Domantas Sabonis Talks Extension, Fit With Myles Turner

Domantas Sabonis has one year remaining on his rookie deal with the Pacers. The big man believes there’s a good chance he’ll sign an extension this offseason, but he’s remaining patient.

“Like my dad said: You did your job. You did your best and now you just have to wait. Now I can’t do anything. I just need to be patient and wait,” Sabonis said (via international journalist Donatas Urbonas’ Twitter feed).

The 23-year-old is arguably best-suited to play the five, which is also Myles Turner‘s best position. With Turner, who signed a four-year extension last season, in the fold and the Pacers drafting center Goga Bitadze in the first round of June’s draft, it’s fair to wonder about Indiana’s plan for Sabonis. The 23-year-old isn’t worried about the overlap with Turner.

“We know it can work,” Sabonis told Urbonas (Twitter link). “I think we were a good fit last season. We just need more time. Not only a few minutes per game, but a whole season or at least half of it. There are going to be better and worse games, but we need trust and everything will be fine.”

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5 thoughts on “Domantas Sabonis Talks Extension, Fit With Myles Turner

  1. x%sure

    Indy will be pioneering a forwardless offense. Worked for Spain soccer in 2010. Imagine if Indy wins the title that way– teams will be ditching their 3s&4s.
    Warren, Mcdermott, Leaf.

    • kawg

      Luckily we have Coach McMillan, one of the most innovative and brilliant coaches who is great at coming up with outside-the-box offenses.

      (I actually don’t mind Nate too much. He’s like a hearty bowl of oatmeal.)

  2. kawg

    I think the Turner-Sabonis pairing will work well in general. Turner can be a stretch 4 on offense and a 5 on defense. Sabonis is Jokic-lite on offense, and can handle the 4 on defense with Turner / Bitazde behind him.

    The problem will come when some teams run out an elite scorer at the 4. Last year, Thad Young could guard those players. I have concerns that Sabonis doesn’t have the lateral quickness to cover someone like Giannis, Durant, or LeBron.

  3. hoosierhysteria

    If it doesn’t work…..sabonis is the keeper. Turner shot selection stinks. He will chuck up a 3 pointer 10 seconds into the shot clock because it’s his turn!

  4. Jason Lancaster

    Sabonis is trade bait. He’ll bring back a good young player and a pick all day long, and he’s a luxury the Pacers can’t afford.

    Of course, Indy could trade Turner instead, but I don’t think he’ll bring good return. He’s a great defender, but he’s not cheap like sabonis. Cheap young players that can do everything and are willing to come off the bench? Teams love guys like that.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if sabonis ends up in OKC or Toronto at the trade deadline…

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