Lakers Notes: James, Davis, Dudley, Kuzma

LeBron James wants Anthony Davis to be the focal point of the Lakers offense, he told Josh Peter of USA Today and other media members during the team’s annual Media Day.

“If we’re not playing through Anthony Davis while he’s on the floor, then there’s no sense to having him on the floor,’’ James said.

Davis’ ability to draw double teams is an exciting proposition for James.

“When you’re able to attract two defenders on one guy, then you’ve got the numbers game. … It opens up for other guys on the floor, including myself,’’ he said.

We have more from the Lakers:

  • James gave a ringing endorsement to the front office headed up by Rob Pelinka and the work the group did this summer, Mark Medina of USA Today tweets. They focused on what they can do to make this franchise as competitive as they can be. They exceeded that. They did a hell of a job and I’m happy to be a Laker.”
  • James was hesitant about committing to playing for Team USA in next year’s Olympics, then said he would, Joe Vardon of The Athletic tweets“Umm, I don’t know. I would love to,” LeBron said, adding that it will depend on his health at season’s end.
  • Davis shrugged off comments made by Pelicans executive VP David Griffin that were seemingly critical of him, according to an ESPN report. Griffin was quoted earlier this week as saying, “If sex appeal is your thing and you need a big market, OK. See you later.” Davis was asked for a response on ESPN’s The Jump. “That’s fine. I don’t care,” he said. “I mean like, the past is the past, you know? I didn’t hear that.”
  • Jared Dudley is intent on making Kyle Kuzma a well-rounded player, according to Mark Trudell of the team’s website. “My guy would be Kyle Kuzma. What can I do off the court to help him get to his full potential? He’s really the key for us,” Dudley said.
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8 thoughts on “Lakers Notes: James, Davis, Dudley, Kuzma

  1. Chris

    Dudley is right. We can expect greatness from LeBron and AD but if Kuz can become an efficient 3PT shooter and 20pt scorer the Lakers will truly reach their potential as the best team in the West.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Yes, that’s a very big IF. Plus his defense is still very poor.

        • sn33

          Not sure someone with Harden and Westbrook in their name should be criticizing anyones defense.

        • imindless

          Harden is one of the worst defenders in league history lmao. His offensive stats are covered up by his ability to get refs to call fouls almost every trip down the court. Cut his free throws in half and his numbers start to look like lou williams. Theres a reason he shrinks in playoffs, the refs stop calling unnecessary fouls lmao. Wouldnt wanna have harden and westbroke on my team, gonna be fun to watch them implode.

  2. goldenmisfit

    Griffin comes off like A jealous douche bag. When he was the head guy in Cleveland LeBron James leaves to join the Lakers. Then he gets the top job in New Orleans and Anthony Davis forces his way out so he can join you guessed it the Lakers. I am over the moon over the fact we got both James and Davis but if I was Griffin I don’t think I would like the Lakers that much either.

    • sn33

      Um Griffin was already gone when Lebron left the Cavs for the Lakers. Also Davis had already requested a trade out of New Orleans before Griffin was hired.

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