Nets’ Rodions Kurucs Arrested In Brooklyn

Nets forward Rodions Kurucs was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly choking his now ex-girlfriend, sources tell Trevor Boyer and Graham Rayman of the New York Daily News.

Police sources told the Daily News that a verbal argument back on June 27 spiraled out of control and the 6’9″ forward allegedly choked and pushed his then-girlfriend among other actions that included slapping her, biting her, and tossing her onto a bed hard enough to cause injuries. Boyer and Rayman relay that the woman suffered bruising to her ribs and face, though at this time there’s no photographic evidence of those injuries, Kurucs’ lawyer notes.

The couple’s relationship lasted nine months. According to prosecutor Wilfredo Cotto, Kurucs and his then-girlfriend went on a scheduled trip to Las Vegas the following day (June 28). The Latvian native played for Brooklyn’s Summer League team in Vegas in early July.

Kurucs, who will make slightly under $1.7MM this upcoming season, was released with no bail. He was charged with obstructing the woman’s breathing and Judge Gina Abadi issued an order of protection for his ex-girlfriend while giving Rodions orders to stay away from her.

The NBA has a domestic violence policy, which was integrated into the league’s latest CBA. It’s likely that Kurucs, who appeared in 63 games for the Nets last season, will face a suspension.

The Nets have issued a statement confirming that they’re investigating the allegations, as Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News relays (via Twitter).

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19 thoughts on “Nets’ Rodions Kurucs Arrested In Brooklyn

  1. Hannibal8us

    Should face having his work visas revoked and being sent back to Latvia.

    • ColossusOfClout

      That ain’t gonna happen, he didn’t even have to make bail. #specialtreatment

  2. Bc1219

    This honestly has melo written all over the nets

    First of Kevin Durant will miss the entire season due to injury (small forward)

    Second the nets other small forward Wilson Chandler will miss the first 25 games due to suspension

    Third this…

    Soon to come forth will be sign melo

  3. Stoop Down Low

    I’m not sure if in today’s world the idea of “innocent until proven guilty” has much resonance with a majority of the public in the midst of allegations such as these. But that is the law. It’s also notable that upwards of 90% of domestic violence-related criminal complaints are dismissed in courts throughout the US.
    Anything short of total exoneration with the witness recanting her story will make it extremely challenging for the Nets and Kurucs to operate business as usual. If these claims pan out, I’d look to move him. The actions described are antithetical to Nets’ culture which emphasizes things like family, respect, and personal improvement. The question is if he is guilty, and regardless of what happens to the criminal case, how much tolerance do the League and the club have in these matters. Is it zero?
    Personally, and as a Net fan since the 1970s, I hope he’s prosecuted and dealt with appropriately by the system, irrespective of his wealth and celebrity and connections. But that seems unlikely.

    • hiflew

      That idea only applies to the legal system, not public opinion. It has NEVER applied to public opinion. Lizzie Borden was not convicted of murder and yet over 100 years later, history remembers her as an ax murderer. OJ Simpson was not proven guilty in a court of law of murder and we know how that has played out. Casey Anthony was not found guilty in a court of law. Does anyone truly believe she didn’t kill her kid?

      He is innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law, but no matter what Twitter thinks, public opinion is not the law.

    • Jason Lancaster

      90% of domestic violence complaints are dismissed because people are usually trapped in an abusive relationship. If you’re living with someone, you’re paying bills paycheck to paycheck, and they decide to physically assault you, it’s not easy to just hit the road.

      I know that you’re not saying Kurucs is innocent or anything like that, but the 90% stat is evidence of a lot of broke people in the US. It’s not evidence that 90% of domestic violence doesn’t happen.

  4. IslandFlava

    Don’t know man… so far we have to believe him, no pics to prove it &… seriously if someone batters me the last thing I would do is going on a trip with them next day, well that just might be me, but really??? Let’s just see & live by the innocent until proven guilty. If innocent I hope she goes to jail for a very long time & if guilty of such a despicable act then the same for him.

    • xtraflamy

      domestic violence is usually about power and control. if someone hurts you and frightens you enough, over time, you just do what they say because it keeps them calm. when they are calm they stop hurting you.

  5. x%sure

    Dudley, Davis, Carroll, Creek, RHJ, Faried: bigs more or less dumped. Faried, first of these moved out, is still available, though he was never used much. They could try Allen at the 4 with Faried the backup. Melo is possible now.

    In theory Kurocs could be deported though the national media elites have open-door- always advocacy these days.

    • x%sure

      Technically, this is sad, but I’m more mad now. How hard is it, if she’s so horrible, break up & get another. How hard can it be for a young millionaire. Unless they’re lying, there’s proof on her body.

  6. Tazza

    Melo makes sense now, and I think he fits in alright. With a possible line up of Irving LeVert Harris Melo and Jordan that’s a whole lot of scoring (not a hell of a lot of D) and a really good watch. Melo gets to be with some stars and stay in NY where he has worked out constantly with Chris Brickley. I think adding Melo even if he plays as a back up 3/4 is a move that’ll win Brooklyn more games than without him.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they signed another forward along with Melo, maybe Lance Thomas or Ryan Anderson. Durant is out, Chandler is missing games, Kurus is out indefinitely. The only PF on the roster right now is Nic Claxton who they drafted 31st in the draft.

  7. mcdusty49

    No doubt it was actually Boogie Cousins that committed this crime because the Lakers are thugs that never win championships in the last 30 years…she should have been dating a player from the Rockets because they are the only players in the NBA that know how to treat women

    • Major Factuh

      Harden’s jersey is hanging from the rafters of a local booty club after all

      • mcdusty49

        If the guy likes Chip n Dales that’s up to him, not for you and I to judge

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