Rockets Focused On Andre Iguodala, JaVale McGee

After missing out on their top summer target when Jimmy Butler opted for Miami, the Rockets are looking at two former Warriors as they fill out their roster, writes Jonathan Feigen of The Houston Chronicle.

With a need for depth at the wing and in the middle, Houston is turning its attention to Andre Iguodala and JaVale McGee, according to Feigen. With the moratorium is lifted Saturday, Iguodala will be on his way to Memphis, part of a cost-cutting move that enables Golden State to trade for D’Angelo Russell without exceeding the tax apron.

Rockets GM Daryl Morey may be willing to send next year’s first-round pick to the Grizzlies as part of a package to acquire Iguodala, who will make $17,185,185 in the final year of his contract. Morey could hope for a buyout and try to get Iguodala at a better price, but he would risk losing him to another team, such as the Lakers, where Iguodala’s former agent, Rob Pelinka, serves as GM.

Houston pursued Iguodala when he was a free agent in 2017 and put on “the best recruiting presentation of all time,” a source told ESPN. Iguodala canceled his other meetings and was reportedly ready to sign with the Rockets before Golden State increased its offer.

Feigen notes that if a trade happens, Memphis will have pulled off the rare feat of getting one first-rounder for taking Iguodala and another for letting him go.

The Rockets met with McGee, who played for the Lakers this season, on Sunday in a session that two sources told Feigen “went really well.” Houston’s interest in McGee wasn’t just a hedge against a Clint Capela trade, he adds. The team is looking for more size on its reserve unit and likes McGee as a pick-and-roll partner for James Harden and Chris Paul.

However, the Rockets are limited in what they can offer. McGee may be looking for more than a veteran’s minimum deal, and they will become hard-capped if they use the non-taxpayer mid-level exception, leaving them unable to deal for Iguodala or anybody else with a significant salary.
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15 thoughts on “Rockets Focused On Andre Iguodala, JaVale McGee

  1. goldenmisfit

    I cannot believe this even have to be mentioned was there ever any doubt the Rockets were going to miss on Jimmy Butler? Anyone who knows anything has known for a few years but wanted to go to Miami Houston was never even a consideration.

    • x%sure

      Several of us here beat that idea with a stick, but Morey’s talents get much respect. I was thinking the $190mil was more important though, not Miami limited to offering 140.

  2. JBHoops

    Memphis might get two 1sts for trades involving Iguodala? That’s…incredible. Well done to the Memphis front office if they pull that off.

    • xtraflamy

      Why not? The Warriors gave up a total of 6 picks in relation to Iguodala. 3 firsts and 3 seconds.

        • xtraflamy

          In July 2013 the Warriors gave up 2 firsts and 3 seconds to acquire Iguodala.

          2014 1st to Utah
          2016 2nd to Utah
          2017 1st and 2nd to Utah
          2018 2nd to Denver

          They just traded a 1st to Memphis for taking Iguodala’s salary — 2024 (protected 1-4), 2025 (protected 1) and 2026 unprotected.

          That’s 6 picks total – 5 for in, 1 for out.

          • claude raymond

            Below is from nba website on that date. I had forgotten how much gsw gave up. Thx flamy:

            “Andre Iguodala (E-gu-doll-a) in a sign-and-trade deal from the Denver Nuggets and guard Kevin Murphy from the Utah Jazz as part of a three-team trade, it was announced today. As part of the deal, the Warriors sent center Andris Biedrins, forward Richard Jefferson and guard/forward Brandon Rush, along with two future first round (2014 & 2017), two future second round (2016 & 2017) draft picks and cash considerations, to the Jazz, as well as a future second round (2018) draft pick to the Nuggets. The Nuggets also received guard Randy Foye in a sign-and-trade deal from Utah, while the Jazz also received a future second round (2018) pick from Denver.”

  3. Tazza

    Iggy and McGee would both be good players for Houston and would be taken off some of there east conference competitors. Houston really needs some good defenders. But I think a big problem the Rockets have is Chris Paul. It’s obvious him and Harden don’t like each other at all. But it’s hard to get good value back for him.

    Best deal I could see out there was
    Paul > Miami
    Capela > Boston
    Olynyk > Boston
    Haywood > Rockets
    Dragic > Rockets

    Houston would get a Dragic on and expiring deal who is alright, plus Haywood who could be a pretty good wing. Boston gets a young Centre in Capela to pair with Tatum, Brown and Walker plus fan favourite Olynyk returns as a stretch 4. Miami gets Chris Paul to play with Jimmy B, Winslow and Adebayor. Miami would be interring and sell singlets, Boston gets a strong starting 5, Houston gets out of Paul and get to try Haywood instead

    • rxbrgr

      C’s don’t need a stretch four or center that badly, plus it’s worth waiting on Hayward to see if he bounces back

  4. Spike4christ

    Getting Jackson today was big too. Memphis is on it’s way back up. The West is going to be war next year.

  5. x%sure

    link to
    Memphis used its Conley trade exception to get Iguodala for a lightly protected 2024 pick, at the expense of perhaps having to drop Avery Bradley. But trading Igs might mean being able to afford Bradley, as well as getting another asset!

  6. rxbrgr

    I would be interested to see Shumpert sent out in a S&T to MEM to salary-match for Iguodala (with other HOU draft assets). MEM is not going to be a tax team so the hard cap shouldn’t be a problem. Shumpert @ 12ish million is cheaper than what MEM would be able to get Iggy to give back in a buyout anyway.

  7. arc89

    Rockets need motto is if you can’t beat GS just get their former players. McCaw, Cook, and Cousins are still available.

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