Lance Stephenson To Play In China

AUGUST 8: Stephenson’s deal with Liaoning is now official, tweets Carchia.

AUGUST 1: Lance Stephenson is taking his talents abroad. Liaoning of the Chinese Basketball Association will add the veteran shooting guard, according to Emiliano Carchia of Sportando. It will be a one-year, $4MM deal, reports Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports (Twitter link).

Stephenson played for the Lakers last year on a one-year, $4.45MM deal, in what many considered a surprising development. During his lone season in Los Angeles, he scored 7.2 points per game and made 37.1% of his shots behind the arc on nearly three attempts per game.

The nine-year veteran was drafted No. 40 overall by the Pacers in the 2010 draft. He spent his first four seasons in the league in Indiana and returned for a second stint during the 2016-17 campaign. He also made stops in Charlotte, Los Angeles (playing for both the Clippers and Lakers at points in his career), Memphis, and New Orleans.

Stephenson is the latest in a string of veteran players who are headed to the Chinese Basketball Assocation after spending part or all of the 2018/19 season in the NBA. Ekpe Udoh, James Nunnally, and Ian Clark are also reportedly joining Chinese teams.

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21 thoughts on “Lance Stephenson To Play In China

  1. acarneglia

    The sad part is that after the 13-14 season with Indy he seemed ready to break out and take another step forward, signed with Charlotte and it went all down hill from there.

    • hiflew

      Depends if you view money as more important than either uprooting your family and moving them to a foreign country for a year or living away from your family for a year. Personally, I would take the NBA minimum over that.

      • x%sure

        Consider it a learning opportunity for the kids along with the million and a half. Maybe more, since it’s probably tax-free. The kids will just play video games with friends anyway, the old ones long distance.

      • IslandFlava

        Really? That is a chance to learn from another culture & broaden the horizons… so many more people should do it, move abroad is a wonderful thing to do. I am currently living in my 6th country, awesome experiences, nothing but good!

        • MasterShake

          I agree! I loved living abroad, my time in Korea was especially fun!

      • JonnyLucas

        That’s easy for you to say. I, for one, would not turn my nose up at an extra 2 mill. And they’re going to treat him like a king there.

  2. Stoop Down Low

    congrats and best wishes to Lance, for my money among the most entertaining players in the NBA
    there’s no one like Lance

    • KnicksFanCavsFan

      He WAS entertaining. Blowing in LBJ felt a little icky but it was funny. Very talented guy though. But anyone remember that playoff game where Kevin,Love suddenly got aggressive and was abusing Lance? It was so bad the team psychiatrist had a doll and asked him “point to where the bad man touched you”.

  3. Z-A

    The school of floppery has closed its doors. First Bosh retired, now Stephenson is gone. Will his teaching aid Marcus Smart continue to teach younger generations?

    • specialfriedrice

      Smart was already a well established flopper…you’ve left out James Harden.

      • Kjb716818

        Is harden technically flopping or just flailing his arms? Flopping takes more effort, plus you have to hit the floor.

        Harden is a flailer…on offense.

        No d so not a lot of flopping.

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