Celtics Notes: Tatum, Brown, Fall, Chemistry, Smart

Former Celtics center Aron Baynes believes Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are poised to reach star status, ESPN’s Niall Seewang reports. Baynes, who was traded to the Suns during the offseason, is particularly enamored with Tatum’s skill set.

“He’s so talented – even from the first day I played with him when he was a rookie in his first preseason, you could see how talented he was offensively and he also wants to work on the defensive end which isn’t common in the NBA – some guys live on that offensive talent but he wants to develop his all-round game,” Baynes said. He added about the young duo, “Those guys are still in their rookie contracts and they’re looking to prove themselves over the next couple of years and they definitely have all the tools to do it.”

We have more on the Celtics:

  • Tacko Fall’s agent is confident his client will get claimed off waivers if the Celtics don’t retain him, he told Adam Himmelsbach of the Boston Globe. Fall was signed an Exhibit 10 contract and there’s no guarantee he’d make the 15-man roster. Both two-way slots are also currently filled. “If the Celtics release him, I don’t think he goes unclaimed,” the agent, Justin Haynes, said of the 7’6” Fall. “I think somebody will take a shot on him because he’s done enough to show he can find a place in the NBA. I’m really hopeful that it’s Boston. I hope they find a way, and they do have a vision for him.”
  • Co-owner Steve Pagliuca already sees signs that the team’s chemistry will be better this upcoming season, according to Nicole Yang of the Boston Globe. A dysfunctional locker room was one of the big reasons the team underachieved last season. “There’s just really a positive attitude from everybody this year,” he said. “We’ve got a bunch of hard-working players that really want to achieve. We couldn’t ask for anything more.”
  • The team hasn’t had a captain since Rajon Rondo in 2014 and A. Sherrod Blakely of NBC Sports Boston believes that should change. Marcus Smart has the respect among his teammates and leadership skills that would make him an ideal fit for that role, as Blakely details.
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16 thoughts on “Celtics Notes: Tatum, Brown, Fall, Chemistry, Smart

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Is it laughable to have a team captain that has been there for his entire 5-year career rather than a guy who just arrived in free agency? It makes perfect sense.

      • fieldsj2

        It’s too obvious! Don’t you know this comment section is full of geniuses?

      • brewpackbuckbadg

        Co-captains? What is laughable is to not have a captain in 4 years? Why not Horford?

        • bravesfan88

          That’s what I was thinking..Hot ford is well known as being a winner, someone who does all the little things to get the job done, and an excellent unselfish teammate..

          Even though there was turmoil within the team last season, that doesn’t mean Horford wasn’t a good leader, and hasn’t been a good leader ever since he arrived in Boston.

          Idk though, a lot of these beat writers and reporters are around the team quite frequently, you’d think if Horford was a good leader then he would have been mentioned as such??..

    • PeterDipersio

      Lambert gang
      Smart has been there longer than Kemba! I’m sure Kemba will be an assistant captain

  1. Celtics should trade Haywood, Langford and Robert Williams for Aaron Gordan, Mo Bamba and Markelle Fultz. Celtics then have a younger, more balanced team with more depth. Haywood is a SF that plays PF because Tatum is at SF. Gordan is a natural PF that will fit well. Bamba gives the team a young option at C. Fultz makes the salary’s match but also gives depth at PG. It’s sad to see Langford go so early but Bamba and Fultz give you more potential and balance anyway.
    Magic take this deal because Haywood fits better than Gordan and he gives them a really good wing. Langford also makes a really good back up for Fournier, which they desperately need. Williams comes as a cheap back up centre with potential.

    1. Walker. Fultz. Edwards
    2. Brown. Smart
    3. Tatum. Ojeleye
    4. Gordan. Williams. Theis
    5. Kanter. Bamba. Fall

    1. Augustine. Carter-Williams
    2. Fournier. Langford
    3. Haywood. Ross. Iwundu
    4. Issacs. Aminu. Okeke
    5. Vucevic. Birch. Williams

    • x%sure

      That would be great for Orlando, but then I view Bamba & Fultz as remote prospects. It was said before the 2018 draft that Boston wanted to trade up for Bamba, and they would probably not mind moving Hayward.
      I have called him Haywood too. Also Haywd if I’m not sure!

    • Yeah Fultz no doubt is a remote project but there is potential there. In college he did average 23p6r6a. If he works out that’s amazing but if not oh well.
      Mo Bamba however I think he’s been unfortunate with injury but he’s still got a lot to show. At college was a 13p10r4b guy who also attempted to shoot the 3. Even this year in the 47 games he played averting 16 mins he had 6p5r1.5b.

      Either way by trading Hayward and Langford for 3 young players in Gordan Bamba and Fultz you get a younger team to suit the core of Tatum, Walker, Brown and Smart. All of a sudden this team might not win as much games as last year because Irving and Horford have left. But your got in Walker and gone younger with this trade giving you a even bigger window to compete. Plus your got the Memphis draft pick owed to you, and the Bucks pick.

  2. So Tazza,

    Magicsl should give up on Gordon and a prospect like Bamba for an overpaid Hayward and two average young guys. Way to go C’s honk!

    • Give up on Gordan just like they did with Payton. (Traded him for a second rounder) The Magic already have Issacs (6’10”) who plays the 4 and Aminu is the back up PF, so why would they want to keep Gordan and play him out of position again. Gordan is a good talent in a poorly run franchise, last year they moved him from his favourite spot and he averaged less points, rebounds and blocks.
      Hayward is overpaid yes but he was a former all star SF who averaged 22p5r4a not so long ago, and apparently this offseason he’s much improved. He fits the team better as a natural SF who can do work on both ends. Langford is a really good prospect and would benefit from getting better minutes under Fournier. Williams is just another piece as a high energy centre. The magic give up Gordan for Haywood and his better fit in the team. The swap Bamba for Langford to give better depth and balance in the team. Then lastly to make salaries work swap Fultz (9mil, overpaid) for Williams to keep everyone happy. Celtics probably get the better end of the deal so maybe a pick goes to Orlando but the shiv have a habit of poor decisions and wouldn’t be suprised if they didn’t even ask for a pick or something

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