Bulls Notes: Satoransky, Dunn, Valentine, WCJ

While Tomas Satoransky was ostensibly brought in this offseason to be the Bulls‘ starting point guard, his versatility presents some options for the franchise, according to Mark Strotman of NBC Sports Chicago. As Strotman notes, Satoransky can play off the ball too, allowing the team to use him alongside its other point guards in some lineups.

Meanwhile, after being on the trade block for months, returning point guard Kris Dunn welcomes the opportunity to work with Satoransky and Coby White this fall rather than viewing the newest members of the Bulls’ backcourt as a threat, as K.C. Johnson writes for NBC Sports Chicago.

“Coby is young. I understand it’s going to take him time. He’s got room to grow. But he’s a talented player,” Dunn said. “Satoransky is a great player. He’s going to be a good piece to this team. He has more experience than me. He’s been in playoff games. He’s been a good teammate to me. Learn from those guys too. They might see something I don’t see on the court. It’s healthy.”

Here’s more from out of Chicago:

  • Denzel Valentine didn’t play a single game last season for the Bulls due to a left ankle injury, but he said this week that he’s “100% healthy” and just needs to work his way back into game shape, per Johnson. “Sitting out, I think I’m more mentally tough,” Valentine said. “I gained a lot of experience watching. I feel I’m a more mature and confident player now. I’m excited.”
  • Although the injuries don’t appear serious, Wendell Carter Jr. suffered a sprained left ankle and Daniel Gafford hyperextended his right elbow on the first day of camp, according to Johnson. The Bulls have had some bad injury luck in recent years, so that’s an ominous start to the fall for the club.
  • Count Otto Porter among those impressed by what he’s seen from the Bulls so far this fall, as Strotman outlines for NBC Sports Chicago. “A lot has changed. I think the mentality of this organization changed. Since I’ve come here, just what we want to do here has changed,” Porter said. “With that being said, I think everybody’s on the right page, I think with all the talent that we have, we’ve come early to put in that extra work to get to know everybody, every piece in here, even in the front office, because we want to do something special here.”
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9 thoughts on “Bulls Notes: Satoransky, Dunn, Valentine, WCJ

  1. Richard Hangslow

    The fact the Bulls front office thinks Satoransky is any good, is another clear indication that they can’t judge talent.

    • Theone23

      Ironically, the fact that you don’t think Satoransky is any good is a clear indication that you, sir, cannot judge talent.

      • Richard Hangslow

        You clearly haven’t seen him play. Dunn is a far better player, which doesn’t say much.

        • Theone23

          I clearly have watched Sato play. Probably more than you have. He is good. Dunn is not a better player. Those are facts. Also, Dunn is terrible.

    • x%sure

      Sato is a pretty good combo guard, a fine pickup for an unattractive team, and is what they were looking for off-court as well. The questionable part is that they have youth they can play instead– Cobi White, Ryan Arci, Lavine… Dunn is limited, too bad… Sato has to find a role as the the 5th PG they chose and with a 3/$30

  2. stevep-4

    Sato is a decent role player and made some hustle plays tonight, good example for the kids. Coby will start sooner or later, and Dunn will be traded sooner or later, with any luck for a rebounder. Porter is showing what Wiz thought he had, may be the best player on this roster. Carter and Gafford will show some smart hustle but this team clearly needs someone to emerge as a leader, the ‘go-to’ guy on offense. Lavine wants to be that guy but he makes bad decisions in crunch time. Markannen is too timid to be thst guy. My guess is Porter becomes The Guy. This will be an interesting season and they may over achieve.

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