Warriors’ Potential Pursuit Of Giannis Doesn’t Concern Bucks

Because he’s a superstar in a smaller market, speculation about Giannis Antetokounmpo leaving Milwaukee figures to continue until the 2019 MVP inks a long-term extension with the Bucks.

Rumors about the Warriors looming as a threat to lure Antetokounmpo to the Bay Area popped up this week during a Ramona Shelburne appearance on ESPN’s Get Up (video link). That chatter has some within the NBA worried that Golden State will again shift the league’s landscape within the next couple years. However, it doesn’t appear that Milwaukee is worried about that scenario.

“Keeping Giannis, it’s a focus obviously,” a Bucks front-office source tells Sean Deveney of Heavy.com. “But fighting the Warriors is not a focus. The Warriors are not the concern in the least. They’d have a long way to go to get him to Golden State, they’d have to give away a lot. He has never given any indication that he wants to leave Milwaukee. So a lot of that stuff, it is more chatter than anything.”

Antetokounmpo, who can’t hit the free agent market until the summer of 2021, is eligible to sign an extension with Milwaukee next offseason. The Bucks plan on offering him a super-max deal as soon as they are able to.

As for the Warriors, they currently have Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and D’Angelo Russell on maximum-salary contracts, with Draymond Green making close to the max. Those four players will earn a combined $137.8MM during the 2021/22 season, so as Deveney’s source notes, Golden State would have to make some serious roster changes to realistically make a play for Antetokounmpo.

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15 thoughts on “Warriors’ Potential Pursuit Of Giannis Doesn’t Concern Bucks

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    No problem, just trade D’Angelo Russell and Draymond without taking back any salaries then sign Giannis to a max contract.

    • lambeau gang

      And just why would the Bucks agree to that trade? Milwaukee doesn’t want two cancers as a return for the MVP, you’re gonna have to really pay to get a talent like Giannis.

  2. SuperSinker

    The day Giannis signs his super max with the Bucks I’m going to go on a 6 day bender

  3. Danthemilwfan

    Giannis is resigning in Milwaukee. There is literally no chance that he doesn’t sign the supermax next year when he’s able. He doesn’t want big market, he loves Milwaukee, his little brothers grew up here and he’s made it clear that giving up and going to play with other superstars isn’t his thing. Not even the slightest bit worried he won’t be a lifer like dirk

  4. aircarter777

    Not worried about the Warriors!! Giannis isn’t interested in them. He wouldn’t cheapen himself for an easy championship like Durant.

  5. dalrob

    Toronto, baby! Huge Greek population and the best, classiest, and most intelligent GM in the NBA. Book it!

  6. hoosierhysteria

    The team did not get better. Let their all star guard go to Pacers. How driven is he for championship? Time will tell. Might be bigger issue than $. Better do it this year because KD/Nets will be in their way starting next year.

    • HailRodgers12$

      They did not “let” Brogdon go to Indy. In an attempt to keep as much of last year’s team intact, without going into luxury tax purgatory, they did a sign-and-trade..and there were questions as to whether Brogdon actually wanted to stay, so getting some draft capital in return was probably the best case scenario.
      Nevermind Brogdon has missed a good chunk of time due to injury. Perhaps the bucks determined the safe thing to did was sell high.

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