D’Angelo Russell Talks Joining Warriors, Nets, Future

After a successful stint with the Nets in which he evolved into an NBA All-Star, D’Angelo Russell is now preparing to join the third team of his young career. With the departure of Kevin Durant, the Warriors had the opportunity to acquire the 23-year-old point guard as part of a sign-and-trade.

HoopsHype’s Alex Kennedy caught up with Russell to discuss the next chapter of his career. The former Laker weighed in on the chance to share the court with the Warriors’ championship core, his Nets tenure and how he hopes to improve.

Check out some of Russell’s comments below:

The opportunity to share the court with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson

“I think it’s like a video game. You got three guys who can shoot the three at a high clip. I think that’s really exciting for the fans. Threes are obviously worth more than twos at the end of the day, so I think it gives us an opportunity to win. I’m so excited, and I think we’re going to bring a lot of excitement [to the fans].”

What he can learn in the new environment…

“I think this situation gives me an opportunity to be a sponge. I can learn a lot from everyone: a Hall of Fame coach – one of the winningest coaches ever – and from three different players who are Hall of Famers. It’s cool, man. This is a Hall of Fame organization that I get to a part of.”

How being in Brooklyn helped him develop…

“It was all about having that opportunity. I had the opportunity to be me on the court. I give a lot of credit to the [Nets’] coaching staff for allowing me to be me and to really thrive. I really appreciate that opportunity.”

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7 thoughts on “D’Angelo Russell Talks Joining Warriors, Nets, Future

  1. If you had a choice on who you want to be team mates with Curry would be top of the list. He makes everyone around him better. GSW almost won the finals against Raptors with only Curry healthy. He opens up the floor for rest of the team.

    • dthebeefy

      How did GSW almost win the final with just Steph? Only games the won was with klay playing a BIG role.

      • ??? Klay went down and GSW still won one game. Look at the scores Raptors barely beat GSW with 3 of their starters out. If thompson played in all of game 6 and 7 healthy GSW wins.

        • Major Factuh

          Would have to say this as well. Klay doesn’t land awkwardly and GSW go on to win game 6 and 7.

          • Major Factuh

            Shoot, I’ll go on and say even without Klay in game 7 (if Steph hits the game winner in game 6) GSW wins in 7 with just Steph and Draymond.

    • amk3510

      Almost won? They lost 3 home games and would have gone into game 7 so depleted it would have been a Raptor blowout. Warrior fans are so delusional

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