Thunder, Rockets Swap Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul

JULY 16: The trade is official, according to a Thunder press release.

“We recently had conversations with Russell about the team, his career, and how he sees the future,” GM Sam Presti said. “Through those conversations we came to the understanding that looking at some alternative situations would be something that made sense for him. As a result, and due to his history with the Thunder, we worked together to accommodate this,” said Presti. “Our ability to have these types of conversations and work so closely with Russell and his agent Thad Foucher is only possible because of the depth of the relationship that has been built over the last 11 years.
“Russell Westbrook is the most important player in the brief history of the Oklahoma City Thunder. He has left an indelible mark on this team, city and state. None of us could have anticipated the player he has become, and we are all deeply proud of what he has contributed to the success of the franchise and to our community. Russell and his wife Nina, their three children, his brother and his parents will always remain part of the Thunder family. We wish them nothing but happiness and success in the future.”

JULY 11: The Rockets have acquired Russell Westbrook. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of (Twitter link), Houston will send Chris Paul, two first-round picks and two pick swaps to Oklahoma City in exchange for the eight-time All-Star.

The Thunder will receive the Rockets’ first-round picks in 2024 and 2026, according to Wojnarowski. Shams Charania of the Athletic tweets that those selections are each top-four protected.

Oklahoma City will also have the right to swap first-round picks with the Rockets during the 2021 and 2025 drafts, though those have protections as well. The 2021 swap is top-four protected, while the 2025 swap is top-20 protected, per Charania.

GM Sam Presti worked with Westbrook and his agent to send the point guard to Houston, which was his preferred destination, Wojnarowski tweets. Westbrook will reunite with James Harden, whom he previously played with on the Thunder (before the team traded Harden to the Rockets). Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle (Twitter link) hears that the push for a reunion came from both sides.

The Paul George trade request opened the door for another superstar to move this summer. The Thunder began an unexpected retooling process in the wake of trading George, leaving Westbrook in a curious position.

Rumors of the Paul-Harden relationship souring popped up this summer, with a report from Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports describing the relationship as “unsalvageable” and suggesting that CP3 wanted a trade. Both Paul and GM Daryl Morey shot down that report, but there was still widespread speculation that the team would try to move Paul.

Ramona Shelburne of tweets that Presti has spoken to Paul’s agent, Leon Rose. Rose, who also represents Carmelo Anthony, worked with the team last summer on an exit strategy for ‘Melo.

The Thunder’s plan as of now is to keep Paul alongside Danilo Gallinari and remain competitive, Sam Amick of The Athletic hears (Twitter link). Still, Amick cautions that at this stage in his career, the point guard isn’t going to be patient.

Paul, whose contract runs through 2021/22, will make $38.5MM in the 2019/20 season, with roughly $86MM due to him over the following two seasons. Westbrook will also make $38.5MM this upcoming season and he’ll take home $132.6MM over the ensuing three seasons. The two deals are essentially identical, with Westbrook’s running for an extra season. Both of the point guards also have a player option on the end of their contracts, though it’s unlikely that either will decide to hit the open market a year early.

Westbrook has a 15% trade bonus in his contract, but because he’s already earning a maximum salary, the bonus will be voided, ESPN’s Bobby Marks adds on Twitter.

Paul, 34, slowed signs of slowing down during the 2018/19 season. Injuries limited him to just 58 games, and his 15.6 PPG and .419 FG% were both the lowest marks of his 14-year career. However, he still chipped in 8.2 APG and 2.0 SPG while helping to lead the Rockets to the Western Semifinals.

As for Westbrook, his scoring average (22.9 PPG) was his lowest in five years and he went through some major shooting slumps en route to a .428/.290/.656 line. The 30-year-old still managed to average a triple-double for the third consecutive year though, contributing 11.1 RPG and a league-leading 10.7 APG to go along with 1.9 SPG.

Photos courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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171 thoughts on “Thunder, Rockets Swap Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul

        • jkoms57

          Omg Lakers would be a dream..

          No way they waive him tho.

          OKC can take those expiring contracts from heat.. + another 1st

            • specialfriedrice

              They don’t need to do a thing atm…Presti is a genius, they shaved 1 year off a fat contract and received two 1st round picks…and find themselves in a position to just take the loses and rebuild or wait for another team to crack and give up more assets for Paul

              Just giving credit where credit is due

              OKC more or less controls Miami’s future atm…Presti will not give the Heat a player the will devalue the draft assets that he owns because of…the Heat.

              In Australian term, Presti has Riley ‘by the balls’

              • jkoms57

                I think it was a terrible trade for OKC.

                The picks aren’t that good and now they’re stuck with CP3.

                If CP3 gets hurt (likely) it’s a wash.

                Only way this trade was good is if they had packaged CP3 elsewhere.

                Very similar to the Garden trade where you trade a star for young role players.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      Yeah “thank GOD the Heat didn’t trade for the player RILEY WANTED TO TRADE FOR”. What joke.

      • Justin Miller

        Funny quip from a fan of 2 VERY well run teams…Riley also traded for Jimmy Butler…soooo yea, maybe it’s time for Riley to retire. We don’t have a first round pick until my newbies graduates high school

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          @justinmiller What does the team I root for have to do with ANYTHING? The moment I get a job as a NBA GM then you can hold be responsible for how a team is run and who they trade for. You are the definition of a “fanboy”.

          • Justin Miller

            Haha ok. You’re putting stock in the fact Riley wanted it, so I am somehow wrong in having an opinion that it would have been a terrible fit. Not sure how fanboy applies here. Just a heat fan.

            • KnicksFanCavsFan

              @justinmiller No. Just because you’re a Heat fan doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with their moves. I don’t think Riley would acquire a $130 mil cancer and I would think he has a better pulse on the NBA than all of us. But ok…

    • darinc

      It would have been fun to watch Butler & Westbrook fight over the ball.

      I guess we get to now watch Harden & Westbrook do the same thing.

    • wiseone

      Yes it is and the Warriors got younger along with keeping their best players. Iggy and Livingston had become limited and injury prone. Now the Warriors will have a chance to rest their top players as they have solidified their bench better than it has been in years.

      • jkoms57

        Lmao delusional Warriors fan.

        West got better, GS got wayyy worse.

        They’re a contender alright, for that wildcard spot rotfl

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      Not Charlotte. They just signed Rozier. PG is literally the only thing they don’t need.

      • hiflew

        Yeah I forgot about Rozier. But MJ wants a star. Rozier is a decent player, but he is not a star. Paul’s best days are behind him, but he could sell tickets. Especially since he probably still has a large fan base in NC from his college days.

        Plus, there is a chance he and Rozier could play together.

      • FlaveFlava

        Interesting thought, with re Wolves just having hired Rosas from the Rockets. Would be an exchange of bad contracts somehow.

    • Yes, I think that’s where this all leads. As soon as CP3 demonstrates he can still play once he’s allowed to have the ball again, and Rozier proves why he’s been a backup his whole career.

  1. 13Morgs13

    Westbrook and Harden together. Not sure how that will work. Both very ball dominated

      • asdfgh

        That’s why the beard was lost in OKC if anyone remembers he had to run the 2nd squad because of him and Westbrook. Who’s going to fight over individual stats?

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          @asdfgh Harden had was the 6th man because he plays the same position as Westbrook. Why make it seem as if there was a problem? At this point, both players have something to prove as they each have a bad narrative they’d like to shed. Will be interesting to see what happens.

      • hopper15

        Probably not. Morey makes strange decisions that go totally against analytics ala Carmelo last year. I think this will be another one.

    • It worked fine in OKC the first time. Harden came off the bench, but they played together when it mattered. Both were young ascending / developing players back then, more in need of space in their customary spot. Older guys have more flexible games, when called for.

  2. kenleyfornia2

    Westbrook and Harden on the same team. This will either be great or a disaster. No in between

      • kenleyfornia2

        Before Harden was a starter. And theres no KD to help them this time

      • 22Leo

        When they played together on OKC H Arden was not the player he is now. Completely different situation. One of them will have to take a back seat. I do not think either can do that.

      • sportznut1000

        well except for shooting which is pretty big in the playoffs. westbrook is one of the least efficient shooters in the nba. he only shot 29% from 3 last year so the offense will run through harden. as long as westbrook can handle that, then rockets have a shot at the 3rd seed as their ceiling i think

      • lagerbagels

        I’ll agree with most ways, especially at this stage in their careers, but NOT 3PT shooting…. where Westbrook is the least efficient volume 3 shooter of all time

  3. hmrapp

    How many first rounder does OKC now have!? Presti is an absolute legend!

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        @dugdog83 Right because no stars have been found in the 2nd half of the draft. Also, draft picks are like currency in the NBA and having multiple picks in a year would allow them to possibly move their own potentially lottery pick in successive years. Not saying they should or would but it’s still good to have. They can also use them to trade up in the draft.

    • sportsfan101

      So is Danny ainge and he has only landed a few of his first round picks at above avg players don’t get to happy your looking at what should be multiple late first round picks which rarely own out

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        @sportsfan101 You don’t have to KEEP a draft pick in order to profit from having so many. Ainge is a “hoarder”. Has he traded ANY of his picks other than the Brooklyn one sent to Cleveland in the Kyrie trade? He can always use it for current NBA players via trades or use them to trade up or in to the lottery. More importantly, and I really don’t understand how this gets missed, those picks are for drafts that are 4 and 6 years away. Who knows what state the Rockets will be in by the time Harden and Westbrook’s contracts have ended. What if they fall off a cliff like most teams do once they’ve exhausted their cap space in efforts to maintain and win now team? See the Cavs post LBJ, the Lakers post Kobe, the Heat post the big 3 (although not as precipitous of a fall).

    • Presti is the most overrated GM in the league.

      See below:

      – Trading Harden for Kevin Martin
      – Signing Kendrick Perkins to a large extension.
      – Signing Steven Adams to a large extension.
      – Signing Carmelo.
      – Letting KD walk for nothing.
      – Other moves I could come up with, but its early.

      • jkoms57

        Let’s see:
        Westbrook A+
        Harden A+
        Durant A (given)
        Draft Ibaka A+
        Draft Adams B+
        Trade Harden
        For KMart, Lamb, Adams D
        Trade Reggie, KP
        For Kanter, Singler, Augustine A-
        Trade Ibaka
        For Oladipo, Sabonis, Irsan A+
        Trade Oladipo, Sabonis
        For Paul George A+
        Trade Lamb
        For Ridenour F-
        Trade Kanter, McDermott
        For Melo F-
        Trade Paul George
        For SGA + 1sts B-
        Trade Grant
        For 1st C-
        Trade Westbrook
        For CP3 + 1sts D-

  4. goldenmisfit

    So now the funder have sevenfirst round picks in exchange for Westbrook and George. Having Paul makes no sense so look for them to flip him. How long before Harden and Westbrook are griping with each other both need the ball can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

  5. Bryzzo2016

    What the hell is OKC thinking? They thought it was tough to move Russ’s contract? Good luck w/ CP3’s contract. Houston is so thirsty, Russ and Harden are already proven to be a bad mix.

    One of the rare times BOTH teams lose a trade.

    • Casey

      Well, you can have one guy, or you can have the other guy and 2 first round picks. Thunder won.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      How did they PROVE to be a bad mix? Fun fact. In the 3 years Harden was in OKC the team lost to the Lakers, Mavs and Heat. The three consecutive finals winners. They lost to the Lakers in the 1st round, the Mavs in the WCF and the Heat in the finals. Granted, they also had KD and Ibaka but the two guys thrived on those OKC teams.

      • x%sure

        Way to research. And way to predict two firsts… Presti really jumped on that! Paul will get along better with SGA than Russ would.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          @x%sure ….wait….are you…complementing me? (sniff, sniff) so unexpected. Haha.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      @bryzz02016 Was it really tough to move the contract? Fans speculated but it just happend. This is the NBA. Stars get paid. Someone gave Paul Milisap 3/$90 a couple of years ago. But for the Thunder, they traded Grant and they’ll likely move Adams soon too and POOF just like that the they saved a net difference of $170 mil between Westbrook/Grant/PG vs Paul. If they jetison Adams then they should be way under the cap for the season.

    • jjd002

      Didn’t Harden and Westbrook make it to the Finals when they played together?

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        @jjdoo2 Yep lost to the Heat. Then OKC let Harden walk to avoid lux tax.

      • Bryzzo2016

        That was a VERY different Harden. Nowhere near the ball dominant, iso player he is now. That’s why him and CP3 didn’t gel. Russ has NEVER played off the ball. At least CP3 could hit an open 3 after Harden would routinely dribble out the shot clock. Also, that Finals squad you’re referring to had some dude named Durant… kind of a big piece missing in this equation.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          @bryzzo2016 I think I acknowledged that team had KD and Ibaka. Also, was Harden REALLY a different player then or was he simply not allowed to shoot at will coming off the bench and having an obvious pecking order with KD and Westbrook already established stars when he was drafted? Ball hogs, start chucking it back in high school. It’s in his DNA to shoot at will and that actually is a GREAT instinct to have as a 6th man coming off the bench. Maybe not so much as the starting PG and certainly not once Paul came around. It’s all about choosing to pass more and involve yourself in the offensive scheme (assuming D’Antoni actually has one other than rolling out the ball and blowing whistles to start practice).

          Westbrook and Harden are at the precipice of their HOF careers. They have to know that they are close to having a career with no chips. Will see if they can adapt or keep doing what they do. At least the two know each other well. Maybe that will help? or could be a disaster and they end up trading one of them next year.

    • phenomenalajs

      How do the Thunder lose? CP3 has one less year on his max contract and they get more first round picks. Rockets didn’t give up Capela as some thought they would.

    • slund24

      2 1st round picks and saved $46 million with cap space a year earlier. Sounds like a big win for OKC to me.

  6. asdfgh

    I guess State Farm is going to hate just having CP3 with no buddies. I guess he’s glad State Farm is there for him in OKC along with not competing.

      • Bryzzo2016

        I gotta think Adams will get moved too. I just gave no idea what a rebuilding team is gonna do with the worst contract in the league. CP3 collecting stacks while ending his career on a perennial lottery team.

        • hiflew

          CP3 is not the worst contract in the league. Even if he is overpaid, he still contributes a great deal on the floor.

          • KnicksFanCavsFan

            @hiflew Agreed. We spend too much time worrying about salary. NBA teams have shown they will overpay for stars. Paul still gave them 16 pts, 8 assists, 2 steals on 36% from the 3pt line playing alongside Harden who most consider a ball hog.

        • whoneedsfacts

          They can sit on it. They don’t need to win for the next several years so it doesn’t effect them.

      • goldenmisfit

        Everyone seems to believe Chris Paul will not see one game in Oklahoma City uniform. The general consensus is he will either be flipped for more pics or be bought out and will end up signing with a contender on a minimum contract.

        • x%sure

          Hard to believe a buyout, given the size of the check that would have to be written. But then I didn’t expect this trade either.

        • whoneedsfacts

          Dude you are clueless, CP3 has three years on his deal at the max, OKC isn’t going to buy him out and mess up their cap for three years with out anyway of fixing it because what’s done is done. They will probably look at trades while selling tickets. They can easily move a player to get under the tax line with one of their many picks if the tax is the problem, or trade Adam’s. They have so many options.

    • goldenmisfit

      As a Lakers fan would not mind that because as much as I don’t like him as a person he is an excellent player. But, knowing what we know about Paul can anyone really see him taking less money in a buyout then he is owed? Really can’t see him doing that but if he can will gain more respect for him. Then he would be able to sign with a contender on a minimum contract and if he did that really would tell you that he has grown up quite a bit.

  7. king beas

    Cp3 has a worse contract and it still has 3 years left not to mention the 1sts they just got won’t have any value since the Rockets should be a top 4 team on the league

    • The first rounders they got are after HOU current contracts have expired. We have no idea what the Rockets will be like after Westbrook and co are gone. Potentially dreadful.

    • x%sure

      Whoa. Paul worked with Harden because he filled the Beverly role. Russ is not that kind of player.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan


      Paul @ 3/$124 + two 1st rnd picks > Westbrook and his 4/$169 mil.

      Paul can mentor SGA and his expiring contract in year 3 could actually be a trade asset. So really, Paul isn’t going to be a total waste. He’s still an excellent, although overpriced star PG. OKC have no delusion of being a contender in the next 2 years. Presti is doing what we Knicks or Cavs fans call “embracing the suck”. Looking at it from a glass half full perspective, the OKC Thunder are now 1/3 of the way to reaching the salary floor with just his contract alone. I would continue the purge and move Adams, Schroeder and Roberson too if possible to do so and still field the 14 man roster mandate.

    • whoneedsfacts

      Dude the first is like 6 years from now. Read before you comment.

  8. kylegocougs

    Wow big surprise! I guess there was beef in Houston. How well can Westbrook and Harden get along, in terms of play style, in 2019?

    Man OKC will be trash next year

  9. krillin89

    This is going to be Allen Iverson and Carmello teamup 2.0. Two ball hogs on one team do not work well. All 4 players are phenomenal players, but they don’t jive

  10. stretch123

    Would’ve liked him on the Heat and a little disappointed he didn’t end up here but not at that price… on another note, what the living HECK are the Rockets thinking? I think they got worse with Russ… both him and Harden are ISO players… I don’t get it.

  11. arc89

    This will be funny. Hey give me the ball. No I have the ball. I am open. Well i will be open in 10 seconds. Ok now I will pass it to you with 2 seconds left on the clock. Time expired again.

  12. shawn hemp

    They aren’t gonna eat 137 million or whatever tf is left on cp3 contract

  13. Fearthebeard

    Lol what are people bagging the rockets about here?

    Chris Paul contract is without doubt worse. He’s older, injury proned and showing decline already.

    Westbrook and harden worked with okc pretty well. Both now can basically do exactly the same what PAUL did there with the rotations and offers more in rebounding and far more healthy sonfar in his career.

    Sound like rockets got some more fear in the league now.

    Only thing funnier is the lakers fans dreaming they somehow get cp3 now. They have no trade assets what so ever. He’s on a 3 year mega $ contract. Okc move him no doubt at some stage likely but lakers got nothing to offer them.

    • alpha-17

      No they’re not better. They are both the most ball dominant, volume shooters in the league. They both play iso, westbrook more than cp3. Cp3 can play more off the ball than westbrook ever can. Westbrook shot 29% from 3 last season and he’s going to a team where their coach is known for telling them to jack 3s. They’re not better and they may be even slightly worse because of style of play.

  14. formerlyz

    Wow…how is this better than what the Heat offered? Lol well at least I was generally right

    • Maybe it’s in addition to. Ever think that Riley might prefer CP3, without trading draft picks, vs RW with trading them?

      • formerlyz

        Chris Paul is the better player. But I dont see it. He was looking for an opportunistic situation. He’s fine converting Nunn/Maten to 2 way contracts, keeping UD, and adding 1 more depth piece, and calling it

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        @dxc What would suggest that Houston would’ve traded Paul without a) draft picks or b) players that can maintain them being a top 5 contender in the WC? It’s clear that the reason why Morey was willing to trade Paul was to re-purpose the money for a star player than can help them win now. Now whether or not he would’ve succeeded in that is debatable. But clearly, Westbrook being on the market wasn’t something any of us thought would happen.

        • I didn’t say they would, or imply it. I was indicating that Riley might prefer ACQUIRING CP3 (without relinquishing picks and/or Winslow) vs acquiring RW (and having to relinquish picks and/or Winslow).

          That being the case, OKC swaps the two PGs and gets it’s draft picks from Houston. Then sends CP3 to Miami for a lesser package.

  15. FromTheCheapSeats

    I’m 99% certain that CPIII will be somewhere other than OKC before opening night.

    First thought? Minnesota for Wiggins (essentially straight up).

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      @fromthecheapseats OKC should take that in a heartbeat. At least he’s young enough to factor in OKC’s future plans.

  16. AnthonyDavisIsGoat23

    Cp3, Sga, roberson, gallinari, adams

    The team wont be bad tbh. Really good defensively. Gallinari and cp3 would have to carry offensively

  17. Great job by OKC. They obviously sensed that they were dealing with a liability (not an asset), and swapped it for a worse liability (albeit with a 25% shorter life span, but one that had become toxic to it’s owner), and pick up some lightly protected albeit very remote picks (with a 1 year conversion to 2nds).

    Good job by Houston too. Needed to get rid of CP3 due to the spat, and did it getting back another star and without giving up anything that’s valuable during the Harden era.

  18. JonnyLucas

    Now… if they can only find someone to take CP3. I hope he lands in a good spot.

    • Baby steps. Next swap CP3 for the the worst 2 year contract in the league. Pick up more remote picks. Rinse and repeat. Then stretch.

    • George Ruth

      You think with them acquiring 7 1st round draft picks in 2 trades 5 with the trade of George & 2 more with the trade of Harden with the ability to swap 2 1st round picks with each the Clippers & the Rockets

  19. mgrap84

    CP3 isn’t staying in OKC that’s for sure. They are in a rebuild and it makes no sense having him and I’m sure he wants no part of a rebuild

  20. DougieJones

    The two biggest ball hogs on one team! I can’t wait for this season to start!

    • George Ruth

      I guess you forgotten that James Harden & Russell Westbrook were teammates in OKC before OKC came to the conclusion that they weren’t going to be able to sign Harden & then sent him to the Rockets

  21. whoneedsfacts

    Hey Miami fans, maybe I was right that y’all weren’t getting Westbrook handed to your on a silver platter. This was a great move.

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        @stretch123 so trading a couple of young players who don’t look to be all-star high-impact players is better or worse than taking on the last 3/$130 of Westbrook’s contract? I swear…fans.

        More likely, Riley was simply posturing this early into negotiations and figured no other team would be in competitions until the day NBA teams could trade recently signed FA. He was wrong and there’s nothing wrong with him hedging that bet. If he was correct then he would have 3 months of NBA games to see what he had in Herro and maybe Kpala. If Herro looks as good in the regular season as he does in the summer league then you keep him. If he looks “eh” then maybe you acquiesce and include him in a trade deadline deal for RW.

        • formerlyz

          The trade that was made shows that they wouldnt have needed to send the young pieces, if they sent the draft picks, which was a possibility. I was right, Riley was right. He pursued him in an opportunistic situation. If it didnt happen, not the end of the world

          • KnicksFanCavsFan

            @formerlyz Maybe or maybe not. Houston has no young pieces to send so maybe they preferred to deal with them for 1st rnd picks that COULD be good 4 to 6 years from now AND get Paul who can mentor SGA? You’re a bit smug about this like the Heat were the only show in town. Clearly, each potential trade partner may have different assets that Presti may prefer. Maybe they like a player or two that were recently drafted on one team? Maybe there’s a vet asset they want along side 1st round picks. Too many scenarios to say this proves their thinking of what they found was acceptable. The fact that Westbrook is now a Rocket sort of proves that the Heat likely weren’t going to get RW without including Herro or etc vs Heat future picks.

            • formerlyz

              I think you’re still missing the point, but its ok. It doesnt actually matter anymore

        • stretch123

          As exciting as it would have been to have Westbrook, we would have been a 3 seed at best and lose in the ECF. Milwaukee. 76ers are clearly superior teams and in 2020, Brooklyn will be superior as well. So why trade 2 out of Winslow, Bam, and Herro? All three have so much more to go in their development. Bam and Winslow, at the very least, have the potential to be either all-defensive players and at a cheap cost. Herro can become an all star if he plays the way he’s playing in the summer league and works at his game. I think Riles was clever to draw the line at the point he did. I can almost guarantee you he was willing to build a deal around Winslow and expiring assets (who, players like Dragic and Olynyk could be flipped for more picks… and Winslow would’ve been a hell of an asset around SGA and the players incoming to OKC and I feel that OKC was foolish to not accept a Winslow, Dragic, JJ/Kelly O package). I’m so glad Pat didn’t throw one Herro and Bam. Both of those guys have the potential to be above average championship winning players for a long time to come. But of course, you’d only know that if you follow the Heat. To say both don’t have all star potential is foolish. I will say Winslow is who he is at this point (a 15/5/5 pg with all defensive team potential). Bam will likely be a 15 and 10 player who’ll be great defensively within the next 2 years. But my eyes is definitely on Herro… dude is a stud and looks like the steal of the draft already and is a guy that can score at will. I think he’ll develop into a stud as a playmaker too). Now if Miami can go out and get a Beal or a McCollum in 2021???

          You’re talking Beal/McCollum, Butler, Winslow, Bam, Herro, DJJ, and whoever we draft in the 2020 draft. We’re gonna be dangerous come 2021. Watch and see.

          • Bam will never be as good as Whiteside.
            I am getting gray hair waiting for Winslow to become a star.
            Summer League is pointless… don’t see why it matters what Herro does in it, no difference if 10ppg or 40ppg, as far as I am concerned.
            I think people overvalues Miami young guys, don’t think any has star potential, really.
            PS. I actually like Winslow, this year played a good game for a while.

  22. Tazza

    CP3 and Miami’s first rounder pick that has protections that the thunder own to Miami for Dragic and Winslow.
    Miami gets a quality PG and leader to pair pretty well with Jimmy Butler. Miami also gets back one of its picks and still has a good enough team to be in the play offs this year and be competitive. OKC get out of CP3s contract for Dragics expiring deal plus it gets a young prospect in Justice Winslow.

    1. Paul. Nunn
    2. Herro. Waiters
    3. Butler. Okpala
    4. Olynyk. Johnson
    5. Adebayor Leonard

    1. SGA. Dragic
    2. Schroder. Ferguson/Diallo
    3. Winslow. Bazley
    4. Gallinari. Muscala
    5. Adams Noel

    • So now, all of a sudden, CP3’s contract has value (Winslow value)-? Based on what I’ve read here, OKC should be happy to get rid of CP3 for expirings and 3 1st round picks.

      • Tazza

        I think CP3 and a pick does equal Winslow and an expiring deal. Paul gives them exactly what they need to be successful asap, plus Winslow with Butler is good on defence but not great offense and it blocks Herros minutes.

        • It wasn’t your stated view on it that I found laughable. It’s the OKC fans that, before this trade, were talking about the mountain of assets that RW would yield (while being the same guys who have been saying CP3 is untradeable without giving away 3 unprotected 1st’s), and now saying they’re going to flip CP3 for more assets. He went from a cancer to a treasure as soon as he moved from Houston to OKC.

    • Tazza

      Or Alternatively CP3 and a first round pick for Tim Hardaway and Courtney Lee. Dallas gets CP3 to be a leader, and take the pressure of Doncic while also partnering him with a decent shooter and defender in Paul, plus they also get a pick and Lee’s deal off the books. OKC get Hardaway who is still reasonably young and a shooter (not the most reliable one tho) to pair with SGA who is a playmaker.
      1. SGA. Schroder
      2. Lee. Ferguson/Diallo
      3. Hardaway. Bazley
      4. Gallo. Muscala
      5. Adams Noel

      1. Paul. Brunson. Curry
      2. Doncic. Wright
      3. Jackson. Finnie-Smith
      4. Porzingod. Kleber
      5. Powell. Marjon

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        @tazza Didn’t Cuban balk at the idea of acquiring Dragic on an expiring deal and 1/6th of what Paul costs? I don’t think they really need a PG considering Doncic is the primary ball handler and averaged 6 assists per game. All they need is a decent backup guard or a combo guard that can shoot and initiate offense at time. A lot of cheaper options out there via FA or deadline trades.

      • He won’t even hear CP3’s name. As soon as he hears OKC is taking THJ and Lee, Cuban will agree to the deal.

  23. yogineely

    I think maybe Westbrook wasn’t down to go to Miami, and that can still be in the works now they have zero attachment to cp3 and can send him wherever. it was reported they were talking to Westbrook about his preference, so maybe they all were playing nice

  24. George Ruth

    OKC has now acquired 5 first round picks from the LA Clippers & the option of swapping 2 other 1st round picks & now OKC acquires 2 more 1st round picks & the ability to swap 2 other 1st round picks.

    OKC is loaded for bear between the 2020 & the 2026 NBA Drafts with the additional 7 first rounders they’ve collected in the last week

  25. Kingmojo101

    Besides my dreams, is there any possible way CP3 could end up in the lakers?

    • Reflect

      If he keeps getting flipped for even worse contracts (like Wizards) I could see him ending up on a rebuilding team somehow, and getting released outright. But that’s seriously like a 1% outcome.

  26. x%sure

    Best for OKC. They avoided a Russ/SGA conflict (Paul can handle off-guard better) and got positive value for Russ at a very late date to start trying.

    Houston looks like a trainwreck coming. The fact that Russ & Harden got along on OKC is irrelevant because the seniority is reversed.

    Both players could still be moved but OKC will start the next round with those picks already added. Presti has really made a name for himself by accumulating so many picks!

  27. bowserhound

    I was hoping all 3 guys would be on the Rockets to form the all-time leader in flopping.

  28. sweetg

    guess we know harden dislikes paul even more then westbrook. wonder if there is anyway paul ends up with lebron.

  29. Chucktoad1

    I understand Paul is older and hurt a lot and Russ hardly ever misses a game. I just don’t understand why you would give up so much for Westbrook. Paul works better in the Rockets system as he can shoot and play defense while Russ can’t shoot and doesn’t even try on defense.
    Heck I even understand if the rumors are true and Paul wanted out. Once again though, Why give up so much? They’re both on the decline and on monstrous contracts.

    As for CP3 to the Lakers on a buyout. They already signed Rondo to start. Yeah I know Paul is better but those 2 definitely don’t get along.

  30. upandcomerballplayer1087

    It’ll be interesting. The rockets will get torn apart by these two players, and including big ball hog pj tucker, and the dude who thinks he’s the best center in the world, Clint capela

  31. CP3 being bought out so he can go to the Lakers is a fantasy. 124 mm-? Presti and OKC ownership are likely still (despite 5 1st rounders) seething at PG13 requesting a trade at the time he did. What better way to get back at him? Feed the Lakers an elite player (yes, he’s still that when healthy). Expensive revenge. But this group did swallow hard and pay that tax bill last year.

    • goldenmisfit

      This is not as much of a fantasy as many might think. I think it is safe to say Chris Paul wants no part of Oklahoma City so a buyout could be the most logical option. The only way Miami can get Chris Paul is by matching salaries and I don’t think that is going to happen. Now, Chris Paul if he wants can agree to a buyout with Oklahoma City then sign with the Lakers on a minimum contract which would give him the best chance right now to win a title. When healthy Chris Paul is still an elite player so he could go out there prove he is still the player he was and next year parlay that into a Nother mats contract. If you look at this logically this could turn into more money than the three years 124 million he is owed if things work out that way.

  32. Fearthebeard

    Sounds like your delusional goldenmisfits.

    3 years 124mil buy out? What so you can dream? No chance.

    Miami and other clubs will throw some expiring contracts and picks at worse.

  33. gbazeballisking

    Funny thing is that in the more recent years the Rockets would have done this to beat the Warriors but now they gotta worry about the 2 LA teams instead.

  34. Buckman

    Sam Presti should get GM of the year for the next 5 years, 10 if he trades Paul and gets more assets (i.e., first rounders).

  35. Parkside

    Man U got to give credit to rockets G.M Morey turned the most un tradable contract to get Westbrook I’m not sure how he fits that team but I think it’ will work out much better then Chris Paul and all that drama plus he has been injured a lot can’t wait for next season gonna be some good basketball

  36. Z-A

    I mean in the East? They might make the playoffs as a 7th or 8th. In the West nah. They know they have to use an asset to dump CP3. They, unlike the Cavs live in reality. Cavs think they should get assets for Love. So basically they keep CP3 until the deadline and maybe someone gets desperate. Gallinari is more likely to be dead w the expiring contract.

  37. Z-A

    link to

    Dragic & Crabbe to Thunder
    CP3 to Heat
    JJohnson to Hawks

    Same trade but Mahinmi to the Thunder, JJ to Wiz.

    Works. Let’s see it happen in December.

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