoughts on “Free Agent Rumors: Mavs, Morris, Knicks, Wizards, Wolves

  1. 13Morgs13

    It’s amazing how far Parker has fallen. But he always looks out of shape and fat. Still young enough to turn his career around. Former #2 overall pick

    • alonsoball

      If the Clippers don’t get Kawhi they should sign Jabari. He’s a great talent, the way this league undervalues some kind of players lately is astonishing.

    • No Sir

      Leg day has to be everyday with those string cheese ACL ligaments, so inevitably he forgets about the rest.

      I miss those flashes and slashes after his first recovery. The kids talented, no doubt. Really put in the effort to heal himself and get back on the court! Yet, I wonder if that ego of his is as inflated as it was when he was on the Bucks. That was just a sad exit watching him steer into that contract year before joining the Bulls.

      • jkoms57

        He’s very talented, his main issue is that he can’t rebound at the 4, but gets blown past by more athletic SFs.

        He has good IQ and decent shot, but no real niche.. not a 3pt shooter, can’t rebound or play defense.

        Was drafted as a driver/cutter.. doesn’t do either now unfortunately.

      • Tazza

        They were trying to sign Tobias Harris, Kris Middleton, Kemba Walker to name a few. Seth is a good shooter but he’s not a starter and on a young Dallas team I think they missed out big time not getting Patrick Beverly he could’ve been good with Doncic. If I were them I’d offer Cousins 2 years 20 mill with the second year a player option. He would be good with Porzingis and could be a big name for Dallas. He would also possible be able to bring in better talent and start a winning culture

        • x%sure

          Beverly re-signed with the Clips; you would have to pull him away, prob with an overpay.

          • Black Ace57

            Beverley said on The Jump he turned down $10 mil extra to stay with the Clippers.

        • spinach

          Lol Cousins winning culture. They should have gone hard after Leonard, sell him on carrying two young foreigner stars to title ie do the Duncan. Net much more money with Texas tax rates or lack thereof.

      • alabasterjones

        A combo of pat bev / WCS. Need defense and athleticism. Mavs wait back and let everyone else makes moves… pick up the scraps… and then pretend that this was their plan all along

        • alabasterjones

          Mavs basically just resigned a 33 win team and are crossing their fingers that Danny Green signs

      • gammaraze

        Seth Curry isn’t a great pickup, he’s a fine pickup. The problem is that they let all the other pieces come off the board until Seth was their best option. The question you should be answering is how did the Mavs NOT bungle free agency? The only thing anyone can say for certain that they did right was re-sign KP.

  2. Tazza

    Still lots of good names left. Would like to see
    Shumpert > GSW
    Cousins > Mavericks
    Hollis-Jefferson > Celtics
    JaMychal Green > Trail Blazers
    Jabari Parker > Thunder
    JaVale McGee > Spurs
    Trey Lyles > Heat
    David Nwaba > Wizards

    Especially the Parker, Green and Cousins deals

    • jkoms57

      What’s good about any of those names?

      Usable spare parts is more like it.

      And McGee will return to Lakers for sure

      • Tazza

        Not great names but more than capable role players. Cousins to the Mavs would be great. Porzingis wouldn’t be under any pressure to return back quickly and start firing. Between Porzingis and Cousins you have to bigs that can stretch the floor for Doncic to run his game and players to cut. Plus Dallas is still a big enough place to keep Demarcus happy yet not to distracted. It’s one of the better run franchises.

        Rondae Hollis-Jefferson would be a cheap but handy pick up for the Celtics. He’s young so be could be a building block with Tatum and Brown but what he does is cover the 4 spot and play good defence. Haywood Tatum and Kanter are all offensive players and not the best defenders RHJ can come in as a back up and be a good peice.

        Parker to the Thunder is a win win. Parker would probably start over Grant and he gives you buckets. With Westbrook and Adams in the team you have you main rebounders so he won’t be exactly called upon to do well there. Adams will protect the paint and with Rus and George on the perimeter you have some good defenders there. Obviously Roberson can be used also as a good defender so he Jabari can be left alone to guard in the corners and not be such a weak link. On offence he give the team someone who can shoot the ball and work off the ball. Jabari will find this as yet another chance on a team but takeaway it’s a winning team and one he could start in and get a big role with.

        At this stage in free agency only Kawhi is the big name left but for some teams there is still some really good role players and starters waiting to be picked up.

        • stevep-4

          They are trying to dump Adams (luxury tax) so rebounding will be a lot less solid. Maybe Parker and Joakim Noah along with re-signing Noel gets them there. Parker would give them a third shooting option but he is not good for much else. His nickname on defense is the Bullfighter.

  3. david

    Mavs did just fine. Cousins is still a free agent for a reason… he gets destoryed in the pick and roll, and all teams run it. Mavs just need a true strong center someone like robin lopez but he already signed. And you cant be serious that the mavs were gonna land tobias, kemba or middelton. Most realistic option was brogon. Beverly is bad for 3 years and 13 million. Again mavs did fine. They will have cap for next ywat and maybe a player breaks out and his a ufa.

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