Vince Carter Talks Upcoming Season, Retirement, Broadcasting

After re-signing with the Hawks, Vince Carter is set to play in a record-setting 22nd and likely final NBA season. Once he suits up for Atlanta this season, Carter will surpass Dirk NowitzkiRobert ParishKevin Willis and Kevin Garnett, who each played 21 seasons.

As he prepares for retirement, Carter is looking ahead to life after basketball. Speaking to Magdalena Munao of CloseUp 360, Carter spoke about his lack of interest in a farewell tour, his future in broadcasting and what he will miss most about playing in the NBA.

On retirement:

“I never thought I’d be playing this long, for sure. I just felt it was time. I just thought it was time. I made a decision. It’s something that I want to do. And the great thing for me is that I’m able to walk away from the game on my terms.”

On what Carter will miss about playing in the NBA:

“Playing. Just playing the game, period. Like, putting on the uniform, basketball, the whole thing. You name it, I’ll miss it. This is because I’ve been doing this for 20-plus years. So that’s what I’ve been doing my entire life. So it’s, like, even the things that you hate doing now, all of a sudden you hate you’re missing it.”

On the idea of a farewell tour:

“I’m good. I’ll pass. It’s just not my thing. I enjoy my time in the league and so on and so forth. I know it’s going to happen. It is what it is, but it’s not something I’m seeking out.”

On his future in broadcasting:

“Practice. I did [the NBPA’s] Sportscaster U. [program] some time ago—six, seven years ago. And then from there, I just started doing things like this [broadcasting at the Jr. NBA Global Championship], calling games in the summer, Summer League, studio work with Turner and ESPN. It’s just a lot of reps. Just like I did for basketball, you gotta play in enough games and tournaments until you get good at it. And this is the same—just a lot of reps and here I am.”

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4 thoughts on “Vince Carter Talks Upcoming Season, Retirement, Broadcasting

  1. coldbeatle89

    He is going to be the most hotly recruited free agent in NBA basketball broadcasting we have seen in some time.

  2. jump shot

    Toronto/Oct. ‘99 (after 2nd day of training camp)
    Me: Man, you can shoot! A lot of people, including myself, thought you couldn’t shoot.
    Vince: That’s because all they showed on ESPN when I was at Carolina was me dunkin on muhfukas. I could always shoot.
    Congrats on a great career!

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