Clippers Close To Hiring Tyronn Lue As Rivers’ Top Assistant

The Clippers are close to bringing aboard Tyronn Lue as the top assistant coach on Doc Rivers‘ staff, reports Marc Stein of The New York Times (Twitter links). Assuming the two sides finalize a deal, Lue would likely be named the team’s associate head coach, Stein adds.

If Lue officially joins the Clippers, it would be a fascinating turn of events, since he was viewed as the frontrunner for the Lakers’ head coaching job less than four months ago. Contract talks between Lue and the Lakers reportedly broke down, and the club ultimately hired Frank Vogel to replace Luke Walton. Now, Lue appears on the verge of joining Los Angeles’ other team under his old friend Rivers.

Lue’s coaching career began in 2011 when he served as a Celtics assistant on Rivers’ staff. He followed Rivers to Los Angeles in 2013, spending a year with the Clippers before being hired by the Cavaliers in 2014.

A report in May indicated that the Pelicans and Rockets had expressed interest in hiring Lue as an assistant and that he had turned down offers to join NBA coaching staffs since being let go by the Cavs last fall. However, it appears the opportunity to work with Rivers again for one of the NBA’s top title contenders may lure Lue back to the sidelines.

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8 thoughts on “Clippers Close To Hiring Tyronn Lue As Rivers’ Top Assistant

  1. johnstodder

    I wonder how much longer Doc wants to coach. I see this partnership continuing for as long as Doc wants to be the boss, then Lue becomes the top candidate to replace him if he retires.

  2. Archie M.

    Clippers just got their LEBRON STOPPER. He is being hired to share with Rivers everything he knows about Lebron. Brilliant move by the Clippers!!

    • bowserhound

      All the footage they need is on youtube. Basketball isn’t rocket science and Lue isn’t some next coming of Phil Jackson.

      • Archie M.

        You probably don’t play competitive basketball. There’s more to that like the mental aspect of the game: What frustrates him? What intimidates him? What makes him feel uncomfortable? What irks him? What are his tendencies? Stuff like that cannot be simply scouted by watching a video. You’re probably just a basketball fan or just plays basketball in Playstation. Real basketball is much deeper. You would know if you are/were a competitive basketball player…not just a recreational hobbyist.

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