Heat Notes: Butler, Adebayo, Nunn, Paul

The Heat won Jimmy Butler over in their free agent meeting by emphasizing a commitment to conditioning, toughness and winning, writes Anthony Chiang of The Miami Herald. Team president Pat Riley made a “strong impression” during the four-hour presentation on June 30 and was focused on getting a definitive answer before it was over. Butler had more meetings scheduled, but canceled them and committed to Miami.

Butler was being sought by other teams in better position to contend right away, such as the Clippers, Lakers and Rockets, or he could have stayed with the Sixers, but he liked the idea of being the first star for the Heat to build around. He also remembered the words of former Bulls teammate Dwyane Wade.

“He would always say, ‘It would be a place for you,” Butler recalled. “The type of guy you are, the mentality you have, the Heat culture, it just fits.’ We laugh about it now, but looking back it’s like: Damn, he kind of called how it could happen and how this would be a place that just fits me to a T.”

Here’s more from South Florida:

  • Bam Adebayo tells Ira Winderman of The Sun-Sentinel that he expects a different atmosphere this season with Wade and Josh Richardson both gone and Butler now serving as the team leader. “Instead of J-Rich and the goofiness, it’s kind of Jimmy Butler,” the 22-year-old Adebayo said. “So it’s kind of more serious. He’s older than us.”
  • Kendrick Nunn‘s outstanding Summer League performance may not translate into more playing time once the season starts, Winderman observes in a separate piece. Nunn averaged 21.0 PPG in four games and ranked third in assists in Las Vegas at 6.3 per night. However, Winderman notes that his breakthrough wasn’t as dramatic as Derrick Jones Jr.‘s last summer, and Jones didn’t have a significant role during the regular season while the roster was at full strength. Winderman forecasts more playing time for first-round pick Tyler Herro.
  • Bradley Beal‘s situation in Washington could affect the Heat’s willingness to trade for Chris Paul, Winderman suggests in another story. Beal will become a free agent in 2021 if he turns down a three-year, $111MM extension offer that the Wizards can make starting Friday. Miami wouldn’t have enough cap space to pursue Beal if it takes on Paul’s sizable contract. A source tells Winderman that the Heat would demand multiple first-round picks to accept Paul.
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14 thoughts on “Heat Notes: Butler, Adebayo, Nunn, Paul

  1. afsooner02

    Too bad Dwayne retired….him and Jimmy might have been something fun to watch. As it sits, Miami doesn’t have enough weapons to seriously contend in the east. Maybe they’re 6-7 seed at this point.

    Add CP3 and they improve that a little. 4-5 seed. (Barring him actually staying healthy)

  2. formerlyz

    Dragic. Butler, Jones jr, Winslow, Bam or
    Winslow, Butler, Jones jr, Olynyk, Bam

    With those 4, or combinations of those 4, in the lineup, the Heat had really good net ratings. Add Butler to that.

    Reports are Heat are looking for a bigger wing to play at the 3. Not sure what they’d give up or for who, but I’m down with seeing what is already there in those lineups. Some people like Covington, but he has 4 years on his contract, and I’m not so sure Minnesota just moves him. They could use a 5 though, and Myers Leonard is expiring. Probably not enough though. Not sure who else is out there right now

    • FlaveFlava

      Cov is one of the more underrated players in the league. Don’t think you’ll see Minnesota move him unless it’s in a package that gets them a 2nd star or gets significant salary relief, which they need more than any specific position.

      • formerlyz

        Ya I don’t see why they’d move him, although he was reportedly being shopped previously. The only thing I could see is getting some of their young, lengthy wings more playing time or possibly, just to get out of the 4 year deal?

        • FlaveFlava

          I read reports he was being shopped in their pursuit of Russell, since a sign and trade with the Nets was the only feasible scenario in which they could acquire him (let’s be real, no one is taking Wiggs contract, or it would’ve happened).

          Cove is probably the only real experiences trade asset on the team, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him traded, but it better be for something of value. His AAV his extremely reasonable over those 4 yrs too.

    • x%sure

      So Miami’s most productive unit will likely consist of Butler, Jones, Winslow, Bam, and– some sort of Caucasian! Five now on the Heat. Apparently there will be three white Americans joining the roster. As they used to say on “Hee-Haw”, Sa-lute!

      Seriously though, I (and others) have blasted Riley in the past for 1)not being willing to trade Richardson for Butler, and 2)for filling up the roster with good-but-limited high-bid players, thus shutting out his own recruiting skills and famous profile from providing an advantage.

      Well with one swoop Riley reversed all that! Now to see what transpires. (I doubt CP or Beal arrive anytime soon.) Cre-dit!

      • formerlyz

        I still don’t think it should have taken Richardson, considering what Philly gave up for Butler, but Derrick Jones jr took a big step, and isnt that far off from Richardson, which is probably part of why Riley was willing to include him. He also got rid of Whiteside in that deal, which helped. I’d think reports of them looking for another wing proves that the original object was to pair Butler and Richardson, as I had said

        This Beal situation is going to be interesting, in these next 5-7 days. I personally think multiple teams have more assets to give, but that hasnt always mattered in these situations. I’m not holding my breath, in reality

        Heat have to stay healthy. That has been a significant issue 4 of the last 5 years. Also, Tyler Herro is their best FT shooter…that tells you what you need to know about that. They have to be better there. I’m not saying they need to be good. They really just need to be bad, not abhorrent. If they can be like 23rd or 24th in FT%, I’ll take that. The last 3 years have been brutal at the FT line. They dont get there often, but when they do, it’s a miss. That’s arguably a turnover. Cant be missing 7-15 FTs every night, and losing by 3 or 4

        • x%sure

          Paired in the sense of wings from opposite sides I assume. They are so similar, Butler and JRich, tho that doesn’t matter anymore.

          Well Herro seems to like to start on a side and slide to the middle. But I think he should be restrained a bit from the middle in his first year at least to keep turnovers down incl TOs from wild shots. Be a 3&D wing first, leave playmaking to Butler& Dragic. Butler/Herro could be Butler/JRich.

  3. hoosierhysteria

    Beal will leave. He knows Wall is over paid liability. Heat will wait on him.

    • formerlyz

      There is also talk of the Heat trading for both Wall and Beal, to make it easier to actually get Beal over other people with possibly more assets

  4. RootedInOakland

    Lol since when did being over the cap stop the Heat from signing top free agents? CP3 will be on a $40M expiring and way more tradeable in 2021, a great way to match contracts in another 3-5 team sign and trade to get Beal and compensate the Wiz

  5. Three team trade

    Heat get Chris Paul, Hami Diallo and a proctect first
    Thunder get Justice Winslow and Tim Hardaway Jr
    Dallas get Goran Dragic and Terrance Ferguson

    Heat gets a star to play back up next to Butler. Heat now become a stronger playoff team plus they secure a pickand a young player. Miami gets a chance to compete for a few years but also still be young enough to continue building.

    Thunder gets two young players to build with or trade pieces, plus they don’t have Paul’s contract. They start SGA with Hardaway, Winslow, Gallo and Adams, which gives the thunder a younger core of players but none to valuable that they won’t get traded.

    Dallas gets its secondary playmaker and leader to help Doncic. Dragic should fit well with Doncic because they are from the same country, both can shot and both can create. Plus Dragics deal expires after the year giving Dallas the chance to impress Goran and then resign him for cheap next year. Plus they also receive Ferguson.

  6. Skip, Tampa

    Interesting idea but would take a different tack with OKC.
    3 Team Deal:
    Heat: Gallinari, Robinson, Muscala, 2021, 2023 1st Heat back.
    Thunder: JJ, Maten, Nunn, Lee
    Mavs: Dragic

    Winslow, Butler, Jones, Gallinari, Bam.

    Heat get 2 – 1st, $35M expiring, scoring, keep Winslow.
    Thunder move Robinson, get under Tax, 2 prospects, quality player.
    Mavs get Dragic who Luka wants, plus move Lee.

    Thus is a win/win for everyone.

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