Jose Calderon “Just Waiting” For NBA Opportunity

Veteran free agent point guard Jose Calderon, who shot down a report last month that he was contemplating retirement, tells Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype that he’s staying in shape and is “just waiting” for a potential NBA opportunity.

“I feel really good. I feel healthy and I think I can still help one of those teams, so let’s see what happens in the next couple of weeks and see if something comes up,” Calderon said. “…. Right now, I’m just waiting and working out and [hopefully] I can do training camp. We’ll see what happens.”

According to Calderon, there were a couple instances earlier in the offseason where he was close to signing with an NBA team. He wasn’t the “first option” in either case though, and each team decided to go in another direction.

Although the Spaniard, who will turn 38 later this month, was quick to deny that recent report that he was weighing retirement, he acknowledged to Kennedy that if he doesn’t get a training camp invite, he has to consider whether he wants to keep working out and staying in shape during the season. Calderon said it would be “really hard” to stay in NBA shape for three or four months just in case he gets an opportunity down the road.

“Right now, I’m going to keep working really hard and stay positive that somebody will call in the next two or three weeks,” he told Kennedy. “But if not, I think I need to sit with my family and my agency and just make a decision and [consider] what the chances really are of something happening or not, and we’ll decide something after that.”

Calderon admitted that he has been thinking about his possible next move if he isn’t able to keep playing, but he has yet to decide on a potential path. According to Kennedy, the 14-year veteran mentioned a front office role, a broadcasting gig, or a position with the NBA or NBPA as avenues that might be of interest to him.

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7 thoughts on “Jose Calderon “Just Waiting” For NBA Opportunity

  1. Bc1219

    I think teams have better targets thane 38 year old 2 point per game Jose Calderon. But if he goes somewhere good for him

  2. diller1340

    I love Jose but it was painful to watch him on the court last season for the pistons. Maybe it’s time for him to get into coaching

      • Otogar

        Actually in the Cavs didn’t look too bad in a limited role. He got some love from the media (and even from LeBron himself).

  3. Otogar

    Perhaps the Wizards, now that IT is out for 6 to 8 weeks, will want to bring someone like him on board. Actually Calderon is quite realistic about his potential role in a team at this point in his career: “I’m working out in case somebody … needs a player like myself to be the third point guard and help a young guy or be there just in case somebody goes out with an injury or needs rest.” It’s not impossible that some team calls him to fit that bill, it’s not that easy to find an experienced guy who is happy being in the stands on a regular basis.

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