Kyle Kuzma Out For Team USA; World Cup Roster Finalized

One day after Kyle Kuzma was ruled out of Saturday’s Team USA exhibition against Australia due to left ankle soreness, the Lakers forward will not participate in the tournament, USA Basketball announced.

Thus, Team USA’s roster for China has been finalized and will be comprised of the following players:

Kemba Walker, Derrick White, Marcus Smart, Joe Harris, Donovan Mitchell, Jaylen Brown, Khris Middleton, Jayson Tatum, Harrison Barnes, Brook Lopez, Mason Plumlee and Myles Turner.

After a series of injuries and players pulling out of the tournament, Team USA has assembled its complete roster. After one final exhibition game against Canada in Sydney on Monday, Team USA will head to China aiming for gold.

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21 thoughts on “Kyle Kuzma Out For Team USA; World Cup Roster Finalized

  1. That looks like the team USA D team. That team wouldn’t even make the playoffs in the NBA

    • Jason Lancaster

      Stop. That team could win a championship. They’re talented at every position, and they’re deep.

      This kind of team can’t exist in the NBA – too expensive.

    • hiflew

      The hyperbole of this thread is just ridiculous. This team would have no problem making the playoffs. However, this is not a team capable of winning 70 games either. I could see this team being a 4-5 seed in the West, probably higher in the East. Easily 50-55 wins and probably make it to the conference finals.

      Feels sort of like Portland. A very, very good collection of talent but not really a championship level squad.

      • I would take Portland over this team any day. They would never make the playoffs in the west. I don’t see much defense besides Smart who is not a scorer.

  2. Jason Lancaster

    Lakers fans everywhere are telling themselves it’s just about the ankle, and not about the limits of Kuzma’s game.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      PJ Tucker would have easily beaten out Kuzma for a spot on the roster.

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Should just go back to it’s more or less original baseline. Invite only College and G League players.
    After this middle finger by all the so called Stars, they don’t deserve the privilege of playing for thier country. Let them chase money instead, it’s what they’re best at. Don’t want no sticking medals anyway.

    • hiflew

      Chasing money is what the US is based on. Perhaps by chasing money instead of playing for free, they are actually being more American.

    • x%sure

      And what if young wanna-bes “middle-finger” too?– an even worse look! Everyone has their career to stay healthy for.

      The process was awkward but that’s just to people paying regular attention on sites like this during a slow period in NBA news. Most people will not be aware of all the middle fingers.

      This team is better than an amateur/GL team!

      Credit to the Boston Celtics with 4!

  4. Simple Fan

    Where in the sticks is Curry? Recording another episode of Holey Moley or something? New rules: loser of all-star game has to play FIBA world cup so that the captain of the other team can take over the TV program. A la, if team Giannis wins next year then it’s Giannis’ show until season after. SC lets LJ record the next season for winning last year’s game

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