Heat Notes: Herro, Paul, Robinson, Maten

Tyler Herro has been making a strong impression in Summer League, enough that Miami was reluctant to include him in trade talks for Russell Westbrook, writes Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald. Herro, who signed his rookie contract earlier this week, was the 13th player taken in the draft. Known mostly as a scorer at Kentucky, Herro has displayed the potential to become a multi-dimensional talent.

A league source tells Jackson that Herro’s Summer League performance has surpassed the expectations of Heat officials, especially in 3-point shooting, passing and ball-handling. He posted a 19.5/4.3/3.8 line during the team’s stay in Las Vegas and shows signs of becoming a rotation player as a rookie.

“If we need a guy that can handle, get us into offense, if we need him to be pick-and-roll, if we need him to come off catch-and-shoots, he’s shown he can do it all, and we feel comfortable in any of those spots,” said Eric Glass, who coaches the Heat’s Summer League squad.

There’s more from Miami:

  • The Thunder’s offers in a potential Chris Paul trade haven’t been “enticing enough” to spark the Heat’s interest, Jackson tweets. Miami has been mentioned as the possible next destination for Paul, who is headed to Oklahoma City in a deal with Houston. Heat officials will continue to listen if the offers improve, Jackson adds, but they’re not actively pursuing the 34-year-old point guard.
  • Even though Miami’s Summer League season ended today with an overtime playoff loss, Duncan Robinson helped his quest to stay on the roster with a 26-point performance, Jackson notes in a separate story. The guarantee on Robinson’s salary for the upcoming season will jump from $250K to $1MM if he remains on the roster through Monday. Jackson states that it seems likely Robinson will be kept, but he hasn’t received any assurances. His full $1,416,852 salary won’t become guaranteed until the league-wide guarantee date of January 10.
  • Yante Maten and Kendrick Nunn also have non-guaranteed deals, and the Heat’s hard-capped status may work against them, Jackson adds. Miami is less than $1MM below its $138.9MM cap and can’t add any players, such as veteran free agent Udonis Haslem, without waiving someone first. Maten has a $100K guarantee that will rise to $150K if he is kept through August 1, then another $150K if he makes the opening-night roster. Nunn will also receive a $150K guarantee on August 1, rising to $450K if he’s still around for the first game.
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15 thoughts on “Heat Notes: Herro, Paul, Robinson, Maten

  1. JonnyLucas

    If the heat aren’t pursuing CP3 then who will?!? Dude is going to get stuck in OKC. He can’t retire, that’s way too much money on the table. And they can’t stretch him or waive him. Not yet. Poor CP3… Not.

        • jkoms57

          If I’m the Heat, I say you’re stuck with him after not trading us Westbrook n thinking you could double down by sending CP3 our way.

          I agree that Thunder will have to attach a (late)1st to CP3 to move him

      • JonnyLucas

        In fact I’m not worried about CP3. You know how you can tell? When I wrote “poor CP3… not.”

  2. stretch123

    Miami will probably only take on Paul if OKC sends a 1st round pick, if not two, in exchange for guys like James Johnson and Dion Waiters, those with bad contracts.

      • jkoms57

        What do you mean?

        Dragic is a very nice expiring deal, and almost everyone else is only 2 years. (Besides Butler & Winslow)

        Heat arguably have the best moveable contracts in the nba …

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Will take Dragic over Paul at half the cost all day long.
    Now if the Thunder want to make a reasonable deal on Adams or Gallinari, with no picks then all ears on that.
    Paul should go home to retire with the Hornets. Pair him with Rozier and Thunder get a couple of expiring contracts. It’ll still cost them a 1st to boot.
    Wouldn’t even touch Paul with Heat 2021, 2023 1st coming back.

  4. formerlyz

    OKC isnt terrible though. They’re not all that off from last year if Chris Paul stays healthy, in my opinion. But these reports are consistent with what I was saying, so I dont think something gets done there unless OKC decides they’d give up a pick.

    As expected, Duncan Robinson should make the roster, and Maten/Nunn will be converted to 2 way deals to make room for UD and someone else. I could also see Maten making the roster

  5. Skip, Tampa

    Was born in North Carolina. Went to Wake Forest in North Carolina.
    Hornets are in North Carolina.
    Pelicans just drafted him.
    Hope this helps with any fuzzy details on the going home part.

  6. x%sure

    I think it will take two protected firsts to get Paul to Miami, if he goes, at the expense of Winslow & other salary. Three, if Roberson goes too. No biggie, OKC has plenty.

    Presti may not do it though; may let CP simmer until he chops his buyout value drastically. Score one for management, vs the union.

  7. Skip, Tampa

    Just think of the discontent and chaos an unhappy Paul could create in the locker room. Presti will be well on his way to a tank for sure. Now that would be extremely entertaining to say the least.
    Paul holds out and gets full boat buy out. Stretch over 7 years at
    $38.5M this year, $45M next year and 5 years at $8M each.
    If even NBA by rules leagal.
    Plus still saves $47M on Westbrook and gets 2 First and 2 swaps.
    That rotten Heat deal as a salary dump is starting to look like a real sweetheart move.
    Just needs to stir and simmer for a bit longer to be served up.
    This is still a win/win for Presti no matter what, not bad, congrats.

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