Atlantic Notes: English, Redick, Knicks

The Sixers are hosting a free agent mini-camp on Thursday and A.J. English is among the players expected to be in attendance, Nicola Lupo of Sportando tweets. The 6’3″ guard has spent time overseas since going undrafted out of Iona in the 2016 draft, playing last season for Lavrio B.C. in Greece.

Here’s more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Replacing J.J. Redick won’t be easy for the Sixers, Jack Winter of Basketball Insiders writes. Winter explains how the loss of Redick changes the team’s offensive identity.
  • The Knicks are bringing in Malcolm Delaney for a workout, Emiliano Carchia of Sportando tweets. Delaney, a former Virginia Tech guard who spent two seasons with Atlanta from 2016-18, will participate in drills alongside current Knicks players.
  • Quinn Davis of Basketball Insiders makes a case for the Raptors remaining competitive in the post-Kawhi Leonard era. Toronto went 17-5 last year during the regular season without Leonard, though the team’s record in those games vs. playoff clubs was just 4-5.
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12 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: English, Redick, Knicks

  1. I think the loss of JJ Redick will Loom large for the Sixers.

    Looking at their roster I see Tobias Harris and Josh Richardson as their three-point threats but not a lot after that. Horford can hit a few as can Joel embiid.

    Could be a weak spot for the Sixers this year. Maybe they can pick up a shooter at the deadline? Might hurt them in the playoffs as teams clog the paint.

    • I give no fox

      I would disagree that 3 point shooting will be a weak spot. They will miss JJ as he was an integral part of their offensive identity, but they have a plethora of above average 3 pt shooters outside the starting lineup. Neto (career 37% avg), Ennis (career 36%), Scott (career 36%), Milton (37% in g league). Bolden and Zaire Smith shot decent from downtown in a limited sample this season as well. They also drafted a prototypical 3-D wing in Thybulle. Not saying any of these guys is in a class like reddick, but they have shooters.

      • Okay fair enough. Let’s see how it plays out. But, will any of those guys be on the floor in crunch time in the 4th quarter of a playoff game?

        They’ll be fine during the regular season, they have a great Squad many talented players.

        My point is in the playoffs the rotations tighten up and the guys I mentioned above are the shooters. I don’t think they have that area shored up quite yet.

  2. Raptors are a fantastic team even with the loss of Kawhi Leonard. But who is their closer now? Who takes the final shot with the game on the line? Don’t say Kyle Lowry. I don’t think they have that guy right now, which is necessary for success in the playoffs.

  3. If Siakam hones his shooting a bit (fade-aways, mid-range),he takes the last shot. His ability to get to the rim is there, and 37% on threes is nothing to sneeze at. He’s close to being a bonafide stud.

    • Not disagreeing with you. And “IF” he continues to improve I think you might be right.

  4. x%sure

    That 17-5 stat is so overrated. It was just proud players stepping up shortterm to cover. Longer term, Leonard & Green have not nearly been replaced by equivalents.

  5. The 76ers definitely have one of if not the best starting 5 in basketball right now but their bench is struggling to be average. As for who they should target to get off the bench I’d say free agents Imam Shumpert and Lance Thomas. To make room in the roster I would let Korkmaz walk and trade Jonah Bolden for 2 second round picks.

    1. Simmons. Neto. Burke. Milton
    2. Richardson. Thybulle. Smith.
    3. Harris. Shumpert. Ennis
    4. Horford. Scott. Thomas
    5. Embid. OQuinn

    I think Embid will rest more this year with Horford playing minutes at the 5. With OQuinn and Scott playing minutes as back up 5. The roster looks SG heavy but most the players are versatile and can play SF and SF playing PF

    • I give no fox

      What does lance Thomas bring to the table? You are talking 12th-ish man on the roster, give me the young and controllable player with upside in Bolden all day, as well as position versatility to play the 4 or 5. Not to mention, the sixers have about 85 2nd round picks. I’d also argue that shumpert is not an improvement over Ennis, so what’s the point of signing him now. See what you have in the young wings and augment at the deadline/BO market

    • x%sure

      Shumpert is supposedly waiting on an Iguodala-to-Houston trade which would be lucrative for him. Bolden is promising and should be retained.
      Philly really does have a strong roster, but my concern is do the pieces fit.

    • Thomas covers the 3/4 and can shot the 3 ball alright and play decent D. Yes he’s about 12th man but Bolden just doesn’t seem that amazing. I’d rather be giving minutes to Embid Horford and OQuinn than give him minutes. Thomas just seems more reliable which is what you want from a 12th man vet. If you need to play a 12th man it’s because of injury or garbage time. If someone injured you know what Thomas will give you and in garbage time he won’t let the other team back into the game. Shumpert, I just mentioned him because again hes got a better shot and D, is better than Ennis.

      Off the bench I think all they need is vets that play 3 and D mixed with young high upside players. For me Shumpert is better than Ennis, Bolden doesn’t have a huge upside and Thomas just is another reliable 3 and D vet.

      • I give no fox

        I guess you just hate Jonah bolden because the stats do not agree with the words you are stating. In every single metric except 3pt %, Bolden is the better player. Bolden still shots better than league average in that regard, although a small sample. Add to that his age and the team friendly contract, and I just don’t see why you would want to get rid of him. Lance Thomas has never had a positive defensive rating in his career and has never once graded out as above league average. He is the epitome of replacement level player. Meanwhile, in bolden’s only season, he has contributed more wins defensively than thomas’ entire career by a significant margin. Thomas is not a 3-D vet. He is a liability on both offense and defense, per the advanced stats. I am happy the sixers are sticking with Bolden. Shumpert is better at defense but Ennis is the better shooter, stats don’t lie.

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