Pistons Not Interested In Russell Westbrook Trade?

It was recently reported that the Heat and Pistons are expected to be the top contenders to land Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook if/when Oklahoma City ends up trading him, with Miami and Westbrook already expressing mutual interest in a potential deal.

However, unlike the Heat, it doesn’t appear as if the Pistons are particularly interested in a trade for the eight-time All-Star and former NBA MVP, according to Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press.

Per Ellis, he reached out to a source with firsthand knowledge of the situation involving Westbrook, with the source responding, “Ridiculous… (n)othing there.” Then, in a follow-up piece, Ellis adds that the Pistons’ appetite to obtain Westbrook is lukewarm, even though the franchise readily acknowledges the talent that makes the Thunder guard one of the best point guards in the league.

Ultimately, it appears to Ellis that the primary issue with trading for Westbrook is the value of his contract, which will pay the 11-year veteran $171MM over the next four seasons. And if nothing else, Ellis’ stories probably strengthen the notion that the Heat are the prohibitive favorite to land Westbrook should he be traded from the Thunder.

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92 thoughts on “Pistons Not Interested In Russell Westbrook Trade?

  1. shawn hemp

    Lukewarm hahaha. I loved all the internet gms thinking he was going for multiple 1st round picks. They gonna be lucky to get salary cap relief. Toronto for Lowry gasol maybe a heavily protected 1st that turns into 2 2nds.

    • stretch123

      Lol I’m laughing my head off RN “internet GMs.” So many of them attacked me because I’m a Miami fan and assume I let favoritism of my team get in the way of logic but it’s so obvious that the market for Westbrook would be super dry.

    • shawn hemp

      Ujiri needs to prove he was worth all that praise. Keep em relevant. Gasol Lowry Powell for Russ westbroke and Adams. Thunder can buyout gasol and get out of tax. Raptors might have a chance in east. Otherwise they dead in the water

      • Reflect

        That would be a pretty bad trade for the Raptors. They would be just as mediocre as they are now but with way less cap space and flexibility for future years.

        • shawn hemp

          Ur right. But Toronto isn’t exactly a free agent destination so flexibility doesn’t really matter. They gotta compete while they can or blow it up and try to get lucky.

        • donawalt

          Actually if you check on John Hollinger’s trade analytics, this trade would be successful cap wise, yet the stats predict a +2 projected wins change for the Raptors with a -10 projected wins for OKC – much worse trade for OKC. There’s not really a good match analytics wise between Raptors and OKC, closest I can get is Westbrook for Lowry and Siakam, -4 projected wins for OKC and no change in wins for Toronto.

      • Keep smoking that hemp Shawn. Ujiri needs to prove something after making the ballsy move of dealing for Claw which resulted in winning a Championship?!

        • shawn hemp

          Why is this app so sensitive? Censoring me when everything I’ve said is PG! C’mon man

      • fun guy

        Dude, he won a chip he is a god in Toronto. He did the kawhi trade when nobody else would pay up. NYK, LAL and WAS have all tried to pry him out of Toronto but he already has the best job in the league

    • whoneedsfacts

      Cap relief a young guy and a draft pick will do it probably, but it will take that. By the way your being an internet GM too, I mean you realize the hypocrisy right?

      • shawn hemp

        I’m not clowning anyone for putting a deal out there. It’s apart of every thread. But a lot of people were putting a AD or PG-13 like package out there for Russ. And I was saying they were dumb af.

    • KnicksFanCavsFan


      Can we stop acting like this isn’t freaking Russell Westbrook? He is STILL a top 10 player in the NBA, even if he has blemishes. Is there any doubt that if he was a FA this season that he wouldn’t get a max contract? The ONLY real issue is, he doesn’t fit certain systems and most of the teams that SHOULD want him (because he can help them win a chip vs a rebuilding team) are fresh out of salary cap space and matching his $38 mil salary slot likely means trading a player they don’t want to lose.

      I am farrrr away from being a RW “fan” but he’s a legit star who, wrong or right, plays his butt off and wants to win. His problem isn’t his heart or his desire to win it’s his belief that what he does is in the name of winning. Not defending him at all. But in an open market where teams have set themselves up to be players in the FA market, he would certainly have multiple offers. But right now, what contender has the ability to acquire him? If Miami had the cap space this deal would be done so let’s stop acting like the OKC wouldn’t be able to get 1st round picks for him. If the GSW could get a protected 1st round pick for a broke down Iggy then they can certainly get a couple of 1st round picks for teams that have them to spare IF they had salary cap space.

      • shawn hemp

        (1)Russ isn’t a to 10 player. I’m not gonna list 10 better players but u know better. lead league in turnovers and shot 20% from 3. 1st round loser etc etc. (2) warriors gave up a pick to Memphis to get rid of iggy. Get ur facts straight. You u come at the king you best not miss bruh

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          I worded it incorrectly but obviously I know who Iggy played for.

          Russ is flawed but is still a 20/10/10 guy who’s top 10 in VORP and Defensive Win Share. He’s still a legit star. Stop acting like he wouldn’t get a handful of max offers if he was a FA. If he wasn’t still a valuable player then why would Riley of all people want him?

          • shawn hemp

            Watch a game not a stat sheet. He plays losing basketball. He’s a legit cancer not a star

            • KnicksFanCavsFan

              I watch plenty of games and don’t need a stat sheet. I’m not even a fan of RW but to say “no one wants him” and wouldn’t give up multiple picks for him is a joke. If Iggy can net one 1st round pick then don’t tell me RW couldn’t get 2 or 3. I think we “fans” make way more out of draft picks and concern for future salary cap space then most. Every year there’s an insanely over paid player that isn’t anywhere near as good as RW.

              The only reason he’s tough to move is because most teams have used up their salary cap, or are not trying to contend and the very real fact that he ISN’T going to be a good match for some teams.

              • x%sure

                2 or 3 firsts or recent firsts or even just one, not realistic. He will go for noncrucial player salaries and no picks.

                It is true OKC would have done better if the trade happened earlier. But like DXC said, that level of salary was never meant to be tradable.

              • Casor_Greener

                GSW GAVE up a #1 pick for someone to take sight! Man you don’t know basketball!

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          Btw, Harden “led” the league in turnovers. RW was 2nd followed by Giannis and Ben Simmons, both the latter aren’t known for their 3pt shooting prowess either? Your point?

          • shawn hemp

            How many playoff series has Russ won since kd left? Top 10 player? Ur trippin.

            • KnicksFanCavsFan

              How many playoff series has Kemba won? PG? What’s your point? There are team owners that would droll over him just for his name value.

      • formerlyz

        The name of the player doesnt matter as much when he is taking up such a significant portion of the cap, especially when a team.like the Heat cant take on literally any money b/c they’re up against the hard cap. I think it would require at least a pick, but I dont think it should cost nearly anything more than Herro, Olynyk/Leonard, Waiters, James Johnson removed protections on the 2023 pick, and a 2025 pick makes any sense. I could also see them trading back the Heat picks, so the Heat could include 2 extra, instead of 1, if necessary. That’s not that much less than they got for Paul George, which is more than fair, considering the situation

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          @formerlyz We see stupid GMs make stupid moves all the time. I mean, every trade period we sit in judgement of bad moves. If he was on the market prior to the start of FA I’m soooo sure a few teams would’ve been more than happy to give him a max deal and I’m not talking about bottom of the rung teams looking to add a name to their roster. The Heat want him and I’m even if they give up garbage contracts to get him they still would have to pay the last few years of his deal.

          I am NOT a RW fan but even I know he’s still a productive and sought after guy if on the open market. Some teams might see him as a missing piece for a chip. Obviously, that team would have to have other stars and he would have to buy into it but I’m sure someone would take that risk if they work around the salary cap issue.

          • formerlyz

            If this were a week ago, the situation would be a lot different, but it isnt. I’m a Russell Westbrook fan. He is one of my all time favorite players b/c of the way he plays, but some of the deals being thrown around for the Heat to get him are totally ridiculous in every single way. Pat Riley is interested in opportunistic situations. That is what this is. He doesnt overextend, and there is no way in the world Pat Riley would willingly destroy himself. Maybe I’m wrong, but it would have to be b/c they want to give Winslow a chance to shine or something b/c the Heat are that type of organization, where they’d do him a favor by putting him in a situation where he can lead, so it doesnt hurt his growth, if they feel that way.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan

          Here’s a trade I proposed and I felt it made sense for all sides. It also passed on the trade machine.

          Miami gets Westbrook and Zizic (from Cleveland). Cleveland gets Adams (OKC), Olynyk. Adebayo and Maten (Mia). OKC get’s Cleveland’s expiring contracts of Thompson, Smith and Clarkson, Waiters (Mia) and recently drafted Porter Jr, Herro and Okpala.

          Miami get’s their guy and keep without having to match salaries or take on additional salary. Cleveland get’s a rim protector in Adams, 2 years of control on Adebayo to try and develop him and an ok rotational guy in Olynyk. OKC clears both Adams and RW via $46 mil ($36 guaranteed) in expiring contracts that comes off the books or they can cut Smith and trade Thompson and Clarkson. They also pick up two recent 1st round picks and a 2nd round pick from this 2019 draft. Maybe Miami kicks in a 1st or couple of 2nds too. I think it works for everyone, especially Miami who really are only losing the two guys they drafted in 2019 and Waiters.

          • formerlyz

            The heat wouldnt have the ability to fill out their roster. They’re also hard capped, and cant take back that much extra money Theres more, but out of the gate, that’s the biggest point

    • LordBanana

      Lowry alone is better for Toronto, this trade not only makes them worse but ties up more future cap. I agree with you about internet GMs….

      • shawn hemp

        Really? Lowry? He not even best pg on the roster. If Khawi isn’t there fat kyle would never be able to get his own shot or an open look. Render fat and useless

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      OKC is still in tax territory. They need to take back less salary. Lowry and Gasol are making about $59MM next year. Westbrook is at $38.5MM. If TOR takes Adams ($25MM) and throws in idk maybe Boucher (almost $2MM) it could work for both teams. Definitely a protected 1st would go to OKC because RW and SA are younger and better.

      TOR gets Westbrook, Adams and a future 2nd

      OKC gets Lowry, Gasol, Boucher and a lottery protected 2020 1st.

    • shawn hemp

      I think jimmy basketcase would pull a pg-13 and ask tf out immediately if they got westbroke.

    • afsooner02

      Just dumping him and that contract on Miami is enough of a win. You won’t win anything with him and enjoy the ego show between him and butler.

      • whoneedsfacts

        I do think it’s funny that Miami fans are like “he dosnt have value we will for sure get him cheap”. Well if your right and he has no value then there is a damn good reason and he won’t be helping you only lock up for your cap for four year!

        • stretch123

          He makes the Heat a 3rd or 4th seed as opposed to a 6th seed with Jimmy Buckets. And in the playoffs, anything can happen. A Miami team with Bam, Johnson, Butler, Herro, Westbrook and Waiters can beat 12 out of 15 teams in the East. The only teams I have doubts about them beating at full strength this season is Milwaukee, Indiana and the 76ers. And Brooklyn if KD miraculously returns in the playoffs.

        • stretch123

          Also there’s speculation in 2021 Beal or McCollum will be interested in joining Miami. Jimmy and Russ will be on expiring contracts at about 80 million combined. A 45 million expiring in Russ alone would be sooooo valuable to other teams.

  2. Not surprising. Yes, it’s the contract. It’s not about the player being worth the $$ (that’s complicated), it’s about whether in constructing a team he’s worth this share of the salary cap (he’s not, and that’s not really that complicated, nor pejorative to him, as only a handful of guys could ever be). Keep in mind that 35% max, w/8% increases, was (until recently) reserved for guys after their 10th season with their existing team. Meaning very few would ever get it, and those that did were likely being rewarded for career achievement. These weren’t meant to be trade assets. In fact, they weren’t meant to be traded at all. OK, now we have the super max, and it can be offered to more guys, and signed a couple of years in advance. Worth it, not worth it, it’s not a trade asset.

    • shawn hemp

      Well put. That being said westbroke ain’t worth it. Games aren’t played on stat sheets. He plays losing basketball

    • whoneedsfacts

      I actually agree, there are maybe five guys worth completely messing up your cap for four years and that’s meant to happen for a team that can go over the cap to resign a super max player on their own roster. Trading for a super max, especially if your giving up future assets, really puts the hurt on any team and locks up their cap in a bad way.

    • formerlyz

      I dont know why it’s hard for people to understand. Its even less of an asset in this current market. If this were a week ago, things could have been a bit different, but its not

  3. JonnyLucas

    I am more excited for this season than any year since LBJ went to the Heat.

  4. Gazman

    Taking a risk on Westbrick has little upside with his current contract. I’m not sure why any team would trade for him.

  5. MIA—> Westbrook
    OKC —> Dragic, Forbes, Belinelli
    SAS —> Winslow

    Toss is picks here and there, e.g., Spurs probably want one of OKCs picks to compensate them for saving OKC nearly 11M; MIA probably removes protections their pick already owned by OKC.

  6. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    The Sixers need Westbrook!
    End of Story.
    However, with the salary cap, I just don’t see it, but the Sixers are the ones who can use him for sure.

  7. With Reggie Jackson and Langston Galloway coming off contract this year and 25 mil coming off the books I think it’s smart to not want Russ. They just have had the issue of paying Reggie and having his dud contact on the books over the last few years. They could easily get an upgrade tab PG this next off season with the likes of Dragic, Kyle Lowry and Fred Van Vleet, Denis Smith Jr and Jeff teague all coming off contact.

    • Man all the guys you mentioned are scrubs or too old, absolutely no use to Detroit.
      Westbrook is an unbelievable player with the biggest heart in the league, worth every penny, puts bums on the chairs!

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      If the Knicks exercise DSJ’s 4th year, and they will, then he is not on the market. Dragic, Lowry and Teague? VanVleet would be a great signing though.

  8. formerlyz

    I still think Cleveland makes the most sense. There is o ly 1 deal for the Heat to make that would actually make sense for both sides, but it cant be made for 30 days now

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      I thought about RW coming to the Cavs but I don’t see a match. a) We wouldn’t be a contender with him right now. Maybe an 8th seed but what’s the point? b) He would make them relevant but again, so what? c) RW wants to win and I doubt he would want to be traded or want to stay in Cleveland, so what’s the point? d) He’s a stubborn vet who would be playing for a college coach. Not to say he’d be disrespectful towards Coach Beilein but he’s a better fit on a veteran team with a seasoned NBA coach he would respect.

      I do think the Cavs can help the Heat and OKC out by helping the Heat keep their team together and not take on extra salary.

      • formerlyz

        What about something along the lines of Westbrook, Adams, and Roberson for JR Smith’s contract, Brandon Knight, Tristan Thompson’s expiring, John Henson’s expiring, Colin Sexton, 2022 1st round pick (whichever is better between theirs and Milwaukee’s), and possibly another pick if necessary…

        OKC cuts salary immediately, gets all the expiring deals, a young guard in Sexton that can play with SGA or be flipped, and the pick(s), especially in the rumored super draft in 2022

        Cavs end up with Westbrook, Windler, Roberson, Love, Adams
        Clarkson, Cedi Osman, Nance, Garland, whoever else they have/add off the bench

        Not much of a FA market next year, and the Cavs couldn’t likely do anything major anyway. Adams is a bit overpaid in today’s game for a Center, but I’d much rather have him over someone like Whiteside for example, and then he comes off the books as your young pieces enter their 3rd year, you have another pick coming in, and FA has more options. You retain most of the young pieces, including their upside, and they learn in a winning environment. Also retain enough expiring deals to get out of the extra money they spend this year, and they’re a taxpayer regardless, so being a winner helps in dealing with that. Also could help elevate Kevin Love’s value a bit, and it also reunites him and Westbrook. You lose the 2020 pick to Atlanta, but you have 3-4 young pieces that can grow, still have your own pick in 2021, and keep 1 of the 2022 picks, etc. You dont really lose much with that

        I actually think it’s not a bad scenario for Cleveland. They’re likely somewhere in the 3-6 seed range, possibly higher, and an injury to someone above them could make things even more interesting for them. Meanwhile, OKC is in massive position to do A LOT of things, and most importantly for them, clears salary.

        • KnicksFanCavsFan


          As a Cavs fan, I’d pass. Westbrook and whoever left will not be a serious contender and I don’t think he’d be happy here either. In fact, I think OKC would seek RW’s approval first. Also, Beilein needs to adjust to working with NBA players. I’d prefer to stick to developing our young guys and go from there. As a Knicks fan it would’ve been something to consider if they could’ve brought in another top 20 player. But I did list a trade higher up on this thread where the Cavs are the 3rd team to step in and help facilitate a trade.

          • x%sure

            I’m not sure with Gilbert “out” that the Cavs can do anything. They haven’t even done a small thing yet. There are regular type things they could do but, not a peep from Altman. Certain things were pre-OKd by the bosd but the landscape is so different now.

  9. Ryne Huff

    I’m wondering if there is any real possibility of the Suns making a trade for him? ESPNNBA posted their guess would be

    OKC—> Tyler Johnson, Kelly Oubre Jr., Aaron Baynes, 2022 First Round Pick.

    Suns—>Russell Westbrook


  10. stevep-4

    Bulls trade entire starting 5 for Westbrook. Surround him with G League players and raise ticket prices again.

  11. hinglemccringleberry

    Of all the players getting these bloated contracts, this dude is worth it. Period.

  12. I’ve said this earlier but i think Detroit needs to rethink this. With a starting 5 of Russ, Luke Kennard, Tony Snell, Blake, and Andre Drummond I think they could compete for a top 4 position in the East. Yeah 1 & 2 are probably taken by Philly and Milwaukee, but beyond that there’s really no one in the East right now as we’re all putting a hold on the Nets for KD. I mean I think they’d be on par with Indiana and better than Boston and Toronto

  13. specialfriedrice

    What is this controlled media BS…this article is just beyond dumb.

    • L Lawliet

      Ikr. I believe this article and writers “sources” about as much as I believe in Santa Claua. The notion that Detroits frobt office is basically turning their nose up at the idea of addig weatbrook is a joke. Detroit has absolutely nochance ever of signing a guy of hia talent level. Anyone with a brain who watches the nba ca see adding weatbrook to moat of thia roater including BG will make detroit a serious east contender. This load of crap about wwatbrook is inefficient and cant change his game is GARBAGE. You brought in Casey to coach LET HIM COACH!!

  14. jeremyn

    So since the Heat are seemingly bidding against themselves (the Magic also seem uninterested, and no way Russ would accept going to Minny IMO) … what do the the Thunder do? A) Take the cap relief and picks or B) Try to talk Russ into playing it out until December when other teams could make offers?

  15. matthewm1993

    God I’m so torn on this.

    On one hand, Russell Westbrook is a beast, a bonafide top 15 player, and no doubt his attitude and competitive nature would greatly improve and impact our team…

    On the other hand, his contract is incredibly expensive, and while I’m almost certain those last two years would be horrendous financially, it’s debatable as to whether he’s even worth his current annual salary. He’s become one of, if not the most inefficient player in the NBA, and often it seems like he’s forcing everything in an attempt to be some sort of hero. His jumpshot, which everyone thought and hoped would improve over the years has for the most part worsened, and if I recall, he was actually the worst player in terms of shot efficiency almost all of last year…

    But then again…I can’t even put into words how badly I want to get rid of Reggie Jackson. He’s stupidly inefficient, can never stay healthy, and has largely been a bust after his “breakout season” in OKC while stepping in when Westbrook got hurt…

    But when I think about who would most likely have to be a part of any trade for Russ, it feels almost certain that Luke Kennard would have to be included, as he’s the brightest young prospect on our roster (sad as that is). The only way I see us not having to include him is if the FO includes Sekou Doumbouye (which I’m not even 100% sure we could, since we just drafted him and officially signed him…not really sure when rookies can officially be traded once they are signed), or includes multiple 1st round picks…

    But then again, would it even be that big of a deal to trade 2, maybe 3 1st round picks? Our FO hasn’t shown any ability to draft anyone of significance, and I would assume with Russ and Blake at the core of our roster we’d wind up somewhere in the 20s for at least the next couple years.

    So here’s my final thoughts on a potential Russell Westbrook trade…

    If you can somehow hold on to Kennard, then I’m all for it.

    Maybe package together Reggie Jackson, Tony Snell, Thon Maker, and Langston Galloway (all expiring contracts within 2 years if I’m correct), next year’s 1st round pick and a future 1st rounder, for Russ and Danilo Gallinari, who I’m sure they’d love to give up in their attempt to be as bad as humanly possible.

    • diller1340

      Tony Snell can’t be traded for 90 days and Sekou can’t be traded for 30 days. And the narrative that Reggie can’t stay healthy is so dumb considering he is one of only like 6 or 7 players in the league that started all 82 games last year.

    • L Lawliet

      Reggie Jackson played over 75 games last season. I agree his play is underwhelming for a statting pg. But he was healthy last year. So you cant take that away from him.

  16. Z-A

    If they wanted to win the East they’d go all in and get Westbrook. Jackson Snell Kennard + picks.

  17. hoosierhysteria

    RW has the stats and plays hard. He has no EQ! He is a jerk. Some GMs/owners don’t want to deal with it. He is not coach able. The happiest camper when he gets moved: billy Donovan. Maybe Riley can get through to him. He must believe he can.

  18. goldenmisfit

    Detroit does not want Westbrook? More like they are saying “we have one monstrosity of a contract we don’t need to“.

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