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The Heat and Pistons are expected to be the top contenders to land Russell Westbrook if the Thunder decide to trade him, according to Sam Amick and Brett Dawson of The Athletic.

Oklahoma City GM Sam Presti will meet this week with Westbrook and his agent, Thad Foucher, to plot out the future for the former MVP. All three were blindsided by Paul George‘s trade request, which was the result of Kawhi Leonard‘s successful lobbying effort to join him on the Clippers.

The Thunder are motivated to move Westbrook, not only because he’s the lone star left in OKC and will make $171MM over the next four years, but also because he plays the same position as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the centerpiece of their return in the George deal.

Miami would like to pair Westbrook with Jimmy Butler and could offer a package built around Goran Dragic, who has one year left on his contract at $19.2MM, and Dion Waiters, who is owed a combined $24.7MM over the next two seasons. Detroit’s offer might include Andre Drummond ($27MM in 2019/20 with a $28.75MM player option the following season), Reggie Jackson (one year left at $18MM) and Tony Snell ($11.39MM next season followed by a $12.18MM player option).

Some executives believe the Rockets could get involved as well, given GM Daryl Morey’s penchant for star chasing. However, pairing Westbrook with James Harden and Chris Paul, two other guards who like to control the ball, may prove awkward, and matching salary wouldn’t be easy. Houston would almost certainly have to part with Clint Capela ($14.9MM next season), Eric Gordon ($14MM), and P.J. Tucker ($8.35MM) in any deal if Paul isn’t included.

Sources with knowledge of Houston’s thinking confirmed to Tim MacMahon of that the Rockets have interest in Westbrook. However, one team source described a potential deal as a “long shot,” says MacMahon.

There’s more today on the Westbrook front:

  • The Knicks have been mentioned as a possible suitor for Westbrook, but will have to wait until December to make a move, notes Marc Berman of The New York Post. New York no longer has the cap room to absorb Westbrook’s $37.5MM salary for next season after reaching deals with six free agents, and those new players can’t be traded before December 15. If the opportunity is still there, Elfrid Payton, Reggie Bullock, Bobby Portis, Wayne Ellington and Taj Gibson will all have expiring contracts that could interest the Thunder as they try to reduce a league-high tax bill. The Knicks can also offer the 2021 and 2023 first-rounders they acquired from Dallas in the Kristaps Porzingis deal, Berman adds.
  • Michael Shapiro of Sports Illustrated mentions the Timberwolves, Celtics and Magic as other possibilities. A swap with Minnesota would be easy if OKC would accept Andrew Wiggins in return, he states, while the Celtics could offer Gordon Hayward and Jaylen Brown or wait a year and trade newly acquired Kemba Walker. Orlando has been seeking a point guard for years and has a lot of wings and big men to offer.
  • The Bulls, Mavericks, Nuggets, Bucks, Spurs and Raptors all have the assets to get involved as well, according to Zack Rosenblatt of
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94 thoughts on “Latest On Russell Westbrook

  1. thatwildfan

    I’ll take Wiggins long term over Westbrick, Westbrick to the TWolves is an awful idea.

  2. arc89

    Only way Westbrook will be successful on a team if a coach sits him down and tells him he is not the center of the NBA. The team will need a owner that supports his coach 100%. Westbrook is very talented but he is not a team player. Until he learns he needs the whole team to be a winner he will always be a stats guy first.

    • monymgr

      He along with others in the NBA play for their stats only as the team is always second in their minds !!

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        Russ wants to win. He’s a huge competitor. Problem is, he sees what he does as helping the team, not hurting it.

        • Gary

          Yes very true. I’ve got a buddy I run with and he shoots the ball every single time. He’s pretty good but by the third game gets a little tired and there’s more bricks than makes.

          He as such a will to win and like you say he figures shooting it himself is a better option than giving it to another guy who will just turn it over or miss a shot.

          Even after 10 misses they think the next one’s going in. Better than giving the ball to someone else who will fail.

    • afsooner02

      Lol @ anyone here thinking Russ listens to what a coach says….much less doing what a coach says.

    • Eric Lord

      He deferred a lot George last season. There were more games last season when Westbrook wasn’t the leading scorer then the previous 3 years combined

  3. RootedInOakland

    A team that’s basically Harden, CP3, Russ, and 12 guys on min contracts would be hilarious

  4. clubberlang

    I think Miami is the best fit for him, Houston should be a hard pass, Lakers maybe.

  5. L Lawliet

    Well if its between heat and pistons i have my money on the pistons. Draft picks alone give them the edge.

    • L Lawliet

      Thunder get A Drummond, E. Gordon, PJ Tucker, L. Galloway det 2022 1st. 2nd rd any year. Maybe luke kennard only if they insist.
      Houston gets S. Adams, R. Jackson, K. Thomas det 2020 1st
      Detroit get R. Westbrook, C. Capela.

        • L Lawliet

          Drummond is a 26 yr old 2time all star. Heat fans offering up 33yr old former all star and badly injury prone concern dragic as the centerpiece for their package!!! Lol!!!! The dude missed half last season might as well throw in a few of those senior citizens they have dancing at heat games too. Lol!! Not to mention miami has no picks

  6. Danthemilwfan

    Bucks should trade Middleton and Bledsoe along with Dj Wilson, sterling brown and some picks. Don’t know if that would be the best offer but I’d love that.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      And have a team with two of its best players they can’t shoot from issue? Besides, Russ needs the ball as does Giannis.

    • jwoh13512

      I wouldn’t trade Middleton for Westbrook even up. We need more of the 3 and D type players not less.

  7. diller1340

    Is there any chance that Westbrook would get along with Butler or Griffin long term??

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      Except for KD leaving there’s not much of a history of him being called a “bad teammate”. Maybe not a smart teammate but not a “locker room disturbance”.

    • dugdog83

      Long term? This is the nba

      But diller78 I would love to see Blake and Russ

  8. driftcat28

    Wouldn’t it be tampering for Kawahi to recruit George who was under contract with another team. Wish the thunder had laughed at his trade request and kept him

    • sidewinder11

      I thought the same thing. Although perhaps his status as a free agent at the time gives him more liberty to have those types of conversations than if he were already signed with a team

      • whoneedsfacts

        The trade benifited the Thunder, they weren’t going to win and now they have a rebuild starter kit with S Adam’s and Wetbrrok to bring in more assets.

  9. stretch123

    Dragic, Winslow, Derrick Jones Jr for Westbrook. Two young players to build around and an expiring deal in Dragic who can be flipped to a contender for a 1st round pick at the deadline

    • L Lawliet

      No picks no chance! Miami is ok unless they can aquire more picks. Furthermore does presti really want to tale a chance a weaken the miami picks he already has? I think not!

  10. Skip, Tampa

    Heat are by far the best landing spot for Westbrook.
    Strong ownership, management and coach. Could sell Westbrook on a step back for Butler to lead. Worked out well with Wade and Bosh. May do wonders for Westbrook. Dragic can play as the off guard easy enough. Bam to anchor the Center.
    Chemistry is key for this trade.
    His contract is a monster on it’s own. He has to like where he’s going to waive the 15% clause.
    Deal killer for any team.

    • stretch123

      Dragic would likely be part of any deal involving Westbrook. I think OKC will ask for Dragic, Winslow, Bam and Derrick Jones Jr. and whatever draft picks Miami can give.

      • Scott

        If I’m OKC, I want Herro and Bam as young pieces to build around with SGA.

    • futuremvp

      He is already making 35% max, so his trade kicker is not important (it can not be activated if it would bump player’s salary over the max).

  11. Dionis89

    Detroit is the best fit, Casey is a hard nosed coach and he can be the undisputed leader of the team. They need a perimeter wing really bad so why not Westbrook? Barring injury he would make them a top 4 seed in the East.

  12. futuremvp

    You do realize Westbrook is 31 yr player who in three years from now, when he is 34, will have $46.6M player option on the final year of his current contract? Given how he is .30% 3pt PG who relies heavily on his athletic abilities, OKC should be happy if they can find a team that will be willing to offer them future cap relief, and if there are draft picks to be included in such deal, they would need to go the other way, from OKC to that other team.

    • Skip, Tampa

      Very well put indeed. It’s the Monster contract and 15% clause that are the killers.
      Thunder can trade Adams to Hawks for cap relief. Maybe even a 3 team deal to get it done.
      Right up Riley’s alley.

  13. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Hey if Simmons signs that Max extension, won’t the Sixers be a good match?
    Simmons for Westbrook straight up?
    Yes, I want to trade Simmons every time, but that is just me, but the Sixers need a scorer/shooter and Westbrook fits that!

    Plus, who are the Pistons and Heat when compared to the Mighty Sixers? So there’s that!

    • DeLuxury

      The heat and pistons have each won three championships since the 76ers won in ‘83. So that’s who they are.

  14. KnicksFanCavsFan

    Bulls: Westbrook
    Mavs: Adams
    OKC: Porter Jr, Coby White, J. Jackson, D. Garland, K. Antetokounmpo + draft picks from both Bulls and Mavs. Works on the trade machine.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          Not completely accurate. They can if they pick up ANY 1st round pick (it could be the 30th) in the next 3 years they can and if they make the lottery the pick is protected 1-10. But I was expecting most of the picks to come from Bulls. Jackson would be coming from Dallas btw.

          • david

            Youre wrong. Dallas cant trade any of THEIR first rounders. 2025. Lets say the pick up houstons 2020 first rounder. And the mavs have their own and houstons 1st rounders.- dallas cant trade their own, they have to trade houstons.

            • Luke Adams

              As long as they’re guaranteed to have at least one first-rounder every two years, it doesn’t matter which ones they have. They could theoretically trade away all of their own future first-rounders if they’re guaranteed to get enough other teams’ picks (they’d have to be unprotected though).

    • gammaraze

      So how do the Cavaliers get involved? Darius Garland was drafted by Cleveland…

  15. Jeff Zanghi

    Not sure I see how the Celtics could be a realistic destination here. I mean I understand logistically they could deal Hayward and someone else but why would they? Then they’d have 3 PGs (including Smart – not that he’s as good as the other 2 but still position wise it would be a mess)

  16. JonnyLucas

    Russ declines significantly last year. His game is built on his athleticism… he looks like he’s lost a lot of his explosiveness. I wouldn’t touch that contract with a 50 foot pole.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      How are you measuring decline? He could’ve just had an of year in certain categories. He’s a superb athlete and at age 30 isn’t when you expect to see age restarted decline.

  17. formerlyz

    I think the pertinent information we’re all not giving enough focus to is the report that his contract is considered to have negative value. I personally think that’s a bit of a stretch, however, you can theoretically see the issue there.

    It’s tough to find a fit for him b/c of the current landscape. GS would have been perfect before the D’Angelo Russell trade. Could have maybe been some sort of 4 team deal in that scenario…I could see Portland, Dallas, super outside the box, but Cleveland feels like it works…I dont think any of the other teams mentioned make much sense, just looking at their rosters. That Detroit team would have the same issue they already have, while killing their chance to obtain some kind of flexibility. Andrew Wiggins is on a legit trash contract. The Knicks could have been available to get involved, if they wanted to. This is essentially one part of what I was talking about with the inefficiency of the way they used their money. Could have grabbed guys like Vonleh, Marcus Morris, and Bullock and had space to take advantage of opportunistic situations, and absorb either a bad contract for assets or an expiring deal. In this case, saving OKC that much money could have actually possibly got them an asset or 2 for taking Westbrook…

    • formerlyz

      …Nets could have made some sense before they signed Kyrie. Although not sure if they would have got KD in that scenario

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      I agree with you in how Westbrook’s contract is viewed. Yes, he’s getting a healthy salary and moving thru his prime and into the “watch” peeps but would say he’s now more of a risk than any of these vets signing max deals. He’s been result durable over the last five years. I think we as fans look at contract risks more than teams that know what they are getting on the floor immediately.. He’s only a year or so older than Klay, Kemba, Lillaird, etc

      • formerlyz

        I think the issue is the super max, and the difference between that number, and a regular max contract. The percentage of the cap that takes up is significant

      • dlevin11

        So you are saying Portland could trade Dame to OKC straight up for Westbrook.
        I like it.

  18. SWP7979

    Daryl Morey is an idiot. If you’re about analytics, which he allegedly is, why would you get the most inefficient player in the NBA? Was Carmelo not available? Oh wait, y’all tried that last year. Houston won’t get him only because Presti is way too smart to take any of Houston’s garbage roster.

  19. KnicksFanCavsFan

    I’m a little conflicted as to whether they SHOULD do it but I think the Cavs could make an easy play to acquire Westbrook.

    Cavs: Westbrook
    OKC: Thompson, Jr Smith, Clarkson (all expiring contracts, Jr’s will save OKC $10 mil if cut)) + one off-season or Garland + Porter Jr and a couple of future picks. Only issue I could see is the Cavs 2020 goes to Atlanta if 11-30 and their 2020 or 2022 or 2023 can go to Milwaukee if not 1-10. So with Westbrook will their picks be that great if Westbrook can keep the Cavs out of the lottery?

    Garland or Sexton/ Westbrook/Cedi/Nance/Love isn’t a serious contender but could make them a 40 win team and bring some excitement to the fans. Not sure if it’s worth it.

    • formerlyz

      What about something along the lines of Westbrook, Adams, and Roberson for JR Smith’s contract, Brandon Knight, Tristan Thompson’s expiring, John Henson’s expiring, Colin Sexton, 2022 1st round pick (whichever is better between theirs and Milwaukee’s), and possibly another pick if necessary…

      OKC cuts salary immediately, gets all the expiring deals, a young guard in Sexton that can play with SGA or be flipped, and the pick(s), especially in the rumored super draft in 2022

      Cavs end up with Westbrook, Windler, Roberson, Love, Adams
      Clarkson, Cedi Osman, Nance, Garland, whoever else they have/add off the bench

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        Naaa taking on too much salary with Adams and Roberson. I think the players going to OKC are fair. wouldn’t take adams 2/$50 and give multiple picks too.

        • formerlyz

          Not much of a FA market next year, and the Cavs couldn’t likely do anything major anyway. Adams is a bit overpaid in today’s game for a Center, but I’d much rather have him over someone like Whiteside for example, and then he comes off the books as your young pieces enter their 3rd year, you have another pick coming in, and FA has more options. You retain most of the young pieces, including their upside, and they learn in a winning environment. Also retain enough expiring deals to get out of the extra money they spend this year, and they’re a taxpayer regardless, so being a winner helps in dealing with that. Also could help elevate Kevin Love’s value a bit, and it also reunites him and Westbrook. You lose the 2020 pick to Atlanta, but you have 3-4 young pieces that can grow, still have your own pick in 2021, and keep 1 of the 2022 picks, etc. You dont really lose much with that

          I actually think it’s not a bad scenario for Cleveland. They’re likely somewhere in the 3-6 seed range, possibly higher, and an injury to someone above them could make things even more interesting for them. Meanwhile, OKC is in massive position to do A LOT of things, and most importantly for them, clears salary.

      • KnicksFanCavsFan

        to be honest, the trade scenario works on the trade machine and i think we have the young assets but im not sure they SHOULD do it.

      • gammaraze

        I don’t think so. Sure, the Cavs get back to the playoffs, but does it make them a contender? I don’t know. But on OKC’s side, you get Sexton and flexibility for a much weaker 2020 free agency class. They’d be better off waiting til the trade deadline or finding another taker.

  20. KnicksFanCavsFan

    Sorry. That should’ve read ” one of” Sexton or Garland + Porter Jr plus picks

  21. Eric Lord

    The Thunder have zero incentive to trade Westbrook to the Heat. It makes no sense to make the Heat better when you own 2 of their 1st round picks. They’d be better off trading him somewhere else

    • jeremyn

      Do you think the heat are a lottery team in the next 4 years? I don’t…. id rather take the protection off the one pick and add another if I’m them… the Thunder could have 2-3 1st round picks in every draft until 2026… basically making them the Celtics of 2014.

    • formerlyz

      If anything, it’s the protected 2023 pick that is most interesting b/c it becomes unprotected. Obviously that’s a long way away, but I think that has a better chance of being a great pick than the 2021 unprotected pick anyway. They could also remove the protection on that 2023 pick, and include another one after the fact if necessary. That being said, as has been mentioned already, and as the info already coming out suggests, I think the pertinent information we’re all not giving enough focus to is the report that his contract is considered to have negative value, and they may have to include an asset to move him. I personally think that’s a bit of a stretch, however, you can theoretically see the issue there.

      I’m not saying the Heat are the perfect fit, b/c I dont think they are, but I could see them being a possibility. I just wouldnt give up Dragic, Winslow, or Bam in a deal for Westbrook. I’d much rather include the picks, and offer the salary relief.

  22. jeremyn

    I love all this couch GM’s not even realizing the rules of the NBA lol…. 1) You can’t trade people you signed (not for 6 months) 2) the Thunder are over the cap, so salaries have to match 3) a team in reboot is looking for youth and cap space, not all-stars and big contracts. The only 2 viable teams are the pistons and heat right now (possibly the magic)… and I believe only the heat can check all boxes the thunder would require…. this is all assuming the Thunder even want to trade him at all…. oh and PS… the Thunder aren’t trading the only player to be on their team every year of its existence to anyone without his consent first.. it would basically destroy them from ever signing a FA again if they sent him somewhere against his will in this situation.

    • david

      Why trade russ to heat though? They already have miamis 1st rounder. Thats only helping the heat. The heat get more wins which makes their 1st rounder less important. I wouldntrade Russell for wiggins and their drsft picks. Minny will be bad with such an inexperienced head coach

  23. DeLuxury

    I love the idea of him in Detroit with Blake. The proposed trade involving Houston that also sent Capela to the D is even better. The east is weaker across the top. Toronto lost their best player Boston lost their best player. Philly lost one of their top players. The pistons could surely be in the mix with those teams for the right to lose to the Bucks in the conference finals. I think that is worth he cost. And I think that Detroit would be happy to watch Blake and Russ age out of the league if they just loved the city in return.

  24. we_got_game

    Easy trade for pistons to make really I see it going down like this Reggie Jackson/ 1 year remaining. Langston Callaway 1/year remaining/ thon maker 1 year remain.. Bruce Brown. 2 future unprotected 1s and the right to swap picks on a 3rd 1st. Oklahoma sends Russ westbrook and Arians to Detroit.. Detroit would have to get some help from a 3rd team to bring in more roster players to fill.. For the thunder your in rebuild mode this gives you the cap space in 1 year to open up for a up and coming max contract and they would have a plethora of picks… For Detroit this would signal Tom Gore’s going all in and committing to aging players in hope they can come together and mesh well.. Alot of ppl think this would be a dumb move but I remember before Joe dumars put together a group of upper 20s early 30s guys together with a seasoned veteran coach they went to 6 str8 eastern conference finals. NBA is wide open right now and a linup of westbrook Kennard Snell Griffin and Drummond might not be what the warriors were but who you going to double team westbrook or Griffin? I see Drummond offensive rebound sky rocket if Detroit can pull this off.

    • DeLuxury

      I’m reading other sites talking about this clearly being a salary dump by OKC that will save them $100 in luxury tax. As such there may be no need to include draft picks.

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